Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan telling police that tiger has come here at night. Inspector says tiger has attacked place 30 kms away from here. Suhani asks Yuvaan to think if tiger has really come. Dadi argues with Suhani and asks is she taking revenge from Yuvaan. Suhani says I m not taking revenge, I want to ask if tiger has really come, there are no signs of his claws, think well. Yuvaan says I don’t remember. Baby says its true, tiger has come here. Yuvani hears this and thinks Yuvaan is drinking like her and acting to hide it. Baby says its fine Yuvaan, Dadi and I trust you.

Suhani says its not about trust, if tiger has really come, we should be careful. Dadi says I called men to fix metal grills on windows. Baby gives medicines to Yuvaan. Saiyyam packs his bag. He sees another bag and checks cupboard. He thinks Krishna’s clothes are not here, it means she is coming along with me. Krishna comes to room. Yuvani says you are going along with Saiyyam. Krishna says I have no other option. Yuvani says it means you love Saiyyam, he deserves a better girl, how can you leave Yuvaan in this state. Krishna says there are many people here to take care of Yuvaan. Yuvani says and Saiyyam needs you right. Krishna says he does not need anyone.

Saiyyam is in washroom and hears them. Krishna goes. Saiyyam smiles and comes out. Yuvani asks you here, what were you doing here, were you hearing Kishna’s answers. He says I don’t need to hear it, when I know answers. He goes. Yuvaan stops Saiyyam. Saiyyam asks him not to worry for Krishna. Yuvaan says Suhani cares for her. Suhani asks Saiyyam where is he going. Dadi says let him, go, if you worry for him, I will give him farm house keys.

Yuvaan says no, he won’t get keys. Saiyyam says I don’t want it. Yuvaan says I did not wish to have a brother like you, but I regret you are my brother, its better we accept this, you have equal right on this house, you are not going anywhere. Baby asks what. Suhani smiles. Dadi asks what are you saying. Yuvaan says Saiyyam won’t go anywhere, as Suhani does not want this, Suhani’s happiness matters most to me. Sharad says no one will go anywhere. Baby says we faced so much because of Saiyyam, did you make me tolerate this for realizing mistake. Suhani says enough, don’t think to break our home Baby. They all disperse.

Suhani messages Yuvraaj that everything got fine, come home, I will light lantern with entire family. She turns and sees Yuvaan. He gets food for her. She asks what’s this. He says which you don’t like. She sees noodles. He says Bhavna made noodles. She says you like it, samosa is healthy than this. He feeds her noodles. She likes it. Yuvani says your plan to finish this alone fails, I will also eat this. He jokes on her. They argue and complain to Suhani like kids. They laugh.

Yuvani reminds Yuvaan how they used to say cheers before eating anything in childhood. Suhani says my son did good thing today. Yuvani teases him to fight with tiger, and calls Saiyyam the tiger. Saiyyam sees them happy and smiles. He hopes Suhani always stays happy this way as she has bear a lot for this happiness.

Its night, Suhani sleeps. She hears the tiger roar and gets up. She gets shocked seeing a tiger’s shadow in her room. She shouts for help and gets away. She starts crying. The tiger attacks her.

Krishna comes to her room. Saiyyam stops her and says this is not your place, this food is for Yuvaan right. Krishna says we are married now. He says right, you accepted this happily. She says atleast I m trying, it will be better if we try to become friends. He asks what, friends, you want to become my friend, the man who forcefully married you, whose father made you an orphan. She says I can’t judge you by your father’s mistake. He says you are acting to be great. She says leave it, I was mad to make food for you on Suhani’s saying. She leaves food and goes. He takes food plate to have food. He hears Suhani’s scream and stops. He keeps the food plate and runs to Suhani. He sees Suhani crying in her room and asks are you fine. Everyone come there. They see tiger’s claw mark on her face. They ask Suhani what happened. Suhani says tiger has come…. and cries. They get shocked and see her cheek bleeding. Suhani says tiger attacked me, we should not stay here, its not safe to be here. Saiyyam asks them to go, he will call police. They all get out of the house. Bhavna does aid to Suhani.

