Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Pankaj about knowing Yuvraaj does not love her. He says yes, he came to me on marriage day and said he can’t marry. The FB shows Yuvraaj saying all that engagement was a misunderstanding and how he has blackmailed him about loan. She says he said yes to marry me because of loan bet, why did you tie me in this loveless marriage. He says you loved him a lot, if I agreed to him, what would I say you. He says the baraat would have not come, what would I say, that groom does not like you, people would have taunted you, which I could not bear.

She says you have snatched Yuvraaj’s happiness for my happiness. He says I was scared of his words, and thought of your happiness, nothing else, forgive me, I did a big mistake. They cry. She says she blames the whole world for the baseless marriage and my dad cheated me and tied me in fake relation. She says the foundation is lie and people can’t be happy in it, you have ruined Yuvraaj’s life along mine, and you are his culprit too. Pankaj says I did not think anything else than you, forgive me.

She says you can join relation by threatening, but I can’t keep anyone with me all my life by force. She cries and leaves. Pankaj says listen to me Suhani and cries. Yuvraaj sees them. Menka says sorry Dadi, every parlor is booked today. Dadi says tell them that Chandrakala Birla wants an appointment, they will agree. Rags says let it be, we will get entertainment at home by Yuvraaj and Suhani’s drama. Dadi says I wish I could see how Yuvraaj is showing his real place.

Yuvraaj walks to Pankaj and holds him. Pankaj is shocked seeing Yuvraaj. Pankaj apologizes to Yuvraaj and says he realized he did wrong, he just did this for his daughter’s happiness. Yuvraaj holds him to show support and pacifies him. Pankaj folds hands and says forgive me. Yuvraaj holds his hands. Yuvraaj brings water for him and asks him to drink it. Pankaj drinks water and Yuvraaj sits by his side. He says come, I will drop you home. He says I have to see Suhani at home, she needs me now. Pankaj sits in his car and they leave.

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He drops him home. Pankaj says I know Yuvraaj, I have tied you with my daughter, I lost respect in her eyes today, but the good thing in it was that I got a good son in law like you, I don’t know to say sorry or thank you. Yuvraaj says I will leave, you take rest. Pankaj says you can decide anything now. Yuvraaj says don’t worry, whatever happens now will be right. Pankaj says he was right, and I was wrong to make you helpless and marry, I threatened you about loan, you did not wish to marry Suhani. Lata hears this and is shocked. She cries and says Pankaj ji…. They see her. Lata asks what is he saying, he has threatened Yuvraaj, tell me the truth, where is Suhani.

She says no, he can’t do this, does Suhani know this. She asks Yuvraaj did he not wish to marry Suhani. Pankaj says I will tell everything, come with me. Yuvraaj says take care of him, he needs you and Suhani needs me, I have to be there. He leaves.

Suhani comes home and Rags asks what did her dad say. Menka says Soumya told us everything. Rags says stop staring Soumya, tell us is your dad taking back the warning, when is he coming to apologize to Dadi, did he realize his mistake. Pratima and Sharad come and look on. Rags says he has to say sorry, else we Birlas will not leave him. Suhani asks so what? Sharad stops Pratima. Suhani asks what will Rags do, she is talking about her dad, did her family teach her this. She says you are educated and you should know that cheque bounce when there is no money in account, its bank loan and its criminal offense, and when mistake is ours, then we should not question others.

Suhani leaves. Menka laughs on Rags. Rags says Dadi, Suhani has insulted us. Dadi says I will talk to her and scolds Pratima. She says she will kick Suhani out. Pratima says what are you saying. Dadi says I should have done this before. Sharad says where is Yuvraaj. Dadi and everyone go to Suhani. Suhani says its good you came, take this, your gift, you said right its shattered and I can’t join it now. Dadi says if you accepted this that day, you would have not seen this day, it happens what I say. She says you may feel I was right.

Suhani says no, I don’t like to keep other’s things. Dadi asks Menka to take it. Menka asks shall I keep this, I like to play it. She says thanks and leaves. Suhani says she apologizes from her dad’s side, if she knew that her dad has made Yuvraaj marry for loan, I would have not done this marriage. Dadi leaves. Suhani sees Pratima and Sharad and closes the door. Sharad says she came to know everything. Pratima says call Yuvraaj, only he can talk to Suhani. Yuvraaj is on the way and recalls Suhani and Pankaj’s conversation. He stops the car and calls Sharad, asking him to meet him outside the house.

Yuvraaj says Suhani is innocent, why should she get hurt, I will not let her bear the punishment of someone’s mistake. Sharad smiles happily.

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  1. This is one of the best shows. I am sure the 4 drama queen are probably very nice in real but omg, their characters are so wicked that you just hate them. I don’t mind them being wicked once Suhani/Yuvraaj starts standing up against them.

  2. If suhani leaves BH then yuvraj should go with her too then the 4 chudails will realize how strong suhani and yuvraj relationship is and he should say in front of everyone that suhani is his wife and wherever she goes I’ll go with her I can’t leave her alone because he loves her that’s what yuvraj should say in front of everyone then it’ll be fun to watch SSEL

  3. Yuvi’s expression when Suhani was in tears and his empathy towards his FIL was well portrayed by Sahil. Sahil again proved that if he is given some screen time and meaningful scens, he does an excellent job

  4. before marriage, suhani misunderstand that yuvraj loves her. nw he really loves her. but y is he not expressing that?

  5. i don’t think 2day’s world will give much importance to a girl’s beauty. mainly her behavior, education etc is taken into consideration

  6. Nice precap 🙂

  7. Hai achu how r u

  8. iam feeling like after a long time talking 2 u

  9. S achu u r ryt n im f9 n how’s ur xams

  10. Dadi ko sbq sikhAOe ..

  11. i like tis site as i got so many good frnds here. n whenever i get time, i used 2 open it

  12. as i was busy with exams, i missed many episodes & my frnds here. nw iam free n iam here 🙂 🙂

  13. i like 2 make frnds n iam happy that all my ‘suhani’ frnds did’nt forget me 🙂 🙂 🙂

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