Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani missing Yuvraaj. She thinks how to manage Krishna. She slips. Bhavna shouts Suhani. Rags holds Suhani. Dadi comes and asks Suhani to be careful. Rags says careful Suhani, you would have fell down. Suhani says I have a big family, how would I fall. Dadi says I got old, I can’t bear any shock now, be careful in walking, come and sit. Suhani and Bhavna gets surprised. Suhani cries seeing their love. Rags asks why are you crying, we are doing what you want. Suhani says yes, I cry when I m sad and happy.

Bhavna says Suhani’s smiling and crying program started again. Rags says I can’t bear Suhani’s tantrums. They all smile. Pratima stops Saiyyam and says Rags’ friends came at home. She tells everything what happened. He gets worried. Saiyyam asks who asked them to behave such with Krishna. Pratima calms him. He says Suhani lost Yuvaan, this child will fill his place. Pratima says we have to wait, we lost a son, but could not mourn for him, its better to look ahead in life. Saiyyam says I understand you. She says then understand that Krishna’s state is fragile, she lost the happiness, she is not able to fight with her emptiness, maybe she will talk of suicide, she is breaking within, her belief in life is breaking, we have to win her trust again. He says I understand, I will talk to Krishna, I was thinking will we need a psychiatrist for Krishna. Krishna hears them.

Pratima says it will be good. Krishna comes and asks why psychologist, you want to send me to mental hospital, I m fine. Saiyyam explains. She says everyone is wrong to support late pregnancy, I won’t go anywhere. Pratima says Saiyyam, this work is tough, but we won’t lose courage. Dadi adds much kesar in milk and says its for Suhani, its my Yuvraaj’s child, let me do anything. Suhani says I will have it later. Dadi says no, have it now. Suhani drinks it. Bhavna and Pratima smile seeing the milk moustache on her lips. Suhani cleans it. Dadi says Pratima, its your duty to fee her badam, give her saffron milk so that baby is fair, don’t give me lecture of beauty and nature now. Krishna looks on and cries.

She says I wanted to name my daughter Sania, its good she did not come in this world, else she would have been got neglected too. Saiyyam sees her crying and thinks Krishna needs a doctor. Saiyyam goes to Suhani. They have a talk. Suhani says this is my child, I m doing this for Krishna, I want to give my child to Krishna and you, I know my son will become world’s best father and would love this child a lot. Saiyyam hugs her and cries. He thanks her. Krishna looks on crying and goes. Suhani says everything will be fine. He promises to give world’s happiness to child. He asks shall I tell Krishna. Suhani says no, she will feel I m showing sympathy to her. He says fine and hugs her. He thanks her again. She says I could not save Krishna’s baby, I can do this for your and Krishna’s happiness.

Krishna goes to room and cries recalling everyone’s words. She throws things and says I m mad, something is snatched from me and given to someone else. She shuts the door. She throws her dupatta on the fan and tries to commit suicide. Saiyyam knocks door. She asks him to go. He says you could not cope with baby’s loss, so I said that. Krishna asks him to go to Suhani, I don’t want to live. He calls everyone. He says she is not opening door. They all ask Krishna to open the door. Krishna asks them to go, and says I m going to die. They all worry and knock the door. Saiyyam kicks and breaks open the door. They see Krishna committing suicide and shout Krishna. Saiyyam gets her down. Suhani slaps Krishna angrily and hugs her. They cry. Krishna pushes Suhani. She says let me die. Suhani asks if you die, who will raise this child, what do you want, this child should become an orphan. Krishna looks at her. Suhani says this child is yours, I know Krishna you hold me responsible for your child’s loss, maybe its true. Saiyyam says Maa please. Suhani says let me say Saiyyam, when I got to know Krishna can’t conceive, I wanted a chance to rectify mistake, Lord showed me this way, this will be your child coming in this world. Krishna moves Suhani’s hand and says if you want to repent, I won’t stop you, I don’t want your child, you keep the child. She gives a toy to Suhani and acts rude.

Dadi says its 7 months, Krishna did not talk to Suhani. Suhani says Krishna lost her child. Suhani screams by labor pains.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate krishna. She is as evil as baby

  2. Suhani si ek ladki is really going off air

  3. ahhhhh now why the hell they r showing rude side of krishna?the show is going to end.even now dadi and rags have become good?srishti does not look good in this rude character?she look so innocent due to her chubby face❤❤cvs have gone mad?we want to see our old innocent krishna??

  4. Wow yeh kya ssel me soumya ki re-entry ho gayi actually me toh krishna ke bath kar rahi hum

    Mene socha sach jan ne ke bhad krishna bhi utna khush hoga jitna sayyam tha

    Aaj muje yeh pata pata chala ki krishna or sayyam ki soch kitna diffrent hai

    Jealousy krishna uska problem hai suhani ko sab pyar kar rahi he


    Suhani krishna ke bare me kitna soch thi hai lekin krishna uska layak nahi he yeh usne Aaj khud bata diya

    Krishna se acha toh dadi or rags hai sach jan ne ke bhad woh suhani ki care kar rahi he

    Or woh krishnaa kitna mean hai hate you ,………

    Love dadi or rags first time

    1. Mystery

      Suhani is only responsible for these circstances…….why she choose baby…..for yuvaan?? …why she make Krishna n saiyyam marry……just to save HIS YUVRAJ….this all because of suhani…..

  5. Loved rags n dadi today… Suhani n saiyaam sciences rocks always, pratima n saiyaam sciences was good… Krishna stop this drama pls … Creating melodrama as yuvani said… She just want everyone attention towards her… N 1 thing suhani was also mocked by menka that she can’t give young ones but she did but she was not jealous of any1… Even though yuvraj was also not der for her n barbie was punished for her evil deeds… But what about baby…????
    N some1 named her little snaky which really suits her…. She is peeping like her mother…
    Well done for slapping that girl… Good work.. She deserve 1 more…

    1. *not science it is scenes…

    2. rags_realSnake

      go read spoilers about rags and then we will see.

    3. Snaky. . . Huh?_#H

      Hii Snaky (Pink ya Purple Icon Wali), thank you for sharing your opinion, it was a little shocking while reading. . .

      Drama? Where? Oh wait, this is a Drama serial so drama will be in it, wouldn’t it?

      And emotions are also labelled as Drama? Sorry to say, even Suhani does drama and I think she did more than Krishna as she’s been here on the show, playing Suhani’s role before Krishna’s role came.

      Once evil always evil, I actually got surprised seeing Daadi and Rags care towards Suhani, I hope there not a plan behind it, like always. . .

      Melodrama? Come on. . . Like I’m saying to everyone, how is a mother meant to react straight after losing her child? Dance? Sing and happily forget everything?

      She lost her child, losing a child hurts way more than labour pain, it hurts a woman way more than a knife would probably hit them.

      Snaky? Where did this come from? Snaky means “A person that acts trustworthy, loyal and nice to your face and then acts deceitful behind your back” And how is Krishna snaky? She’s doing everything straightforward!

      Suhani and Krishna are two different people, Krishna is portraying reality of feelings. . .

      I don’t want to be rude to Suhani but I know she’s been through a lot, of you can empathise with her then why not Krishna?

      It must be hard for a woman to hear herself being called Barren and childless. . . It hurts but not more than losing your child. And most importantly, it takes time to recover!

      P.s – This is my opinion and do reply please, looking forward to see your response ?

      1. I completely agree with you. I really feel bad for Krishna. I really don’t have suhani. But her fans are starting to make me hate the character. And now they even like dadi and Rags, I am happy they have become good. But I don’t trust them one bit. And Krishna is a more realistic character that suhani.

  6. Yuvani_saraj

    day by day krishna is proving that she is soumya’s daughter only…she is selfish like her mother…and thinks only about her…as soumya she is nice to suhani when everything is nice…and any problem comes starts blaming suhani just like soumya…she is being jealous of suhani’s preganancy whats suhani’s fault here..suhani is not responsible for her miscarriage even then suhani is feeling guilty and giving her child to krishna…instead of being grateful to her after knowing the truth…she is showing attitude…i understand she is in pain..but this is too much…suhani had suffered more than krishna from the beginning…she lost her bf,her husband went to jail,she was raped,she lost her husband and son with whom suhani spent many years…this much happenned with suhani then also she is thinking about others mainly krishna before her pain…she never did like krishna….she lost her husband recently but everyday she was to bear krishna’s hatred…and have pamper her…krishna doesnt deserve suhani’s love…suhani always loved her more than yuvani….but she is not worth of our love…now i really dont want suhani to give her child to krishna…she doesnt deserve this sacrifice at all…suhani lost many things…the child deserves to be with suhani…i am definitely sure if krishna gets the baby…she will not allow suhani to come near baby also….