Saiyyam says forest officials number is not connecting. Suhani says we will go to outhouse, there is danger here. Yuvani asks but where is Yuvaan. Suhani worries. Yuvani says I don’t understand, how did he not hear the noise. Suhani asks Sharad to get Yuvaan. Baby and Yuvaan come there, and ask what happened, why did anyone not call us here. Sharad says I was coming to call you. Suhani says argue later, tiger will be around, we will go to outhouse first.

Baby thinks there is no tiger, I have done this. She smiles and thinks how she has seen Yuvaan taking some pills. Yuvaan says I feel sleepy after taking this pill. Baby asks Yuvaan what happened exactly. He says I don’t remember anything. She asks him to sleep. She thinks this is happening because of drugs, its Yuvaan’s illusion. She checks on net about the pill. She checks drugs side effects and understands Yuvaan’s condition. She reads if someone who takes drugs is given sleeping pill, then he won’t remember anything and you can make him do anything. FB ends. Yuvani asks Yuvaan where was he, we all heard tiger sound. Dadi asks him to come. Yuvani gets thinking.

Saiyyam asks why is lights not coming. Baby says its better if its dark, tiger can’t see us. Dadi says we will burn wood. Baby says I will come along. She smiles having some plan in mind.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Baby is so selfish I hope she will be end chapter q’upcoming story maybe dadi had lose memory

  2. please help me someone I really wanna write fan fiction please guide me. ..I m not able to write it’s not kind with me..please i promise I will write best fan fiction u guys will surely like it trust me just help me to do so

    1. Sure we will help you and i am sure you will write the best ☺

    2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      sure… first u select one story plot , then give character sketch regarding to ur story… then draft one rough update.. ad some leads moments… in their pov..! in middle u add some emotional , love, romantic , sadness, feeling …tats it.

    3. Aarti32

      Calm down piyu..For writing an FF u need to get registered first..Go to d menu option on d top of d page..Click on register..Fill all d information..N then u’ll get registered..After u get registered, u tell us.. We’ll tell u d procedure of posting your articles..

  3. Hope yuvani exposes baby. How come yuvaan has forgot about the drugs?

  4. today i am little bit angry with sayyam.Krishna was ready to accept him as a friend but sayyam first guess became true.Krishna supported sayyam.and have you noticed when yuwani asks kishna ” do you love sayyam?” krishna didn’t say anythings against it.but this sayyam boy ruins everything.if he continues to behave like this he will loose the way i couldn’t see krishna in the out of the house.i just thought of sayyam gets panic on krishna as she is inside the house and suddenly runs to the house to save her from tiger.but no body cared abt her.i hope yuwan accepted sayyam as his brother not because of the effect of the drug.cvs torture krishna unecessaraly.when sayyam has realized his mistakes why he still taunt krishna.this is not fair.

    1. Arshi123

      I also wish to see Sayyams concern 4 Krishna.But don’t forget,Sayyam lifted her in kitchen and I think Sayyam has started to get feelings for her but pretending.

      1. Aarti32

        I saw dat kitchen scene 5 times on Hotstar..?? n I luvd d music which played in background during dat scene

      2. Akanksha

        in which episode is this scene??

      3. Arshi123

        23rd December

  5. Laavanya

    Watching today episode make me feel that director was not in mood to shoot. At one time, Yuvani was rude to Saiyyam n Krishna n other time she was happy when Yuaan stop Saiyyam from going and also I expected Saiyaam to be smile a little bit when Krishna was replying back to Yuvani. And how can everyone esp Saiyyam forget that Krishna was still in house.
    I also didn’t like the part when Saiyyam was rude to Krishna, I m expecting for their love story to start soon, atleast both start caring n supporting each other. 🙁

