Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying every sorrow has to face me first before reaching you. He holds Suhani’s hand to make her wear the ring. Saiyyam shouts no and runs with the ring. They all get puzzled. Saiyyam checks the timer and throws the ring far. The ring blasts. Saiyyam gets relieved and runs back home. He sees Suhani and Yuvraaj. Yuvani says mumma always saves Krishna, this is really too much. Yuvani checks the recording and shows Rags and Dadi. Baby hugs Yuvaan and confesses love. Yuvraaj and Suhani talk to Saiyyam. They tell Saiyyam to accept their relation, as he can never understand them.

He gets a leaf and ties the ring to Suhani’s hand. Yuvraaj says no one could win in breaking us. Rags says Baby loves Yuvaan. Dadi says Suhani hates Baby. Yuvani thinks to support Baby. Suhani calls out servant asking for Yuvraaj. She thinks why is Baby doing this. Yuvraaj comes and asks why are you worried. She says you spoke to Yuvaan about marriage. He says not again, Yuvaan and Krishna looked happy. She says they have no love in between. He says they have friendship in between, I m sure they can become good husband and wife. Bhavna comes with pandit and says pandit gave the marriage date. She goes to call everyone. Pandit says mahurat is after 48 hours. Suhani says its fine, we have to do simple marriage. Dadi says no, I want to do Yuvaan’s marriage grand. Suhani says yes, I was saying about my and Yuvraaj’s marriage, I also have to do Yuvaan’s marriage well. Baby thinks to do something to become bahu. Dadi tells her something.

Yuvraaj plans surpise. Suhani comes and asks whats happening, what are you hiding. He asks her to see the cake. She smiles. He says not by hand, have it by spoon. They have the cake. She says we have to teach children to have a happy life. They have a talk. She asks why do you take medicines. He says I had calcium deficiency in jail, so I m taking supplements. She says I will take care of you well now. He says its not a big thing. She says this happened because of me. He says leave all this, what are you hiding. She tells about Baby, she said Yuvaan…. Sharad comes and shows wedding invitation cards. He asks Suhani to think if she wants to spend life with Sadu. Suhani says yes, I thought well and spoils Yuvraaj’s hair. They laugh.

Saiyyam sees the wedding card and recalls Yuvraaj’s words. He says my mum left me to die because of you, but I m alive, today I will show I don’t have habit to lose. He tears the card angrily. Baby meets Dadi. Yuvani asks why did you call Baby here. Dadi asks Baby do you love Yuvaan. Baby gets silent. Dadi asks Yuvani to show the video to Baby. Baby gets shocked seeing the video and starts acting. She says yes, I love Yuvaan. Dadi supports her.

She says I will not let anyone troubling Yuvaan. Baby says this family is like my dream family. She praises the family and Yuvaan. She says I think Suhani does not like me by my color. Dadi says even she is wheatish. Baby says everyone wants fair girl like Krishna. Dadi says we don’t want Krishna, we can help you, you have to do what we say. Baby agrees. Yuvani says but Baby is Saiyyam’s GF. Baby says not GF, I m his childhood friend. Dadi says he should not come in between our plan. Baby assures this to Dadi and thanks her. Dadi blesses her. Baby smiles and goes.

Saiyyam calls someone and talks. He sees Baby and ends call. Baby says no plan will work now, this marriage will happen. He asks her to get lost. She says Yuvraaj will become your father in some days. He asks her to shut up and leave. She asks what’s my mistake in this, you always insult me when I help you. He says you deserve this, you are interfering in my matter. She asks him to leave her. He says I did not stop you, you can happily go, I have left you, don’t try to interfere in my personal matters. She goes and smiles thinking Saiyyam has moved out of the way, I have to get Yuvaan and set my life.

Yuvaan goes to Suhani. She makes him sit and talks to him. She says I was thinking of the day when doctor gave you in my lap, since then I made you my world, there is nothing more than your happiness for me. He hugs her. She says I can do anything for your happiness. He thinks why is she getting him married to Krishna. Yuvani looks on. She goes to Yuvaan and gives him juice, saying she cares for him. She asks why are you doing this, why are you marrying Krishna against your will, you and Baby like each other. Suhani bumps into Saiyyam and the card torn papers fall. He says you can’t do this marriage, you can’t forget my Papa. She says right, if you find happiness, find somewhere else, you can never be happy by ruining others. She goes. He says I just know my happiness is in Yuvraaj’s destruction.

Dadi says its last night of Krishna in this house. Yuvaan keeps a dress and note. Suhani reads it and says it means this proposal is for Baby, not Krishna.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I can’t believe that Dadi accepted Baby. After all Baby is not fair she is dark like suhani and being dark is a stain for Dadi. This shows it’s not about the color but Dadi hates suhani and now Krishna. Krishna are you so dumb that can’t you understand that Yuvaan doesn’t like you? Another loveless marriage after Yuvraaj and Suhani’s but at least there Suhani was a strong girl and then Yuvraaj started liking her, but Krishna is timid. Saiyyam will be a better pair for Krishna. He respects females unlike that sl*t Yuvaan. I hate him.

    1. Aqsxxh

      She just doesn’t want Krishna and Yuvaan to get married, so she stooped that low.

    2. Aqsxxh

      And I agree with you, Yuvaan wants a “modern girl” Like he has to look for someone who is modest and who has self-respect something that Yuvani and Baby definitely do not have.