    1. Agree with u dear… Silent people r not less than killer… Soumya was jealous of suhani so krishna too…. I can’t understand how saiyaam became so cool towards krishna he used to taunt yuvan na…??? So what happened to saiyaam now…??? but krishna after being with suhani she is doing like this… Showing kriya sides… Waah krishna… N really I hate her…. Stupid girl… She is boring instead give scenes to yuvani…

    2. Mystery

      Suahni’s love….huh what love the love which make krishna’s life hell……first she lost her mother….than yuvaan…..n her baby

      1. Yuvani_saraj

        even suhani lost her husband,son, and she was raped,her husband was away from her for 20 years…and in barbie track she was told she cannot become mother…but suhani never did like krishna…instead she loved krishna more than yuvaan and yuvani….suhani suffered more than krishna….yuvaan never loved krishna so indirectly suhani saved krishna….and saiyaam blackmailed suhani to marry krishna…but suhani tried till last minute to save krishna…she asked krishna not to accept the marriage… but it was krishna who stop defending krishna…and dont compare krishna and suhani….krishna is a selfish and insecured person exact like her mother…she wants all the attention from others

    3. Agreed to your last line,even if krishna gets d baby,c will not allow suhani to come closer to her new baby.Krishna is only filled with jealously, and insecurities.So c will try to create distance as much as possible b/w baby and suhani.Suhani is doing mistake to give her own child to that psycho barren krishna.Krishna doesnt even gave a sign of humanity today,how could c raise a child properly?After getting to know d whole situation,still krishna is adamant in her beliefs..that own child is own blood.Krishna forgot her upbringing,That is why krishna is now on her real parents steps….

      1. I don’t understand how one woman can call another barren . Shows what kind of people support suhani’s character. Krishna loved her child and has lost her child, she will take time to recover. Every woman dreams of having her own child , even animals do . That is how it has been in nature . This suhani has no sense . Anyways in the next episode Krishna is shown with the baby . Suhani was a miserable mother , lets hope Krishna will be better. I am glad Suhani is giving her child to Krishna.

    4. Seriously?_#H

      Sorry to interrupt. . . Are you for serious? I don’t want to say anything to Suhani but you can’t say that about Krishna, I agree with Mystery and Soni (green icon one). . . Try emphatasing please, if loosing your child and then mourning about it is selfishness then okay, Krishna is selfish and that’s her own right to be as her selfishness is justifiable.

      No mother would dance happily straight after losing her child! No mother would sing and forget everything happily, there’s something called ‘scars’ and ‘pain’ that can never be out from your life!

      The role of Krishna is showing how somewhat shows how 95% of mothers show, be glad that Krishna isn’t showing Mahaanta! Or else this would be your other reason to taunt her!

      The role of Krishna is also portraying how normal humans would feel, try seeing it from her angle and quit using the word Barren, like Soni said, how can another woman call another woman a barren?

      Suhani and Krishna are two different people, they play two different role so I see the differences.

      It all needs a time to recover.

      Krishna’s character also shows reality and how someone would react to the situations when they’re neglected, dejected and left alone.

      And this has nothing got to do with upbringing, it’s every human’s feelings, I’m sure Krishna will upbring the daughter well as she has a heart, she will give her all the love she wanted to shower on her child that unfortunately didn’t step into this world.

      It’s sometimes good to be selfish and only care about yourself when no one else does because at least you’ll keep yourself happy. . .

      No ones forcing Suhani to love Krishna, Suhani could stop loving her but that’s the problem, she doesn’t want to stop loving Krishna. Krishna didn’t ask for love, Suhani gave it and now when Krishna doesn’t want her love, she doesn’t stop showering it. . . *cough cough (anyone get what I’m trying to say ?)

      P.S – Looking forward to read you responses, don’t forget to reply ?

      1. Very well written. I really don’t want woman calling another woman barren, it is purely disgusting. We don’t hate Suhani and please dont make us hate her. Krishna needs emotional support , her character is very close to real life. When suhani lost yuvan she was hallucinating and seeing yuvaan everywhere. I did not people complaining, was’nt that melodrama ? For 2 whole weeks she was sittign and talking to yuvaan after his death, when you can feel bad for suhani you should feel the same for Krishna. Hatred towards Krishna is not justified

      2. You’re absolutely right @Kriyam, we don’t want to hate Suhani but I guess her fans want us to hate her.

        I have nothing. . . Well we have nothing against Suhani but please don’t criticise Krishna because legit you’re showing Suhani’s character to be Mahaan and she is going to get hated. . .

    5. Mystery

      I know suhani suffered….but its not because of Krishna…..yah somya is the reason….sambhav too…..BUT not Krishna…..but Krishna suffered a lot because odf suhani suhani make her marry to her son saiyyam…..that’s too forcefully…. So bad…..just to save her yuvraj

  7. Wtf.. I am literally feeling so sorry for krishna I didn’t expect sayyam to act like this if your wife is in depression it doesn’t mean you’ll take her to psychiatrist she needs attention she expects care not sympathy!! Why I am being so angry on sayyam because he deserves that on one side you say that you love her and on the other side you are the one who is not supporting his wife even if she is throwing tantrums he should understand with what phase she is going though and I don’t think he has any remorse of losing his child ! I am so happy this show is ending at least we’ll never get to see such idiotic and enraging story!! I used to idolize kriyam as a couple but now I’m let down!! I know they are just fictional characters but even think about it hurts me a lot.. ( please don’t judge me otherwise it was only my personal opinion I still love sayyam and krishna) ??

    1. Mystery

      Totally agree with u

  8. Yes true….. Able to see Sowmya in krishna

  9. I think baby fought with director.. how can director forget his fav baby

    1. She must be on a holiday. That is why they have made Krishna evil. Once she is back they will continue. There is nothing left in this show. CVs have spoilt Kriyam and Yuvraj is dead. Good it is getting over.

  10. Mithila Farzana

    Sayyam should support krishna in this state.he should make krishna realize the situation.makers are ruining our cute kriyam.

  11. Swetha7

    ok guys i am not feeling like writing any comments.but to day when i see the reaction of sayyam when he saw her wife tried suicide i thought of writing this…..guys the show is coming to an ens and we are still expecting kriyam poor we are guys.they never ever going to fulfill our wish.i was expecting sayyam to hug krisna and first blame her and then hug her and says not to do that as he cannot live without her.i haven’t seen sayyam pay more attention to krishna who is completely broke down rather than her l pregnant mother.i don’t think karan and sristi will play as main lead in a another unskilled cvs.they shouldn’t deserve another chance.

    1. Mystery

      Saiyyam only cares about suhani……

      1. I agree with you, mystery!! And it is so depressing ?

      2. I agree. Saiyaam is Mama’s boy. Krishna always supported him although he forcefully married her and never treated her well. I loved Kriyam , suhani has ruined it for us.

      3. And krishna only cares about herself

  12. Sayyam is trying his best to console krishna. But is a sensative situation like sayyam said just bcos he is not throwing tantrum that doesn’t mean he is not upset he is just handling it better. I guess for him its his little brother or sister and krishna is not suhani blood so she doesn’t see it as het own. It is upsetting for krishna even though i don’t agree with her behaviour but i can understand her sadness. She is not strong enough to deal with the loss as she feel she doesn’t have any family to support her through this. Loving sayyam though. I expected they will create a rift as story need to move forward untill time is up. And the show is about suhani not krishna.
    P.s. i am a huge kiryam fan since day 1.

  13. Yeah I agree with you all. Krishna is seriously being rude and mean. Even though suhani said she will give this baby to krishna she still acted rude and said you can keep the baby!!? Okay I get you want your own child but sorry to say you’re a baanch now so you can’t have your own child. I know saiyyam was being rude saying krishna should go to the psychiatrist but I agree with him. She is acting mad. Dadi and rags can turn nice but krishna can’t!!? rags never had her own child but she’s not being rude to suhani for giving the baby to krishna. Krishna is getting a baby who suhani is giving. Krishna should be happy she’s getting a child. I agree it’s their brother/sister but the baby will never know who gave birth to him/her so what’s the problem in accepting the baby!? Jitna saiyyam khush tha suhani ke iss faisle se ki bachha usko milega, krishna uthni khush thi bhi nahi. Krishna ko jitna mil raha hai uthni hi khush nahi hai. Suhani jitna bhi kare krishna ke liye woh uske liye kaafi nahi hai. Aaj suhani ne usko bachaya suicide se aur gale lagi. Jitna woh krishna pe pyaar baarasti hai utna toh suhani ne kabhi yuvani ko nahi diya. Krishna ko khush hona chahiye ki suhani uske asli maa nahi hai par nahi. Aaj toh usne prove kardiya ki krishna ki khoon main soumya ka khoon chalta hai aur ek zara sa bhi suhani ki parvarish nahi hai!!!!

    1. Suhani deserves it, she is insensitive. Poor Krishna cannot have her own kid and suhani is going on and on about her stupid child and pregnancy. They should focus on Krishna and try to make her feel better. i hope suhani dies in the end. Let us keep our fingers crossed

    2. Hiii Shiny_#H

      Khoon pe mat jao please, I don’t interrupt unless I see something wrongish, okay, so, sorry to Interuppt. . .