    1. Arshi123

      Don’t worry,Kriyam track seems to have progress frm today.And Sayyam was pretending to be rude,I think so.Remember Sayyam used to show he hates Suhani,but actually he respected her a lot bcoz he stood against Baby when she blamed Suhani.
      Hope Kriyam love story starts soon.:-) 🙂 🙂

      1. Laavanya

        Hope so :/

  6. Rockstr

    Finally…kriyyam story is showing some progress..but i dont understand wherevkrishna is wen the whole suhani tiger drama take place…shes not shown in the precap either…

  7. Laavanya

    One more thing, everyone was asking Yuvaan not baby abt tiger roaring, is she daughter of Kumbkaran that everyone assume it. :joy:

    1. Aarti32

      Baby is dal-chawal..Better ignore her?? I think dis is wat birlas might hv thought

      1. Laavanya

        lol 😀

  8. Arshi123

    Awwww?????So, lovely episode???
    Loved kriyam today????

    Hello, guys.Thanks a lot for voting.Grand response???
    But difference r very little,so don’t stop voting.If fans of other couple’s strike,we may loose position.Don’t let that happen.
    So,keep voting till tomorrow…..

    1. Hrn

      Hey kriyam are on 2nd position with 16000+ votes. The first couple is abhi-pragya from kumkum bhagya.

    2. Guys!!! We’re in second position…but we have to keep it…the deadline is almost here! keep voting…kriyam all the way!

    3. Rockstr

      Good going guys..kriyams on the first position..pls evry1 keep voting…cos abi pragya votes are too close

      1. Arshi123

        Really,good going 🙂 🙂 🙂
        I course believe that Kriyam crossed Abhigya!!!#
        Feeling happy sooooooo much 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Arshi123


  9. Wow! Love Krishna and saiyam secenes.?. By the way, did anyone notice, krishna wasn’t there when everyone was leaving for outhouse?. This Baby is so evil- minded…

    1. Mystery

      Hello guys ….I thought a new story on KRI¥AM
      Its the intro

      A woman is telling her story to two little girls…

      Woman:- so …now I will tell u a new story

      Girl:- Mumma …its also a fairy tale…?

      Woman:- its about a girl n her husband….


      Krishna:- a very introvert girl….a girl who care for everyone….ever that people too who always hate her…or never treat her well….she lacks confidence…..

      The story is about her ….n a person who came in her life n make her strong ….

      Girl ask:- Mumma why she cares for the person who doesn’t like her…if I was on her place …I would never cared about them….

      A man laughs:- hmm…..u r just like me….

      Woman:-may I proceed??

      To be continued …

      So guys hope u like it…I will only continue if u like it…else I will only continues MRS SAIYYAM BIRLA …..

  10. yuvaan yuvaani suhani scéně is superb . bhut cute scéně tha .3 ki bonding acchi . 3 ko dekhkar saiyam happy ho gaya .kaash saiyam or yuvraaj v hote saath m.

    1. Really dat will come soon…. I like yuvan yuvani bonding from starting… Hope will get yuvan yuvani n saiyaam bonding with yuvraj n suhani… Really missing yuvraj

    2. s dear it was such a nice scene bw yuvaan, yuvani n suhani n saiym lookng at them frm far bt it wud have been nice if he was also with them n even yuvraj. suhani s almost shown with her 3 children bt yuvraj nahi.. want to c him with his children atleast nce.. cmng to the epi, tiger drama is ok bt tis baby s jus an idiot.. what s tat drugs which make a man to do like tis, really funny.. loved when saiym came to help his mom…

  11. sarita sharma

    hi somi .r u read tc article .ssel m fun hi fun dekhne ko milega .yaar dadi ne yuvraaj ka standard hi gira diya .dadi yuvraaj ko servant samjhane lagagi memory loss hone ke baad .

    1. Hii…..!!!
      What fun yaar….???
      Poor yuvraj…. Do b servant…. Waa…

      This baby is really cheap minded women… She will do something to dadi…. N dis will to memory loss…. N according to her…..