  2. Love you saiyyam

    Suhani and yuvraj proved that they are worst parents
    They didn’t give nice upbringing to children that’s why ssel trp is decreasing
    She is happily enjoying with yuvraj leaving saiyyam in an emotional state

    1. Suhani selfish and a hypocrite.
      She tell everyone, you shouldn’t do this, and you shouldn’t do that.

      Now look on how she is treated her children. Suhani is forcing yuvaan to someone that he doesn’t want to MARRY.
      Suhani understand siayyyam feeling, all she care about is yuvraj, and what she SUHANI wants.
      We all think Dadi is BAD. Yuvraj has done a good job on her.

    2. Is she forcing him? Looks like she thinks he likes Krishna. I don’t think Suhani would force herr son to marry. But the whole marriage deal is uber ridiculous.

    3. Suhani doesn’t know yuvaan doesn’t like krishna, since childhood she saw them close so the thought they will be good as life partners. A mom always want for her son a girl who loves him just for himself not for his money or reputation , a girl who will never hurt her son, who is trustable, sanskari, honest. She saw all these qualities in krishna that’s why she choose her. Yes she was wrong to not discuss with yuvaan before announcing but now it is yuvaan who is wrong for not expressing his feeling coz mothers are also human they doesn’t have super power to read mind.

    4. Sorry, got to disagree. Yuvraj and Suhani were far more interesting than these anamic children. I guess you girls like bad boys like Seyyam, huh? I like him as a character, but no way he’s a good guy. That’s like saying that creepie bestie Somya was a good girl. SSeyyam will probably reform and mebbe he has reason for his angst, but that doesn’t justify attempting to kill anyone.

  3. Why don’t suhani tell saiyyam the truth? Maybe he’ll change. What is dadi planning now, baby and yuvaan’s marriage? She doesn’t even know baby and her real intentions, exactly like barbie. Dragging a track for no reason.

    1. Let me ask you something.
      If you Tuffy, found out that your mother abandoned you. Then you found out that you have other brother and sister. But it was you that she abandoned.
      Stuffed happens, then your mother found out you are her child.
      Then, your mother listen to your step father, and treats you like a dog shit.
      Would you, then believe that your mother that your father rape your mother.
      The answer is NO!
      You won’t believe her, because the way she has treated you.
      I won’t believe my mother, if she abandoned me, then go find her and she treated like a dog.
      A Dog well get love from suhani, then her own child.
      Saiyyam won’t believe suhani, this is because, the way she is treating him.

      If suhani turned a round and say to saiyyam. your father rape me, and that is why I abandoned you. Also the reasons why I treat you like a dog..

      That would be the moment for saiyyam. To think that his father is the only parent to love him.
      That also be the moment, that he wish suhani had die.
      So no saiyyam won’t believe suhani

  4. Love you saiyyam

    I think yuvraj is going to die today they showed yuvraj coughing with blood in mouth I saw this on latest olv
    So maybe that’s why they are giving so many yuvani scenes

    1. I think yuvraj is going to die is fake news.plzz can u mention that olv.sahil cameback as yuvraj just a month for1,2months he wont take to stay back in ssel.anyway we cant belive cvs they always do some crap.i hope yuvraj will get well in case of any bimari.n also he is lead.and among new cast only karan is best.he rocks as saiyyam.all the best for karan keep going.

    2. Well, he’s got little to do, innit? The yuvani scenes are just to keep fans quiet. Any actor will get bored of seeing a new entrant get the most meaty role. First Sambhav, now Seyyam.

    3. If yuvraj dies…. No meaning to watch.. The trp will go down…. We already know the result when a ship took leave 4 his mrg dat tym trp was low…. N now also sahil was about 2 leave…. The trp was low instead of new cast…… If this news is true…. Many people stop 2 watch…..
      Yuvraj n suhani r the reason many people r watching

  5. Again and again last tym barbie KO dadi layi thi ar us tym bhi us evil barbie se suhani ne hi dadi ko bchaya tha ar ab baby se bhi suhani hi bchaygi and iske baad dadi phr side ho jygi I just hate this soap

  6. Which latest olv you are mentioning where did you see

  7. This serial is ilogical how can dadi accept baby who is dark when she rejected suhani who is not only the love of her grandson but also the mother of her great grand child for the the stupid reason of her skin color. It is really repetitive, good people are the dumbest characters , no positivity evil plot, plan and win always .

  8. Not about respect.He know right and wrong girls.

  9. Oh always dadi n rag I hope suhani do something drastic to both of them

  10. I want to see some new and interesting story …I’m bored of the current track … I want to see more of saiyam and krishna …they’re my favourite….

  11. Hiya, can anyone please tell me why you think Yuvan will be negative? Sorry, don’t watch any serial every day, so wonder if I missed any clues. Yuvani looks way more negative. How can she try and burn Krishna’s hand? Sick, man. And someone said Suhani let Rags and Dadi bring up Yuvani, but I think Yuvani returned to them for her studies. Didn’t she mention staying in Goa as a child with Suhani? Yuvan just has the hots for Baby, quite normal for his age. Baby is quite good looking, I think, very international looks. lolz at dadi liking anyone who uses her creams. Must be innit, or how can she approve of a girl darker than Suhani. How disgusting to even talk of judging by color or looks. The old woman must be at least a 103, innit? Must be witch to still be alive.
    Am I remembering correct, didn’t seyyam have some paper he showed when he first met dadi? In fact Suhani wanted to call the police, but dadi stopped her?

  12. i have one doubt krishna is 7 years bigger than saiyyam right??!!!

  13. H is saiyyam

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