      It’s not in the blood, it’s in every humans nature, not everyone are perfect and Mahaan!

      This is all I wanted to say, thank you for sharing your opinion and I hope you understand what I mean. . .

      P.s – Do reply please, looking forward to see your response ?

  14. haa.. today i was overwhelmed seeing dadi n rags care for suhani.. luvd them today.. saiyyam u r too cute when u r with ur mummy.. suhani saiyyam are always awesome.. pl begging u cvs really dont want suhani to give her baby to krishna… afraid tat may be krishna will tel suhani to get out if she want to luk after the baby. instead suhani can believe her own daughter yuvani. badly need suhani yuvani scenes… krishna get lost… suhani must knw only our own blood will support everytime..

    1. Just because rags and dadi are supporting suhani doesn’t change them. They were purely evil, I am happy they have improved. Poor krishna why is everyone cursing her . How can anyone support yuvani ? She tried to kill krishna and even burn her and was always jealous of her . I know she is okay now but she has not been like that all the time. I don’t understand how people can praise rags, dadi and yuvani and critisise Krishna, when she is clearly upset and sad.

      1. Exactly!! Everyone is criticizing her she needs love thank God this show is ending or else I would have cried seeing her like this!!

    2. I hope suhani dies and Kriyam unite. Suhani can meet Yuvraj after her death and they can live peacefully instead of boring us.

      1. I get where your coming from Abi, sorry to interrupt. . .

        I’m sure Krishna would give the daughter all the love that she could shower on her child. She has a heart according to the segment, I heard that Suhani will take the daughter away from krishna and say that this is my daughter and I won’t give her to anyone. . . I don’t know if it’s true but I heard. . .

  15. jab krishna suhani ka baccha ní chahati to suhani use kyu de rhi h.suhani ko apna baccha apne pass rakhna chahiye.krishna ko apna baccha chahiye jisme uska blood ho kisi or ka nhi.agar yuvAni ne aisa socha hota to krishna ko itni acchi life nhi milti.sach bolu srasthi is rude look m acchi nhi lag rhi wo to innocent girl hi acchi lagti tantrum wala look use suit nhi karta

    1. Sarita,krishna toh sab kuch bhul gayi ya fir mein yeh kahun ki usne kabhi asliyat mein Yuvraj ko papa and Suhani ko maa mana hi nahi.Agar woh YuvAni ko real parents maanti to aaj ka sach jaankar v krishna itni rude nahi hoti.Agar YuvAni krishna ko accept nahi karte na toh krishna kahin bheek maangti dikhai deti kisi mandir par.Asal mein krishna toh baby se b worst hai.Baby ne paraya samajhkar hamesha dusron ki khusiyan chini par ab toh krishna uss suhani ki khusiyaan se jal rahi hai jisko suhani ne apni sagi beti yuvani se b upar ka darja di.Krishna ko sirf apni hi chinta padi hai…dusron ki nahi.Mana ki bhagwan ne krishna ko baanjh bana diya,par suhani ne krishna ko khusi deni chahi apni ajanme bache ko krishna ko saunpkar.YuvAni ne anath krishna ko apnaya but abhi wohi ladki YuvAni ki baby ko apnane mein inkaar kr rahi hai.Infact,rags and dadi v achi hai krishna se.YuvAni were d selfless couple,who always kept others happiness before themselves.Ek jamane mein suhani ko v pata chali thi ki woh kabhi maa nahi sakti fir v usne kabhi krishna jaisi harkat nahi ki .Barbie ne v bohut kuch kia suhani k saath par suhani ne usko maturely handle ki thi.Yahan to h krishna khud hi pagal hai,woh kya sambhalegi new baby ko.Krsihna kabhi achi maa ban hi nahi payegi.qnki usme selfishness hai ….woh bhed bhau(partiality) karti hai .Krshna khud ki status bhul gayi…ki woh v anath hui thi tab sirf aur sirf YUvAni ne apne chatrachaya k neeche krishna ko pala..But woh baat krishna bhul gayi.

      1. i agree dear krishna sabkuch bhul gai h.sahi kaha rima suhani v maa nhi ban sakti thi suhani ne kabhi tantrum nhi diye balki situation ko maturly handle kiya

      2. i m totelly agree
        krishna ko bathaye bi koyi fyda nahi huaaa wyse ki wyse he wo abi bi.krishna kithna jealous kartha he suhani se koyi bi beti apne maa se kabi bi jealous nahi hoga esliye yaha saff saff dihkarahahe krishna kabi bi suhani ko maa nahi samja.krishna bahuth selfish he usko abi uska dukh ke alawa kisi orka dukh nahi dihkarahahe.mantha hu uska saath galath huaaa.lekin isska mathlab ye nahi he wo jo kartha hu soch tha hu wo sahi he.baki sab galth

    2. Yahi toh, agar Krishna nahi chahti Suhani ka bachcha toh Suhani kyu de rahi hai usko? Marzi Suhani ki thi, Krishna ne maanga nahi!

      Yeh kya? Agar maangti toh bhi selfish kehlai jaati aur nahi maangti toh bhi selfish. . .

      Usne apna bachcha khoya hai, she needs time, Suhani ne apna time le liye recover hone mein, ab Krishna ko bhi lene do, I know similar nahi hai but har koi ek jaisa nahi hota na?

      Suhani aur Krishna do alag characters hai toh zahir si baat hai ke wo alag character play karenge, Krishna asliyat wale jazbaat dikhaa rahi hai. . . Asliyat mein agar kisi maa ne apna bachcha apni kok mein khoya ho toh kya wo dusre din naachti? Gaati? Ya khushi khushi sab bhoolaa deti? Shukar maanao ke Krishna Mahaan nahi bani warna waha bhi tana marte usko.

      Usko waqt chahiye teek hone mein, usko saath chahiye but Suhani ka abhi nahi, Suhani ko samajhna chahiye ke Krishna ko time lage ga and its better ke usko akela chor de, not zabardasti sab thope uspe. . .

      Khoon kaha se aa gaya beech mein? Yeh toh har isnaan ka nature hai na? Har insaan jealous, selfish, insecure hote hai kyunki sab mahaan nahi hote . . .

      Agar Krishna selfish kehlai jaati hai toh ha hai, agar aap hume Suhani ke character ke saath hamdardi kehne ko kaho toh please Krishna ke character ke saath bhi karna.

      Krishna ne hamesha Yuvraj ko apna papa mana hai and Suhani ko izzat aur pyaar diya but agar wo insaan, jisse aap izzat aur pyaar karte ho, wohi karen ban jate Ek aapke nuksaan ka, toh kaisa feel ho ga? Please bataye, mujhe bhi janna hai.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion, hope you get back to me soon. . . ?

      1. krishna ko kitna time chahiye 7 month nikal chucke h. or suhani ko recover hone ke liye koi time nhi.krishna yuvraj ko daidu kahti baby uske daidu ka last sign h.suhani nhi dhakka deti tab v krishna ka baby to marta hi na. wo heavy ghanta girta to baby ke saath saath krishna v mar jaati.suhani ki to kismat hi aisi h bhala karti h or sabki nafrat milti h.poor suhani

      2. Krishna-Saiyam

        No point arguing with these people. they just want to hate Krishna for no reason. Just ignore them

      3. I guess I have to do that @Krishna-Saiyyam . . .

        7 months ho chuke na Sarita, but logically Suhani ko dhakka deni ki kya zaroorat thi? She could’ve pulled her towards her which would make Krishna move forward . . . But that didn’t happen.

        And Krishna ko dekho, emotions dikhati hai and sab ki naftat paati hai aur saath saath mein taane bhi khaati hai, poor Krishna. . .

        It takes time, time to think, time to forgive, time to understand and time to realise and take action! Ek dam se achanak toh faisla nahi liya jata na?

        In fact, kaunsi aurat apne bachche ke kaatil ko maaf karegi? Think of a Woman’s POV, it takes time for her to forgive so let Krishna take her time.

        Wow, ab time lene pe bhi Krishna ko nafrat milti hai, poor Krishna. . .

        Seriously, in this fight Suhani and Krishna’s character are getting degraded. . . I don’t want to hate Suhani and please don’t make us KriYam fans hate her ??