      Suhani will b her mother in law
      Sharad will b father in law
      Pratima will b her daughter
      Yuvraj will b servant…. Really it makes me laugh….. U know once dadi said to suhani she is ramesh sister….. N see how the time changed now poor yuvraj…..

      But in this midst it will b lot of fun…. Hope so

      1. Baby should be the servany not yuvraj

      2. i mean servant

      3. Really…. I thought this baby is just greedy…. But she is really irritating….

        I think dadi will assume as yuvan n krishna to b married…

        N saiyaam n baby to b lovers……

        Hope they show something good… But I don’t like this love triangle…. Specially between brothers….. In YuvAni case it was good…. Rohan n soumya…. But I don’t want yuvan to b villain to make Kriyam…. Instead of this I wish bring 1 guy for yuvani n show krishna friendship with him… Dis way will jealous track n a guy 4 yuvani….. But can’t expect more from cvs…

  12. Aarghhhh I hate this Baby!!! BTW nyc kriyyam scenes….

  13. hey friends.i have just read TOI spoiler and it says that dadi is carried away by the tiger and leaves in a tree top.she is rescued by the family but gets injured and gets partial memory she thinks suhani is her family has to act according to her assumption in order not to get her state worse.i couldn’t stop laughing and my mum peeped through the door and asked “are you crazy.such big laugh will make my neighbours think that i am gone mad”what will sayyam and krishna play.dadi’s mom and dad and baby should be dadi then.she is the best for that.mega lolz…..

  14. Hey,guys! Please continue to vote for krishna and saiyam . they r currently on 3rd spot.. It will be great if we all can vote and get them to 2nd spot…

  15. Hello every one sorry iam not commenting yesterday
    Because i was studying today is my exam now iam back
    Kya kisine muje miss kiya nahi kiya hoga muje pata hai ha ha ha…just joking
    Iam read all your comments today evening happy for kriyyamfans saiyyam is back iam also very happy because i have done well in the examination
    Today’s episode was good love suhani yuvani yuvan scene i want saiyyam-suhani scene kriyyam scene was nice but i want YuvAni scene also but its ok may be next time sorry comment kuch zyada bada hogaya but mene yester day comment nahi kiya tha isliye

    1. All the best for ur exam…. Koi baat nai bade post…. Good luck 4 ur xam…

      Ya today’s best was yuvan n yuvani with suhani…. N poor saiyaam standing aside…. But I think yuvraj presence will complete the absence…

  16. Zai

    Saiyyam was rude but atleast Krishna is still with him. But happy that today had lots of kriyyam scenes. So Krishna has accepted saiyyam as her husband, at least she is willing to become his friend. Really happy for that at least now kriyyam love story will start

  17. Aarti32

    Ye kya episode tha yaar..Pure episode mein wo bekar sa sher drama dikhaya aur ek aadh minute ka Kriyyam scene dikha diya..Jst for formality ??
    I luvd it when Saiyyam said to yuvaani ki tumhe koi kaam nhi h kya!! Mazaa aya tha usme..N I too think Saiyyam shouldn’t hv behaved rudely wid Krishna..But Saiyyam is Saiyyam u know??
    No one thought abt where’s Krishna..All were worried only abt dat crybaby Yuvaan..
    N guys, d upcoming twist is dat Dadi will b attacked by d “sher” n she’ll lose her memory n will think of Suhani as her mother-in-law..I mean seriously..N d doctor will advice d birlas to act according to dadi’s assumptions..I jst hope she assumes Kriyyam being in love..So dat atleast we can see Kriyyam being close..??

    1. totally agree..LOL

  18. Guys…. According to telly chakar….

    Dadi is going to lose her memory…..
    N she will assume as…
    Suhani to b mother-in-law
    Pratima to b daughter
    Sharad to b father-in-law
    Yuvraj to b servant…

    Hope…. What she will assume about her evil rags n baby….

