Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj helping Suhani inorder to meet Soumya. Suhani loses her mind seeing him and is going mad. She is unable to focus and gives him wrong answers. Yuvraaj is puzzled and says whatever. Pratima sees them together and smiles. Menka talks to Ramesh. Rags sees him with money which Menka gave. He keeps it inside. Rags asks do you want leave to watch movie, take this 500rs, go. Ramesh is very happy. She says don’t tell anyone that I have you money, just leave. Yuvraaj says its done. She gets Soumya’s message that she is going to old age home. He says it means she will not come here. Suhani says no. Yuvraaj gets upset.

Suhani tells Pankaj that she will go old age home. Yuvraaj says I will drop you, lets go mum. Suhani smiles. Pratima says Yuvraaj will drop her, I will go home by another car. Yuvraaj says fine. They leave. Menka and Rags fix a girl’s meeting for Yuvraaj. Pratima asks Ramesh where is he going. Ramesh says to watch movie, give me leave, as I will watch two films. Pratima says no, I m not well. Rags says let him go. Pratima says but we have work here. Rags and Menka says we will do it. Rags angrily says let him go mum. Pratima says fine, go. Ramesh leaves.

Pratima thinks is Menka spoil her plan. Menka understands that Rags is also doing the same thing. Rags asks Menka to find her magazine. Menka says fine and leaves. Soumya meets Suhani and Yuvraaj at the old age home. She says Suhani come and end their fight. Sharma couple tell whats their problem. Suhani says you did love marriage, tell us now. Rags talks to Pratima about Yuvraa’s marriage. Pratima says yes, but we have to find a girl and make Yuvraaj like her. Rags says about her cousin Upasna, she will come today. Menka tells Pratima about her cousin, she called today. Pratima gets tensed and says I want to be alone and peaceful.

Yuvraaj smiles seeing Soumya. He wants to sit with Soumya but an uncle takes the seat. Yuvraaj sits somewhere else and Suhani smiles seeing him. She sits beside him. The aunty tells her story. Suhani too tells whats love. Yuvraaj also defines love looking at Soumya, which Suhani relates to herself. Soumya smiles seeing them and thinks they are in love.

They ask them whom they love and how do they know about love.

Pratima talks to the girls and calls them at same time. Suhani says Bachchan’s lines and jokes. Soumya notices them. Suhani says I love only one man in my life, thats my father. Soumya asks Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says I came to help the Shaarma couple. Soumya asks him to welcome the new member of the ashram. Yuvraaj says he will stay, he does not mind. Suhani smiles.

Rags meets her cousin Upasna and says you are looking so pretty. Rags introduces her to Pratima. Menka’s cousin Deepali too comes and Rags is shocked. Menka welcomes her and says she is mu uncle’s daughter, but why did she come so early. Deepali says Pratima told me to come. Menka says maybe she forgot. Rags and Menka says the same lines to praise the girls. Yuvraaj helps Soumya and Suhani. He blows some balloons and find it hard. Suhani looks at him. Music plays…………. Pratima talks to Rags and Menka, and says ask Upasna to make a dish and ask Deepali to make sweets. Rags agrees. Suhani blows the balloons and throws near Yuvraaj. He gets so many balloons. He sees Suhani behind him and sees the many balloons. He is shocked and smiles.

He says not bad, I m working hard to blow them and you are hitting them. Soumya asks Suhani to come soon and another balloons gets blown off. Soumya shows a necklace to Suhani and says I wish to buy this, but the problem is its much costly and its only available in Delhi. Yuvraaj hears this and looks at the ad and shop name. He smiles and thinks to bring it for Soumya.

Yuvraaj messages Soumya that he really loves her. Soumya takes her phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Bt suhani is so sweet

  2. what will happen to suhani,when she will know about yuv’s love foe soumya????feeling sad for her…..

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