    3. Sarita,sab keh rahe hain ki suhani is forcing her baby on krishna.Koi yeh nahi soch raha hai ki suhani sirf aur sirf motherhood ka happiness feel karwani chahti hai but jo ladki krishna partiality mein believe krti hai usko bacha dena hi nahi chahiye.Gauri ki maut ka jimedaar toh krishna (tha) fir v Yuvraj ne krishna ko apni beti jaisa mana usey woh orphan hone ka ehsaas nahi hone diya.Agar yuvraj ghussa karta toh woh uss krishna ko birla house mein kabhi ghusne v na deta.But Yuvraj ne dusre ki galti ki saza krishna ko nahi di.
      Honestly speaking har koi…Yuvraj and Suhan jaise Selfless toh nahi ho sakte .Bhale hi krishna selfless na ho kam se kam usko itna toh khayal rakhna chahiye ki usko suhani k saath misbehave nahi krni chahiye thi.But Krishna se kuch umeed rakhna v galat hai,mana ki c lost her baby but iska matlab yeh nahi ki woh suhani k hapiness se jale and suhani k saath badtameezi kare.
      Krishna agar pain mein hai matlab kya woh ghar ka saman yahan wahan fhenkegi woh?Krishna ko sirf apni pain deikhti hai but suhani k pain ka kya??Suhani ne v avi avi apna pati khoya ,to kya suhani yahan wahan saman phenkti firti hai ya fir ghar mein tandav krti hai??Nautanki baaz krishna k nakhre din par din badh rahi hai.And yes,suhani ne apna jawan beta v khoya toh kya suhani ne kabhi krishna pr ilzaam lagaya ki “krishna tumhari manhusiyat k wajah se yeh sab hua”?ya fir saiyyam par ilzaam lagaya ki “Sayyam tumhare wajah se yuvan mara qnki tum hi baby ko pehle iss ghar par laye the???Suhani ne kabhi v kisipar bewaj ilzam nahi lagaya ,to fir krishna kis haq se pagal k tarah suhani par ilzam laga rahi hai.Agar krishna ko lagta hai ki suhani hi uske bache ka murderer hai,Kya kabhi krishna ne apne family background par gor pharmaya ki uske maa baap k wajah se kya kya sehni padi birlas ko???
      Dusron ko point out krne se pehle krishna ko pehle apne hi girebaan par jhankna chahiye.

      1. Krishna Ko Baksh Do ??_#H

        I’m sorry, selfless ya selfish? Saiyyam ke case mein Suhani ne kya kiya tha?

        Saiyyam ka dard nahi dekh payi Suhani toh Krishna ka kya dekhegi?

        I agree Suhani Krishna ki madat karna chahti hai but recent spoiler nahi padah? She takes her daughter and says that I will not give my daughter to anyone.

        Yeh kaisa insaaf? Promise karo, khush karo and the end mein promise todoh?

        Gussa is natural, har insaan ko aata hai, toh its normal to scatter all the stuff cause gusse pe kiska lagaam?

        Krishna ke parents ki sazaa Krishna ko kyu koi dega? Uski galti toh nahi hai. . . Suhani and Yuvraaj ne usko pyaar diya but in return she also gave them love and respect.

        Krishna upset and hurt hai, not jealous, like I said, she needs time, she lost something very precious. . . Krishna apni jagah sai and Suhani apni jagah . . .

        Pagal nahi? Agar Krishna ke halaat ko pagalpan kehlaya jata hai toh in this case all woman are pagal, including me.

        Krishna isn’t selfish or jealous, she’s upset and hurt and tumne khud kaha, Krishna ko dusron pe ungli uthane se pehle khud ko dekhna hai. Agar Krishna ne past mein kuch galat nahi kiya toh iska yeh meaning hai that her hands are clean because uski family past has nothing got to do with Krishna, uski family uski pehchaan nahi aur na hi uska ateeth uski kamzoori.

        Woah, bas ek baat kehne se ladai ho gayi.

        I don’t want to have anything against Suhani, vinti hai ki aapki nafrat ki jaang mein main Suhani ko bura bhala na keh doon because Suhani bhi ek aurat hai, Krishna ki tarah.

        And to be honest, agar mere saath yeh hota toh mein bhi aise hi react karti because I would need time to understand, forgive, react, realise and take action! Achanak se mahaan banke maaf toh nahi karti and even if I say I forgive you but baat kabhi nahi karti dubara se until I’ve fully recovered from the incident. . .

  16. Yuvaninan forever

    Now this Krishna is getting into my nerves. Even after all this nonsense now showing this Krishna melodrama. Now I really don’t want suhani to give that child to her. seriously suhani was looking amazing when she was holding tat baby in sbs segments. Please CVS don’t torture the yuvani fans by showing tat useless Krishna’s drama

    1. Melodrama?_#H

      Hii, thank you for sharing your opinion. . .

      So you agree that CVS are behind this?

      Okay . . . CVS are showing how a mother would react straight after losing her child, which is somewhat reality. CVS are showing how a human behaves in this situation.

      If Suhani’s drama isn’t seen as melodrama or useless then why is Krishna’s? Would you kindly like to answer this?

      The role of Krishna is portraying what she is assigned to, similar to Suhani and it’s a drama serial, it’s obvious there’s going to be drama. . .

      Krishna didn’t ask for it, Suhani again decided that she would give the baby to KriYam.

      I also have a request for the CVS. . . ‘Please show more KriYam scenes and fix the track before ending it’

      Yuvraj already died so how would it be a torture watching Krishna?

      P.S – Do get back to me please, looking forward to read your response ?

    2. kasti_karan_shristi

      @Yuvaninan forever: The show is coming to end bcuz the CVs showed suhani’s useless drama. They should have done what Yeh rishta kya kehlata did. No one is interested in seeing 50 year old romance and break and make and break up. Krishna and saiyam were fresh and interesting. But they conti with suhani drama . Glad the show is coming to an end. and you like it or not we all know suhani will give her kid to Krishna. I want good things for Kriyam, and dont want it to be like yuvani .

  17. stupid_suhani

    Poor krishna, I truly feel bad for her. And all the people saying suhani is doing a big sacrifice, no one wants her kid. Krishna wants her own kid and she is clearly still upset about it. The same people asking krishna to ask suhani’s kid sheould have been okay if suhani had got married to one of 3 guys. what difference does it make, yuvraj dies and she get a replacement . why did suahni refuse to get married she would get a new husband right ?

    1. krishna ko apna baccha chahiye to wo surrogacy kara le.

      1. Agreed Sarita, I truly agree with you. . . If Krishna wants her own child then why doesn’t she get involved in the ‘surrogacy’ track.

        But first of all, I’m sure everyone will be against it, especially Saiyyam as he’s already accepting his baby sister to be his daughter and all will find Krishna’s decision wrong.

        Second of all, if CVS wanted, they could’ve showed that track but no, I’m sure they want to show that Suhani’s baby mends all broken relationships so no use of surrogacy.

        Third of all, it would be dragging with surrogacy track, the audience would find it baseless as they will taunt Krishna by saying that she couldn’t stay happy with Suhani’s daughter and selfish and blah blah. . .

        Fourth of all, please go request the CVS if you wish to see it.

        And finally, no one will see Krishna’s pov behind this track if Krishna wanted it to happen, they would think it’s not a right decision.

        Bas, this is all I had to say, anyone wants to add anything to it then they’re free to.

        P.s – Don’t forget to reply please ?

      2. i agree

      3. kasti_karan_shristi

        @Sarita: Krishna never asked for that stupid kid. She is upset right now. suhani is forcing her decisions on her, she just likes to act Mahan. If it wasn’t for her everyone would be happy and yuvraj would be alive as well.

  18. I cannot believe there is a month left and they are still not showing any kriam scenes.Who in their right mind wants to watch a 50 year old woman give birth . And what is wrong with Saiyyam he can see his mothers pain but not his wife. Krishna needs support and Saiyam is clearly not doing enough. I miss kriyam

  19. Mystery

    Guys I wants all of u to read this…..guys. ..KRISHNA BECAME A BAANJH….because of baby n suhani’s enemity……KRISHNA LOST HER MOTHER because of SUHANI’S SON ….Krishna has to marry saiyyam….BECAUSE OF SUHANI N SAIYYAM’S BITTER RELATION…….she never say anything…..

    SHE IS THE ONLY PERSON…..n not suhani’s own blood who support her in BABA case…

    N now if she showing her pain…through anger……so u all are criticizing her….wow….superb…..keep it up….but guys I think pre her miscarriage… ONLY KRISHNA IS THE ONE MEMBER WHO IS SELFLESS SOUL….Her simplicity n innocence is the only thing that make rude saiyyam a loving hubby

    1. You are absolutely right.. She had supported everyone like seriously everyone and when she needed everyone’s support no one stood for her moreover they are planning to take her to a psychiatrist am not saying it is not good to consult a doctor but here she needs attention.. And above all sayyam being so ignorant towards her not caring about her condition!! Hopeless story!! ?