    N what she will assume to bhavana, yuvani, yuvan, saiyaam n krishna…

    1. Aarti32

      I think she’ll assume krishna-yuvaan n saiyyam-baby as couples..If dis happens, it’ll be great fun watching it ??

      1. Same thing I commented but still it is in loading mode…. I wish this commenting system must b changed

  19. I think kriyam’s part should progress much more

  20. I think they are finally gonna starts showing us more of Kriyam…Krishna was will ing to accept Sayyam as a friend and Sayyam was looking kinda happy when Krishna and Yuvaani were talking outside the bathroom…also, first it was Krishna who hesitated to drink the tea Sayyam gave her and today it was Sayyam who hesitated to eat the food Krishna gave him…(haha)

    It only made sense that Sayyam was rude today because if he suddenly starts accepting Krishna and being kind to her and showing her the love which he obviously is not used to…then he wouldnt be Sayyam…and besides their tashan-wala relationship adds the interest factor to their pair

    I think the tiger track is just to expose baby in front of the whole family…so that yuvaan will leave her and the love triangle might start : Yuvaan-Krishna-Sayyam…maybe…

  21. wonderful saiyyam start feeling for krishna kriyam track start nice

  22. change the title from suhani si ek ladki to suhani si ek suits better to this serial

  23. hi yuvaani lover best of luck for your exam .funny track aane wala h jisme yuvaani ke scéně v hoge sochke hi hasna aa raha h yuvraaj as servant kaisa lagega .yuvaani ki chemistry fir dekhne ko milegi but funny way m

  24. i m glad ki cvs ne yuvaan ko nhi sab baby kar rhi h.i m happy ki jo yuvaan saiyam ke baare m sochata h saiyam ke muh par bol diya.fb dekhkar m dar gai thi ki yuvaan kar rha h lekin thank god baby ne kiya h sab kuch .

  25. Thank you somi

  26. Thank you ssel fan such me bahut funny hoga iwish also hame hamari YuvAni scene miljaye

  27. Is this a comedy? First of all, when Yuvaan was taken to the hospital, you would think like a normal hospital, they doctors would do x-rays, CT scans, a whole body check seeing the condition he was in. Also there was a cut on his stomach where the drugs were put in..if not for all those tests which would have shown something in his belly then the stupid cut would have been enough…guess Indian doctors are quack and not efficient lol…now this dumb story about a tiger appearing which will probably last for another few months or merry go around…sheesh!!!!!

  28. Dadi loving her memory will probably start tomorrow.

  29. Krishna & Sayyam

    Now I’m not missing a single episode bc I definetely want 2 c kriyam

  30. wonderful kriyam scene

  31. Oh no, I’m late ??

    Today’s episode was amazing and of course because of our KriYam, I wish Saiyyam accepted Krishna’s Friend Request and the part where he looked at the food and was hesitating to eat it but picked it up and was about to put it in his mouth but Suhani disturbed him, he should’ve at least put it in his mouth while running. ?

    But the part where he was listening to Yuvaani and Krishna was awesome… hope KrIYam’s love story starts asap.

    Saiyyam looked cute as always.

    What is this Baby doing now? Is the Tiger real or not? And the upcoming spoiler sounds quite interesting. Hope it doesnt affect KriYam or their story at all.

    And how can everyone forget Krishna? She’s still in the house, they could’ve at least showed Saiyyam remembering… then maza aajata but koi na, hope they remember soon.

    All we want is KriYam’s love story to progress and KriYam Fans! We’re on 1st position ????????


  32. Jessica Agarwal

    OMG i Just Love sayam and Krishna scenes. I think they should show more krishna and sayam moments. I just wish that suhani si ek ladki don’t go off air. They should go on with serial a bit more interesting. I hope that the stupid director shows more sayam falling in love with Krishna. I mean both of them falling in love. They now should start showing more about Satan and Krishna romance. I JUST LOVE TBIS SERIAL.

  33. Ya halima i agree with you

  34. I am so happy kriyam is no 1 position

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