Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj seeing Suhani upset. He keeps Soumya’s pic and talks to her, asking her to another AC. She says she needs to ask Yuvraaj. He says did you ask him before. She says you also taunt me now. He says I m trying to talk to you, as I know you are upset because of Soumya. She asks who told you. He says your new friend. She says Menka and smiles. He asks why did you gift expensive things to Soumya. She says I bought by my money. He says did I talk about money, whats mine and yours, my money is yours too. She says Soumya needed such things and I gave her. He says but she did not like this. He holds her hand and Saawre………..plays………..

He says if you told me, we both would have got the solution. She asks what. He says he can give Krishna a job without telling them, and this problem will get solved. She says great. They light the Chinese lamp and leave in air. They smile seeing it. She says help me in putting candles now. He sees her smiling and says happy Diwali Suhani. She hugs him. She thanks him for everything. He looks upset and does not hold her and she looks at him. He smiles. Dadi stands far and looks on.

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Suhani says she has to arrange lights. Pratima says do that later, first do temple arrangements. She asks Anuj and Saurabh to help Suhani. They make excuses. Suhani asks Saurabh to help her. Saurabh says he has to buy many firecrackers. She asks why so many. He says its your first Diwali. Suhani says I don’t like it. Everyone is shocked. She says firecrackers have sound and pollution, the animals get sdared and even Snoopi will be scared. Yuvraaj says Suhani is right. Suhani smiles. Rags says Yuvraaj, you join politics, you change sides many times. Yuvraaj says what did I do.

Saurabh says Yuvraaj used to compete for high sound firecrackers, and now he is saying this, wife’s puppet. Yuvraaj says Dadi made Suhani the incharge of Diwali, so everyone has to do what Suhani says. Anuj says its waste to argue, I will help Suhani. Saurabh says me too, happy? Suhani says happy. Pratima smiles. Sharad comes and says its good decoration. Menka asks Suhani can she help her. Rags looks at her angrily as Menka says she is asking Suhani. Suhani says yes, come. Yuvraaj asks Pratima to take rest. Suhani thanks Menka for taking care of her yesterday. Menka says whats there to thank, I m younger and its my duty, I will do much more in future. Suhani smiles.

Radhe messages Rakhi asking her to open the window. She smiles and opens the window. Radhe says he is hanging here to see her one glimpse. Her mum comes there and Radhe shockingly falls down. He still smiles and runs from there. She asks Rakhi why was she laughing. Rakhi says there is no one. Her mum says fine, we have to go to neighbors to greet Diwali wishes. Rakhi says what will I do there, I will stay at home, its Diwali time and can’t leave home alone. Krishna says Soumya is at home. Rakhi says why, take her. Krsihna says she is not well, you come.

Suhani tastes the sweets. Yuvraaj sees her and says all this snacks are made for family, or yourself. She says no, for family. He says I m seeing you are eating it. She says I was just tasting it. He says I saw you tasting thrice. He cleans her cheeks having the sweet and smiles. She gets shy. He says I came here to praise you. She gets glad and says really, why did you argue. He says shall I praise or continue arguing. She says no, tell me. He says you did impossible thing, even Dadi did not make Anuj and Saurabh work and you made them work. She says yes, one day you will also work. He says this dream will never ever be fulfilled. He says thank you very much and holds her hand. She smiles and asks for what, for not arguing with you right. He says no, for taking care of my Snoopi, I know you don’t like him. She says yes, but we are friends now.

He reminds she used to be afraid of Snoopi. She says yes, but relations are strange, whether you don’t like someone, it becomes habitual and habits becomes need, then if you don’t will, you start caring for relations and value it. She leaves. Yuvraaj smiles and turns to see Sharad smiling. Sharad asks what, romance in kitchen. Yuvraaj asks when will you stop this nonsense. Sharad says you used to avoid seeing her before, and now smiling seeing her. Yuvraaj says shut up, listen to me, relations becomes habits slowly and says Suhani’s lines thinking it. He says that’s it and leaves. Sharad says really? Suhani’s lines are copied, I feel its first phase of love, I should have sweets for this. He eats sweets.

Krishna and his family are out. Radhe takes Rakhi. Her mum asks where did Rakhi go. Krishna says I will see. His parents meet the neighbors. Krishna’s mum gets hit by Dadi’s car and falls. She is fine, but acts like her bone got broken. Dadi says can’t you see in such a small lane. Krishna’s mum asks for doctor and she is poor, can’t pay for the treatment. Dadi gives her money and asks her to do the treatment. She asks the driver to wait here. Krishna’s mum is glad seeing the money notes. Dadi does not like the area and asks people where is Krishna and Soumya’s home.

She hears Krishna talking on phone. He tells his friend that Soumya does not have time for him, as she visits Birla house many times, he wonders why did he marry her, its all problems in his life. Dadi sees him and says he is Krishna, whom Soumya chose over Yuvraa. Suhani messages Soumya to talk to her once else she will come to her home. The door bell rings. Soumya thinks its Suhani and opens the door asking Suhani to leave. Dadi says its me. Soumya turns and is shocked seeing her.

Rags is doing something in Suhani’s room. She hears Menka and Suhani coming and is tensed. Suhani walks in her room and is shocked.

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