    2. yaani aap v maanti ho now became selfish woman.or upar aapne jo v kaha usme m saari baaton se disagree karti hu but ek baat se agree karti hu.kriyam marriage.wo situation alag thi us time saiyam jo kahta suhani wo karti nhi to saiyam yuvraj ki jaan le leta ab saiyam ne krishna ko hi maanga agar krishna suhani se is baat se naraz h to krishna ko saiyam se v naraz hona chahiye bcs is shadi ki root saiyam tha.krishna ne us insan ko maaf kar diya jiske father ne uski maa ki jaan suhani ko krishna ko bachana hi nhi chahiye tha.jisse ye situation hi nhi aati

      1. Sarita your logic is flawed. Suhani didn’t have to listen to saiyam. She did it for her own selfish reasons. She had a very low opinion on saiyam and had even accused him of molesting Krishna on 2 different occasions. Which mother will give their daughter to a man you think so low of. It shows what suhani is, she didn’t care a damn about Krishna, she herself was a victim of rape and yet she was more bothered about yuvraj. She always judged saiyam badlym worst mother ever. Happy this show is ending

      2. suhani ka openion saiyam ke baare m us time low tha jab saiyam ne kand hi aise kiye the wo sambhav ki shadow bankar rah rha tha jab saiyam ne apni harkate badli suhani ka openion v change ho gaya.or rhi baat saiyam jaise insan se shadi karane ki to us time jaan bachana important tha shadi todi v jaa sakti thi saiyam krishna ka divorce ho sakta tha but yuvraj ki jaan chali jaati to wo nhi aati or sach tha ki us time suhani shadi nhi karati to saiyam antodode nhi deta.but ye baatein ho chucki h inka matlab nhi tab kahna sahi tha jab krishna aaj v happy nhi hoti krishna ki life settle ho chucki h wo apni life m happy bcs of suhani.suhani jitni krishna ki care karti h utni kisi ki nhi

      3. even i too happy that ssel is going offair.suhani us time yuvraj ko nhi chunti to wo sach m selfish kahlati bcs fir sab yahi kahte ki suhani jaise wife kisi ko na mile jo us insan ko na save kar saki jisne apne keemti 20 years suhani ko save karne ke liye save kar diye

    3. Remindddddd_#H

      Saritaaaaaaaa, hiii again, okay toh tum keh rahi ho that Saiyyam ne kaand hi aise kiye that’s why. . .

      Well let me remind if you forgot, Saiyyam ko sach nahi pata tha, Suhani took her time in telling him and Yuvraj had told Suhani not to tell him toh isme Saiyyam ki kya glati?

      If Suhani and Yuvraj told him the truth then he wouldn’t have done that but they didn’t, why? Because Saiyyam’s Sambhav’s son? Yeh kaisa Logic?

      I’m sorry if I sound rude but mein Saiyyam pe ungliyan uth’the hue nahi dekh sakti. . . Saiyyam is my fave character in the show out of everyone and KriYam is my favourite pair on the show. . . ?

      So. . . Haaaa, they should’ve told him before but they chose not to so Saiyyam ko please blame mat karo.

      P.s – Reply karna mat bhoolna please ?

      1. aapka fav character hoga.but dear jo sach h wo sach h.yuvAni ne sach nhi bataya bcs saiyam sambhav ke against kuch sunana nhi chahata tha yaar sach nhi pata to tum kisi ki jaan lene ki kosish karoge.agar mu ke chakkar m kisi ki jaan chali jaati to.saiyam ne 1 nhi 2 nhi 3 baar yuvraj ki jaan lene ki kosish ki.but ye sab past h or past matter karta h present.m kisi ko heart nhi karna chahati hu

      2. Like you said Sarita, it’s the past toh tumne kyu nikala?

        Yes I agree ke he was wrong but he didn’t know anything, like yeh kya? After he found out Sambhav’s truth, he went against Sambhav didn’t he? So why wouldn’t he at that time?

        Each time he tries to love Suhani, she disappoints him and makes him feel neglected, so what else was he meant to think?

        But Haa, past hai toh bhool jana better hai.

      3. Krishna-Saiyam

        @Sarita: You are wrong . I love Saiyam but Suhani though the same about and Sambhav and Saiyam and she she got Krishna got married to Saiyam. Which mother would do that to her child ? Don’t talk about the situation now. Krishna made an effort and her relationship with saiyam got better. Suhani threw Krishna into it and Krishna made the best out of it. Please don’t defend suhani for this she gets no credit. And I am really happy suhani forced her daughter to get married to the the man who was trying to Kill her husband. She sets a great example . And everything worked out fine she got baby married to yuvaan who killed yuvaan and got married to her beloved yuvraaj and then ended killing him too. And next suhani will give her kid to Krishna, I am not complaining. Good decisions by suhani

  20. Kriyam_forever

    What are they showing ??? Why can’t they focus on kriyam at least now. They are trying to ruin Krishna’s character . It doesn’t suit her one bit. And saiyam is turning to be a Mama’s boy.

  21. Yuvani

    need suhani yuvani scenes………krishna you ARE soumya’s daughter, you are prooving it again and again…………..drama queen……..suhani has been through the same situation which you are going through….there was a time, when she believed that she is infertile and had gone for surrogacy……..but she was never selfish as you are……other than krishna, everyone was just nice today…..loved all of them………

    1. I totally agree with you

    2. Hii, sorry to interrupt. . . Thank you for sharing your opinion.

      Yes, we all know Krishna is Soumya’s daughter, thank you for reminding us again and again but I’m pretty sure everyone figured it out earlier, in the show.

      Again drama? Chill, it’s a drama serial so there’s obviously gunna be drama. . . If Suhani’s drama is justifiable then why isn’t Krishna’s?

      Suhani went through the same situation and showed her drama then why is it wrong if Krishna shows her drama?

      Krishna and Suhani’s characters are two different peopleeeeeee, so it’s obvious they’ll show different feelings/emotions.

      If you expect us to sympathise with Suhani then we would appreciate if you did the same with Krishna.

      Selfishness is part of human nature!

      P.s – Looking forward to see your responses, please reply ?

      1. Yuvani

        suhani didn’t do any drama…….she was sad..and cried, that’s all…but didn’t do any drama, what happened with krishna is not fare, but she is being narrow minded…..can you think what suhani is going through now, lost her husband, who was everything for her, lost that son who was the reason she could live, when she was away from yuvi….even after all these she is thinking of krishna and her happiness……and krishna………..?
        ps: replied only because you asked me to

      2. Yuvani

        well i dont want you to sympathise with suhani for the sake of doing it, do it if you feel so

      3. Thank you for replying. . .

        Yes, I’m finally glad to read your comment, thank god at least someone said that whatever happened with Krishna was bad . . . ?

        Yes, Suhani was sad and cried, she even started talking to imaginary Yuvaan, I must say Suhani is a strong woman but Krishna’s character is set differently, it shows that Krishna is sensitive.

        Krishna lost her father, then realised that Yuvraaj isn’t her real father, still she didn’t complain , then her mum died and Suhani took care of her, still she didn’t complain, Suhani took a promise from Soumya that she will treat Krishna as her own daughter and she fulfilled that promise. . .
        Suhani forced her to marry Saiyyam, still Krishna didn’t react badly, she stopped talking to Suhani, but later started realising that Saiyyam was the right guy, Daadi was taunting her, still Krishna didn’t complain but now, upon loosing her child, for whom she was happy for, she complain and I get why she does.

        If she kept quite for all that then why keep quite now? Krishna loved Suhani and respected her, stood with her in every hard times but then all of a sudden, Suhani kills her child. . . How is Krishna meant to react? It’s obvious she will complain, throw tantrums, have pain and be hurt.

        If it’s still not justifiable then when is it? Suhani did her part of Drama’s past few years, if Krishna’s emotions are labelled as Drama then sorry, Suhani’s have to be labelled the same too as it wouldn’t be fair.

        So, in short and in most of all your dictionary, please let Krishna have space for her drama ??

        Thank you for sparing your time and reading my comment ?

      4. Yuvani

        let krishna stay angry with suhani…..but please stop hurting her, that’s all….

  22. Haven’t I told u guys some days back,Krishna is a little snaky.Day by day c is turning towards more disgusting person.I mean how could c feel so jealous of suhani??All d good values,moral and ethics taught by suhani is just flushed into d drain.I mean Krishna has really inherited her real parents genes.Suhani’s upbringing failed here coz unknowingly suhani brought up little snaky to her home as her own.Krishna is a nautankibazz naagin,even after suhani’s child handover talk to sayyam…Krishna was acting very rude to suhani.Just to get attention of everymembers c was throwing tantrums and doings her nonstop drama.Krishna is very mean and cruel in character,even if c gets to preveliage of being mother…C has not even an ounce of motherly qualities,How will c take care of her bro/sis in law???God know what will happen to new baby if suhani will die??
    So according to precap,It seems like As a person Krishna is very selfish,to keep her ego alive and to get attention,seven months passed but c didn’t talk with suhani.

    1. Let us not talk about Suhani’s upbringing. All her kids have their flaws, Krishna was the only decent kid. And when you lose your kid you do not look for a replacement , any good mother would understand that. There is a huge void in your heart , why cant suhani understand that. She lost yuvvan and yuvraj. If she gets married again and has a kid will with that guy will that make her happy? Suhani is the most insensitive person on the show. Poor Krishna wish somwya was alive. Somway was selfish so at least she would have made sure Krishna’s life was good . Suhani always forces her decision on other. Horrible woman. And why is Saiyam supporting this dumb suhani, she never loved him and never will. She was never a good mother and never will be.

