Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Yuvraaj hugging and kissing. Pratima comes and is glad seeing them. Ramesh says where is the thief and comes shouting. Sharad asks where is the thief. Everyone come. Yuvraaj hugs Pratima and says Maa. He hugs Sharad. Suhani says the formula got complete, there is no smell. They all see it. Suhani gives the credit to Yuvraaj, as he has slept and she made coffee for him and put it in cream. He says don’t blame me, you were sleeping. Anuj says even I was sleeping, why did you not make it for me.

Suhani says we should prepare for meeting. Yuvraaj says yes, we can get our clients back. Rakhi and Radhe come home. Rakhi asks him not to eat more, he must be tired. He says yes, I will go home and sleep. Rakhi asks why, they can sleep here itself, its night, how will they go home. Radhe says fine, we will stay here. Lalita gets angry. Rakhi says no one will feel bad. Lalita says fine, you can sleep. Krishna says there is something fishy. Soumya says nothing, you are over thinking.

Yuvraaj stands in shower and recalls kissing Suhani. Suhani smiles. He thinks what might be thinking. Saware……………plays…….. Suhani recalls Dadi’s words. Sharad asks what, what did Suhani say then. Yuvraaj says nothing, this happened in excitement. Sharad asks did you think about Suhani. Suhani messages Yuvraaj that she needs to talk to him. She thinks she can’t think about this, and have to focus on her aim, which will start tomorrow with Steve’s meeting.

Pratima makes Suhani have curd and sugar. Suhani says she wants her support and shows a new saree to her. She asks her to get ready and come along. Pratima says I want to thank about Rags and Menka, empty mind is devil’s workshop. Suhani says I understood. Yuvraaj comes and sees them. Pratima says I have to get ready and asks Suhani to tie his tie knot. She says he has grown up and does not know this. He looks at her. Saware……..plays……….. She turns.

Krishna knocks the door and asks Radhe to come out, he has to go out for work. Radhe says I m coming. Suhani makes the tie, and Yuvraaj turns, being very close to her. She fixes the tie and turns. He stops her. Music plays……………. He says Suhani…. Ramesh comes in suit. Yuvraaj says its my suit. Suhani says you don’t wear this, so I gave him, he helped me in making cream, so he is my lab assistant, we should take our team, so that they trust our work. Yuvraaj says looking good. Ramesh says thanks.

Saurabh and Anuj come. Saurabh apologizes for missing the meeting and says he wants to rectify the mistake. They say sorry. Suhani asks him not to apologize. Pratima comes and says she is ready. Suhani tells Dadi that they need this order, and Rags and Menka have to come with me in meeting. Rags says you refused me. Suhani says yes, I changed my mind, come along. Menka refuses. Suhani says Dadi promised and she will not break her promise. Dadi sends them.

She says she will not help and any manager can do this work. Suhani leaves with everyone. Suhani calls Krishna. He says he will meet her there and asks Radhe to come out. Suhani says Krishna fixed the meeting, so I felt he should also come.

Dadi calls out Ramesh and goes to drink water on herself. She sees the spider web. She looks around and calls out Ramesh again. She says now I have to clean this webs. She goes to take the sweepstick from the storeroom and her saree gets bad. She cleans the webs and gets tired. Dadi removes her necklace and keeps it aside. The door bell rings and she goes. The man says he has come to talk about credit card and asks her to call owner. She says I m the owner and he taunts her calling her the maid. Everyone come home. Yuvraaj says mind your tongue, she is my Dadi. The man says sorry and leaves. Dadi scolds Ramesh saying about the webs. Menka says this is funny, one day Dadi thought Suhani is mad and today Dadi was assumed to be maid. Anuj says shut up Menka.

Pratima asks Dadi to clean her face. Yuvraaj asks why did she do this work. Dadi says Ramesh did not do his work. Saurabh says don’t get angry, we have good news, Steve gave us the project, we have to launch it soon. Suhani talks to Pankaj and says they got the project, and have to earn name in market again, they will do project well this time. Dadi looks on.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that we have strong relation of friendship between us. He says I don’t want you to think…. She says that you started loving me now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yuvraj u will never tell her that u love ❤ suhani damn it!!!!!! And plz stop dragging guys it too bad ?

  2. Yuvraj is still not accepting his love OMG and Augsburg still thinks tuvraj doesn’t love her what’s this bakwaas anyways today’s episode was amazing and precap is kind of nice I liked it

  3. lol menka dialogue is goodgudie

  4. wwwooww today’s episode was so great
    n’ de way yuvraj was thinking of that kiss waaaahh so amazing hope he confess his love for suhani soon♥♥
    so excited

  5. Bad precap & hate you suhani. You have to be quite& let your man express himself to u

  6. yuvarj plz propose to suhani

  7. Please suhani to say I love you

  8. wanna f**k boys

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