      1. dear saiyam apni maa ko support kar rha h bcs use pata h uski maa right or wife wrong h.

      2. Suhani lost nearly everything,has c turned psycho like krishna is???.I disagree with your words…All her kids have their flaws.
        Yuvaan never misbehaved with his mother and about yuvani,c awlays felt insecure of krishna,and above alll…yuvani was under the shadow of conspiracy queen rags.But krishna was under suhani,but see…where is krishna today??Even worst than dadi and rags.

        And what Suhani is not good mother???I mean REALLY???If c wasnt good mom,then c should have kicked krishna out of her life.But suhani always kept her happiness aside and gave her same treatment what a real birla daughter should deserve.Suhani was not like selfish big snake soumya,who always thinks bad about suhanis children.Suhani is sweet like honey,thats why everyone came to her for their own benefits and motives.

      3. dear krishna decent thi but ab nhi h pahle yuvani saiyam ne galat kiya but ab dono sahi h.krishna ke hisse ka aadha pyar v yuvani saiyam ko mila hota to dono ne start m galti ki wo nhi karte

      4. suhani apne yuvraj se pyar karti h or wo yuvraj ki yaado ke saath happy h

    2. i agree rima

      1. suhani_realSnake

        what rubbish, after yuvaan got married to baby. He was okay when she blackened her face. Saiyaam stood up for Suhani. Stop defending her kids. Yuvann gave money and tried to get saiyam beaten up, yuvani tried to kill krishna and saiyam tried to kill yuvraj. Poor krishna what has she done, she is upset. And Somya might have been selfish but the truth is that she sacrificed her life for suhani , weather you want to accept it or not suhani accepts it. And what did suhani do with her daughter forcefully got her married to sambav’s sone. Yes truly suhani is great. Hats off to your logic and people who can appreciate rags and dadi.

      2. Nahi bechari Krishna, aap log use galata samaj rahe ho. She is upset and needs her husband’s support. Saiyaam needs to stand with her and help her get better. I am disappointed with saiyaam. Krishna was always with Saiyam but he is not there when she is suffering.

      3. Good for suhani…anyways I am happy the show is ending . It is showing nonsense . I hope kriyam reunite .I only watch this dumb show for saiyam and Krishna

      4. Sarita,Krishna has one logic of her own,who believes in I,ME and MINE.Krishna ne v uss ladke k saath romance karne mein busy hogayi jo ladka ek bohut hi gandhe insaan ka beta tha.jiss sambhav ne harkisiko ko maarna chaha be it yuvraj,dadi,suhani,yuvaan and murderer of soumya and snoopy…
        krishna toh v uss sayyam k saath ghar basake meethe meeethe sapne dekhe,tab kisiko koi pblm nahi thi.But aaj jab suhani romance kr li toh achanak se pblm dikhraha hai kuch logon ko.
        Sayyam ne yuvi ki jaan almost le hi li thi.uss insaan ko krishna pyar kr sakti hai But jab suhnai ne krishna ko bachane k liye krishna ko dhakka diya toh woh gunah bangayi,and krishna apne asal roop mein aagayi.Krishna ne kabhi real mein YuvAni ko mom dad maana hi nahi.Woh soumya ki little snaky beti hai jisko sirf aur sirf apna fayda chahiye.

    3. How can you defend suhani, all she cares is about yuvraj. When saiyaam was upset she was romancing with yuvraj, when krishna’s child died she was romancing with yuvraj. Happy she lost yuvraj and they will never be together.

      1. yuvraj suhani ki care ko deserve karta tha.yuvAni physically alag huye h.waise to wo hamesha hi saath rahte h.yuvAni physically last 26 years se door the wo kabhi saath rah hi nhi paaye.kisi ke jeene ki wajah usse dur ho gai or aap bol rhi ho ki aap happy ho.agar aap yuvraj ke marne se happy ho to m happy hu krishna ka miscarriage ho gaya wo kabhi maa nhi ban sakti h apne bacche ki

      2. It was not suhani’s fault who was romancing with yuvraj.It was yuvraj who tried to cheer up suhnai and cut out her Due to baby’s evilness Suhani already lost her son and then again fear of losing husband was haunting her. krishna’s nonsense allegations on suhnai again torn her .suhani was over stressed and being a dutiful husband yuvraj did his best to help suhani out of mental stress.Yuvraj really wanted to see suhani happy and eventually they end up together in romancing in that hotel.It was all krishna’s fault due to which YuvAni took d step to relax themselves by going to hotel,otherwise it wouldn’t have happen.
        If krishna is having problem with suhani’s new baby then why c didnt opt for surrogacy??…instead of behaving stupid arrogant lady who just want to get attention and care of everymembers.Now suhani is getting care,love and attentions of all.. thats is why krishna is jealous.
        If u feel happy for yuvraj death then we all r also happy with krishna’s miscarriage,becoz krishna has not a single qualities of being good mother and krishna doesnot deserve any child,C is unfit for mother.But we (YuvAni)r not very hard stoned fans,so we want suhani to give her baby to krishna ,so that krishna’s lap wont b empty.

      3. i agree rima.sach m aaj yuvraj hota to ye sab nhi hota.sahi kaha yuvraj hi tha jo suhani cheer up karta rahta tha nhi to suhani in baccho ki pro solve karti rhti.or yahi reason h yuvAni ek doosre ki care karte h.yuvraj ke andar wo quality h ki wo apni wife ko cheer up kar sakta h

    4. Selfishness is part of human nature!!!

      Hiii, thank you for sharing your opinions. . .

      Your saying Krishna is disgusting and all that, but how? I mean yes she’s upset but why isn’t it justifiable for her to be upset?

      Krishna’s role shows reality of emotion, I see and feel her emotions as they’re real. . . What mother would happily forget everything after losing her child?

      Yes, Suhani lost her child but Suhani’s character is different to Krishna’s, not everyone are the same?

      Krishna isn’t snaky, she shows her emotion and feelings straightforward, not behind Suhani’s back, in fact she cries behind her back.

      Try sympathising with Krishna and wait, where did pyscho come in between? Krishna is not a psyco!

      You’re compelling me to say this but not everyone show Mahaanta like Suhani! Suhani lost her husband and see, she’s happy now whereas Krishna is still mourning as it was her first child and experience.

      They have different emotions and feelings, not everyone are perfect. I won’t point at Suhani’s upbringing as it’s nothing got to do with that as it’s human nature.

      How do you know? I’m sure Krishna will give all the love she couldn’t shower on her unborn baby to Suhani’s daughter.

      It’s Krishna’s choice, she can talk to Suhani if she wants but Suhani shouldn’t force herself on Krishna, she should give her time. Krishna needs time to recover!!! Like every other woman.

      Why is Krishna’s seen as melodrama and Suhani’s isn’t?

      Every decisions for that Krishna should make, Suhani’s forcing it on her, what does she want to prove by deciding to give her child to Krishna?

      Krishna is feeling this due to the circumstances, I’m sure she’ll feel better later.

      If you feel bad if we criticise Suhani then please stop doing the same with Krishna! That would be much more helpful.

      P.s – Don’t forget to reply ?

      1. I completely agree with you. We will defend Krishna when we think she is right . and at this point I can understand what she is going through.

        @Sarita; Didn’t want to say this . But I am happy the way show has turned out . Suhani can stay in yuvraj’s yaadein . she deserves it.

  23. we are not kids here some of us should think twice before writing nonsense some wants suhani to die others hate her WHY??? it is just a frikkin serial read and comment this shit is not real put yourselves in suhani’s shoes what would you have done if you had gotten the role she is portraying huh persons would have reacted the same way you are doing now so quit this shit about calling her names we are women too i mean it is your opinion and you are entitle to it shalom and thanks Yuvani krishna is the one who should be kicked out of the house like mother like daughter ungrateful b*t*hes

    1. ha ha … after all the bashan you gave …For a minute there I actually though you mad sense and then you went ahead and called her a b*t*h ? Poor Krishna learn to empathise , you call yourself a woman, act like one. Follow what you preach

    2. _Read this please_#H

      Lol, you say yourself it’s a serial and it’s not real and then surprisingly yourself swear at the ‘non-real’ Characters?

      No ones hating on Rajshri, they’re hating on the ‘non-real’ character of Suhani.

      Just like Suhani, Krishna is also portraying the role she is assigned to!

      And if a mother lost her child, I’m sure they would’ve also reacted the same way, if not then how? Could you kindly share?

      And I agree, we are women too but Krishna is also playing the role of a woman and something to what we would most likely sympathise with. . .

      Krishna and Saiyyam wanted to leave but it was Suhani and still is Suhani that is stopping them and why would a person get kicked out of the house for showing tantrums? Like you said, if you expect us to put ourselves in the shoe of Suhani then we too would appreciate you to put yourself in Krishna’s shoes.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion and sorry if I sound harsh but being a KriYam fan, which includes Krishna and Saiyyam, I couldn’t keep quite as I somewhat saw this as hypocritical comment as you mentioned ‘We are not kids’ and the use foul language against Krishna, this doesn’t seem right. . .

      P.S – I am looking forward for your response, don’t forget to reply ?

    3. @Jayashree: We love Kriyam just like the way you love suhani. And like you said it is a tv show , you don’t have to swear at least we Kriyam fans arenot resorting to swearing. We can have an open discussion. In this case I need to agree with the rest Krishna is depressed, she needs some love. Krishna’s reaction is natural and as real as it can get.

  24. _Read this please_#H

    Okay, so I agree Suhani’s trying to help but Krishna has her rights to be upset and angry, she lost her child and nothing can prick a woman harder than a knife other than loosing her child.

    How does it feel to lose your child? Especially killed by the person you loved and respected the most?

    Why are you all pointing at Krishna’s character? Nobody’s perfect. . . It takes time to recover from that pain and which wife would love to be neglected by her husband? Especially in the time when she needs him the most?

    I’m not saying Suhani’s selfish or Krishna’s wrong, but think as a woman, if you lose your child by the hands that promised to hold you forever, how does it feel?

    Krishna is going through a tought phrase, she needs support from the people she loves, what else is she meant to do? Sit happily and forget her child and everything? Not everyone are Mahaan! There’s something called feelings and pain that every human has!

    Sympathise and maybe you’ll understand. . . Try putting yourself in Krishna’s position and then tell me what you would do, how you would feel and why are you feeling like that. . . ?

    A little disappointed with KriYam track, hope to see everything sorted before it ends.

    P.S – This is my opinion and I’m looking forward to see your responses. . . 🙂

    1. @Read this please: I completely agree with what you said. Krishna’s behaviour is very normal anyone would feel the pain . She needs support and her husband is doing nothing about it. And the other person she looks up to is Suhani who is too involved in her own pregnancy. Krishna is lonely and if someone had taken the time to sit down and listen to her and sympathise she would be okay. I am disappointed with Saiyyam as well, wish he helps Krishna out .

      1. suhani ko to kuch jyada react karna chahiye bcs suhani lost her son n husband .jo use kabhi nhi mil sakte h.krishna ko kabhi critisize nhi kiya but aaj wo wrong h isliye use critisize kiya jaa rha h krishna n jo v khoya use sab kuch wapas mil gaya h

      2. Thank you for replying Sarita and @KriyamRocks.

        Agreed Sarita, Suhani ko zyadaa react karna chahiye as she lost her husband and child.

        I agree ke tume Krishna ke jazbaat galat lagte hai but kya kare bechari? Bachcha khoya hai usne apna. . . It will take time to recover nai?

        Yup, Krishna ko bachcha milega but apna nahi, phir bhi agar wo khushi accept kar le toh teek hai na, I hope uske liye bhi usko taane na mile.

        Suhani ne apna son and husband khoya hai toh Krishna also lost her mother, father, Yuvraaj (Dadu), best-friend and child.

        If Suhani ka drama galat nahi then Krishna ka kyu?

        And @kriyamRocks, I agree, Saiyyam should talk to her, console her and make her feel loved again.

        I feel they’re rushing KriYam ?

      3. m ye nhi kahti ki krishna ke jazwat galat h.m ye kah rhi hu jo krishna ka reaction h wo over bcs start se krishna ka character aisa nhi h.uska overreaction digest nhi ho rha ya to krishna start se aisi hoti.aapne ek baat boli krishna ko baccha to mil rha h par apna nhi ho.matlab aap v aisa hi sochate ho ki apna blood hi hona chahiye yuvraj ne krishna ko apnaya ye jaante huye v ki krishna ke father ki wajah se yuvraj ki sister ki jaan chali yuvraj ne nhi socha ki wo kiski beti h.krishna ko ye kyu lag rha h ki wo uska blood nhi h ya to krishna yuvraj ko daidu nhi maanti nhi to use koi pro honi hi nhi chahiye or bhai fir v pro h to apne pati ko surrogacy ke liye ready karo.qki aise kaise chalega.ham sab v yahi chahate h ki wo bacchi suhani ke pass hi rhe.suhani krishna ko dene se mana kar de to accha h

      4. First of all, no, I don’t believe ke Bachcha apna khoon hona chahiye cause bachcha bachcha hai, khoon beech mein nahi aata. What I’m trying to say was ke Krishna ko child milega but apna nahi, phir bhi vo khushi accept kar legi, toh teek hai na? Ya uske liye bhi usko taane milenge?

        Yes, Krishna Yuvraaj se zyadaa pyaar karti thi cause Yuvraaj ne usko apnya aur pyaar diya, she loves Yuvraaj more than Suhani cause wo usko apna Papa maanti hai but she doesn’t feel much of that with Suhani.

        Krishna ko bachche se koi problem nahi hai, she has a problem with Suhani, toh bachcha kaha se aa gaya?

        Please jaa ke CVS se baat kar ke surrogacy track ready karo, because show end hone wala hai.

        Haina? But Suhani kyu de rahi hai? Apni galti sudharne ke liye na? So Suhani maanti hai that galti uski thi, good, but Krishna ko kyu criticise kar rahe hai saare?

        Drama Suhani bhi karti hai toh Krishna kyu nahi kar sakti?

        Yes, I know yeh ek dam se hai but it’s normal, har aurat somewhat aise hi behave karti hai, Krishna ke POV se ek baar please dekho, pretend you’re Krishna, then tumhari favourite beloved Aunty tumhe dhakka deti hai and then uski wajah se tumhara bachcha mar jata hai, then wo next day tumhe naach gane mein involve kare when all you need is time alone.

        Jab yuvraaj and Yuvaan mara, tab koi naach gana nahi and jab Krishna ka baby mara toh family party? Yeh fair nahi hai. If Suhani ko unho ne akela chodah at that time then why can’t they leave Krishna alone for a bit?

        Suhani sab ka bhala karti hai but too much ho jata hai sometimes. Krishna is only showing what most of the mothers who lost their child’s by the hands of someone they loved show.

        Let Krishna take her time.

        If Suhani deserves to be happy then why not Krishna? Bachche ke aane se rishte judenge, Suhani dena chahti hai then that’s her choice but naa hi de toh achcha hai cause beti uski hogi and phir wo ‘Meri Beti Meri Beti’ keh ke Krishna ko low feel karwayegi.

        Well I’m sorry agar Mein out of hand bol rahi hoon but trust me, I have no intentions to hurt anyone . . .

  25. @sarita: People react differently to different situations.moreover all suhani is doing is weeping from the last few weeks .What more melodrama can you want ? Are u now complaining that u r not getting enuf scenes where she is crying. And being a woman you should empathise with krishna’s character . I don’t understand how all of you can criticize. And suhani has lost yuvtaj enuf number of times maybe she is used to it . Infact 3times in last month….when he died, got married to baby and died again .

    1. dear tab yuvraj mara nhi wo sirf suhani ke pass nhi tha.but aaj wo nhi h nahi kabhi wapas aa sakta h.har kisi ka react karne ka alag way hota h isliye sab use drama queen bol rhe h. suhani ka reaction normal h.uska jawan beta mar gaya or sabse important uske jeene ki wajah yuvraj v nhi v usne situation ko maturly handle kiya h.usne apne baccho ke liye khud ko sambhala h.god na kare agar saiyam ko kuch ho krishna nhi royege abhi uska miscarriage hua h tab to cheekh rhi h chilla rhi saman phek rhi h.suscide commit kar rhi h.agar suhani ka rona drama h to krishna ke drame ke liye to koi word nhi h

      1. Well suhani is much older than Krishna, we expect her character to be more matured. Krishna is young and this is expected. If you could take suhani’s rona dona for the past few years then Krishna getting upset for a couple of episodes is nothing. And Krishna has been through a lot more . At a young age she lost her parents, had to live with some one else, dadi was always taunting her. Suhani atleast had a good childhood and her parents.

  26. I am really happy to see people coming out to support Krishna.Was tired of seeing heartless people bash Krishna. and someone truly wrote Krishna lost her parents from a young age and had to listen to dadi taunt all her life. she has been through a lot, atleast suhani had a good childhood. Give Krishna a break. and CVs should really focus on Kriyam

    1. sach he krishna ne apne parents ko baachpan me koya bt krishna ko hamesha pappa or ma ki pyar miltha tha hamesha yuvarj or suhani use pyar kiya dadi ka har tanut se baacha liya use.har mushkil me uska saath diya lekin ajj suhani ne apne zidigi me sabse bada mushkil me hu lekin krishna ne kya kiya suhani ka saath chodthiya.sirf uska jealous ke wajase.mantha hu krishna ne apna baacha koya lekin usme suhani ka kya galthi he.usne jan puchkar kiya nahi.vo krishna ne bacchanekeliye kiya phir bi suhani ko guilt he.isliye usne yuvarj ka akri nishani ko krishna ko denekiliye fysla kiya suhani kele bi wo asan nahi he phir bi kiya sirf krishna keliye uska kushi ke liye bas.bathale me krishna abi kya karthahe suhani ke saath.krishna ka ye attitude saf saf dihkrahahe wo kithna selfish hee

      1. @Zahnab: I am not blaming suhani for the miscarriage. Kriyam fans are asking Yuvani fans to stop and take time to think about what Krishna is going through. Stop criticizing her. I think it is best for Suhani and Kriyam fans to agree to disagree and enjoy the last month in peace.

      2. Krishna Ko Baksh Do ??_#H

        Krishna ne apne Dad ko khoya tha, uski jagah yuvraaj ne li and gave Krishna the love of a father aur Soumya bhi thi, uski maa. . . Phir achanak se Soumya mar gayi, Suhani ki jaan bachate, yeh wadah le ke that Meri beti ka khyaal rakhna.

        Suhani ne nibhaya wada but then pure 20 years ke liye Yuvraaj, uska Daidu gayab ho gaya, so baap ka pyaar adhura reh gaya but she never called Suhani maa, she called her Aunty and gave her love and respect.

        Suhani ki wajah se Soumya ki jaan chali gayi and is guilt ke saath she gave more attention to Krishna as Suhani blamed herself.

        Krishna ne badle mein Suhani ko pyaar aur izzat di toh in short, uska amount of Pyaar adhura rehgaya due to Yuvraaj’s 20 years in jail.

        Krishna is and was much more attached to Yuvraaj than Suhani as he fulfilled her father’s responsibility ever since she was born.

        Yuvraaj and Suhani ne diya Krishna ka saath lekin Krishna ne vi diya tha unka saath.

        Haath chorne ki baari aayi toh Suhani ne pehle chodah and then Yuvaan ne chodah, jab Saiyyam aur uski Shaadi hui. Phir bhi Krishna chup thi, usne zyadaa Kuch nahi kaha. Phir Suhani ko maaf kar diya.

        Aaj Krishna ne apna bachcha khoya hai, khone ke baad rishte nahi dekha jaate, bas gam mein doob jate hai.

        Krishna ko sirf time chahiye smajhne ke liye, Krishna isn’t jealous. . . Suhani ne Krishna ka bachcha usse cheena na? Toh Krishna vi Suhani ka bachcha cheen sakti thi na? But usne nahi kiya because she’s not selfish, she respects the fact that that child is her Daidu’s last symbol.

        Krishna only needs time to understand, bas itna hi chahti hai wo, jealousy hoti then she wouldn’t leave any stone to kill the baby but Krishna aisi nahi hai, she still respects Suhani but needs time to get out of the depressed and painful situation.


    Everyone, click on the link and read this, Suhani fans, you also read this . . . Who’s selfish now? Promise karo and then todoh ?

  28. OMG!!! first of all i do not know hindi and you who knows hindi stick to it do not try to write in english when you cannot even spell kriyamRocks the word is not ‘bashan’ its bashing and you made another mistake it is not though but thought and it is not ‘mad sense’ it is made sense mr/miss what you have written is one of the most insanely idiotic things i have ever read at no point in your ramblings incoherent response were you even close to anythingthat could be considered a rational thought everyone who agreed with you is now dumber for having listened[or read] your nonsense i award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul if you make an ass out of yourself there will always be someone to ride you and also Read this please # whatever you try to pick on me too i like half of you guys as well s i should like and i like less than half of you half as well as you deserve! you wanted me to reply oh you so begged me to reply you should not have i merely stated my opinion and you gone like a fool on this site to ridicule me you guys know why you hate me?because i look the way you feel its so nice to be stupid but its stupid to be nice by the way get your mind out of the way it is blocking my view by the way my using the word b*t*h annoyed you so much that you had to go and wake a sleeping b*t*h do you know it takes a certain amount of class to be a b*t*h it is not easy being a b*t*h i can tell you because Mother Nature is a b*t*h god must love stupid people,he made so many of them i’d insult you more but you are not bright enough to notice has it ever occurred to you that there might be a difference between having an open mind and having holes in one’s head?opinion are like a*sh*les and everybody’s got one this is for read this please and kriyamRocks and make sure you read and reply too you should have left sleeping dogs lie but nooo you had to put you nose in other people’s business while there’s no “i” in team, there’s also no “you”,okay?SO BACK OFF

    1. Practice makes it perfect_#H

      Wait what? First of all I want to address the first topic you brought up, about our lack of knowledge about the English language.

      Reading what you had to say made me laugh quite a bit, because I find it absolutely hilarious that you believe we should ‘stick to Hindi if we don’t know english’

      Who are you to tell me how I should speak or give out my opinion, all I had mentioned -quite nicely might I add- was that you had been very hypocritical in your comment.
      Before pointing fingers at others, make sure that your hands are clean.

      And by the before you start accusing me of using google (your best friend) I think you should know that i am English.

      I studied English for 4 years and aced my GCSEs so don’t tell me I can’t speak English, because the truth is that i have a 2 GCSEs in standard and complex English, and it even took me a while to figure out what you were indicating.

      Just because my Urdu/Hindi is amazing it doesn’t mean that Urdu is my only language, I feel blessed because I am multilingual and have the certificates to prove it.

      And you misinterpreted the word ‘bashan’ it is an Urdu/Hindi word for the English term ‘lecture’, before you start bashing people and embarrassing yourself on this more-or-less fictional website, you need to go do your research.

      Your words are very unclear and your grammar is appalling.

      I must say that you drastically went from somebody who couldn’t even comprehend basic English in your comments, to somebody who suddenly has a bachelors degree in it.

      And I’m begging for comments? Haha you really entertain me, if you analyse my comment and take into account the way I worded it, you will realise that I was merely being polite.

      Think before you type because it all looks like un-moderated bullsh*t.
      You need to learn to respect other members cultures/religions/beliefs.

      I’m not ‘picking’ on you, yes you have a right to your own independent opinion as a civilian, however when your opinion degrades other people and causes negativity then it’s best if you keep it to yourself.

      You must have heard the famous English saying ” If you cannot be positive, then at least be quiet”-Joel Osteen.

      As you said in the beginning -when I was actually agreeing with you- this is just a TV serial, there’s no need for everybody to fight over who’s right, Suhani? or Krishna? I give up, because nobody is willing to listen to the actual valid points that I am making.

      Does this serial actually affect your normal life and functions?, for me personally No so I’m done repeating the same things over and over again.

      All your replies sound so aggressive, you need to repose, and retort in a more assertive way.

      If my mind is ‘blocking’ your way then you should just simply move away, because “knowledge is power” so I’m proud of my ‘open mind’.

  29. i go to little girls party but i do not drink the stuff they got there so BEWARE!!!

    1. Lemonade ?

  30. practice makes “it” perfect #H my grammar is appalling you nitwit english language is my mother’s tongue and spanish you said you are english what do you mean that YOU ARE ENGLISH i had a very difficult time controlling my laughter and you use quote i worded it hahaha and you say you know english my my but i think the lady doth talk too much and i am sure you muat have heard the saying if you can’t put up then shut the hell up and this serial do not put food on my table apparently it does for you……. you are the one that started it all i simply commented and you had to go and pick on me that is like poking your nose in other people’s business and no kriyamRocks i do not drink lemonade [i meant must instead i type muat] i have nothing more to say watch how you are sitting though for you might crush your brains do not ever think i cannot answer you i can

    1. English Language is your mother tongue? Seriously? It’s so hard to believe as the punctuation and grammar didn’t match Standard English. . .

      Yes, I’m English, I hope you understand what that means or do you want me to tell you? I don’t mind telling at all.

      Lmaoooooo!! You’re Spanish? Oh myyyyy, no wonder your English is hard to comprehend . . .

      No offence, you put up such a hypocritical comments that it makes me laugh.

      You worded that quote? Seriously? I didn’t see it . . . In fact in your earlier comment, you had shown negativity in the end by using foul language!

      If you expect us to stay calm with Suhani then why can’t you stay calm with Krishna?

      You had also stated that they’re fictional and I agree with that, but in the end you lost it, you showed hypocrisy. . . Do you know what that means? Or do you want me to send a link of the definition?

      I started it? Did I? I think you should reflect back on your first comment and then come tell me if I actually started it, also, feel free analysing my paragraph and giving us Point Evidence and Explaination, the basic English structure of a text, that would be helpful for me to see what I did wrong.

      It’s a website, anyone’s allowed to poke in here, if no one has stopped you then why stop us? We didn’t mention that you couldn’t comment, if you could reread what we tried to pronounce then that would be very much helpful.

      I’m being nice, that’s what I’m doing but in return I’m getting a non-assertive behaviour.

      I’m sorry if I was rude as I had no intention hurting you but it seems like this doesn’t work this way, am I right?

      You may be a lady but I’m not ?

      If I’m embarrassing myself then you are too, so, hifiiiiii!!

      I never thought that you won’t reply, you called yourself a b*t*h so it’s not at all surprising seeing your replies, like they say, b*t*hes cannot keep quiet, they need to bark!

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