Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying they are taking you for abortion. Suhani says how can you do this, its Yuvraaj’s child. Dadi scolds her for giving birth to Saiyyam, it was your decision, Yuvraaj was in jail for 20 years, I will not bear this now. Suhani asks them to leave her. Everyone come home. Suhani asks Saiyyam to help her. Saiyyam asks them to leave Suhani, what’s happening. Bhavna asks what are they doing here. Pratima says there was no puja in temple. Suhani says there was no puja, Dadi lied to everyone to do my abortion by forcing me. They get shocked. Pratima asks Dadi how can she force Suhani. Rags says we can force Suhani, if she can force her decision on us, she is wrong. Saiyyam scolds the hospital staff and sends them.

Saiyyam gets angry on Dadi. He says I know I was unwanted, but you know I m feeling bad for this child, when he will be born, he will hear the things which I heard while growing up, we children have to bear taunts, and our mum has to bear more. He shouts. He asks Suhani to have courage and give birth to the baby.

Suhani says I decided to bring this baby in the world. Saiyyam says if anyone tries to go against this, none will be worse than me. Rags says Suhani always does things which we don’t expect, why does she want this child, it will be defaming our family. Dadi says Suhani first ruined Yuvraaj and now she is doing this drama, she wants to do something different always, there is no reason.

Suhani says there is a big reason. Pratima says you cant kill this baby by fearing of world. Suhani says yes, I want to give this child to Krishna, don’t tell this to Krishna now. Pratima says fine, but I m proud of your decision, you tell her the truth. Yuvani comes there.

Rags says there will be some way to make Suhani realize her mistake. Dadi says we did everything, what’s the way now, Suhani is not ready to change decision. Suhani apologizes to Yuvani. Yuvani hugs her and says I know its tough for you, it will be tough for you, but I m always with you, I will always help you, whatever the result, I don’t care, don’t worry for Krishna, she likes to do melodrama. Suhani hugs her.

Saiyyam asks Krishna what happened. Krishna says you know the matter well. He says we can’t become parents, Dadi’s behavior with Suhani is different thing. She says I have problem with Suhani’s pregnancy. He says I did not forget anything, I feel bad. She asks how can you accept this child. He says I feel this child will fill my incompleteness and bring happiness in our lives. Suhani and Pratima look on. Suhani says I want to give the child to them, I can’t tell anything to Krishna, else she will feel I m pitying on her.

Everyone dine. Pratima asks Bhavna why is Suhani not dining with everyone. Saiyyam says there is always a drama. Pratima says nothing will happen now, its Yuvraaj’s child, so we should be happy. Rags says sorry, I can’t do this drama. Pratima says fine, don’t spoil our happiness, we will keep a puja. Bhavna says it will be good. Pratima says we will call relatives and friends to bless Suhani. Rags says good idea, Saiyyam and Yuvani will invite guests. Pratima says yes. Dadi thinks Suhani won’t wish this child to come after whatever happens in puja.

Its morning, Dadi talks to Bhavna and asks her not to worry, I won’t do anything to defame Suhani. Rags calls to arrange three people. She tells Dadi that everything is fine. Suhani sees the saree and says mum will be annoyed if I don’t wear this. She hears Yuvraaj and looks around. She sees his pic and says your baby will be like you, he will take happiness everywhere. Dadi gives a saree to Suhani. She says Yuvani, your mum has worn this when you were coming, now your 25 years younger sibling is coming. Yuvani says its good, it will be my practice, I won’t have problem when my children come. She gives saree to Suhani.

Pratima thanks Saiyyam for managing everything, when he is upset over his child loss. Saiyyam says mum’s happiness matter to me, don’t worry for Krishna. Krishna hears him and asks him to say, what is it. He says we will talk later. She argues and gets annoyed.

Guests do not come. Pratima asks Bhavna to call uncle. Bhavna and Pratima call guests. The people ask them how can they expect them to come, are they shameless to come, what will we tell our grandchildren, why a woman wants to become mum in this age. Suhani says I don’t want to do this puja, what’s this child’s mistake, how can they insult the baby. Pratima says its none’s mistake. Dadi says Pratima is right, if you decided to give birth to child, celebrate this time well. She asks Bhavna to dance and celebrate. Rags says of course, even last time you did this, come on dance, or are you also ashamed of Suhani. Bhavna asks her to stop it. Rags asks why can’t we celebrate. Suhani says we won’t celebrate or do puja, I just want child to come in the world peacefully. Three men come there. Dadi asks who are they. The men say we got to know an elderly aged widow is pregnant, so we came to support her, she can marry any of us. Saiyyam gets angry. Bhavna asks what are you saying. The man says we know its tough for a lonely woman to live, none will call child by wrong name if we are there. They ask Suhani whom does she want to marry. Dadi thinks Suhani will lose courage and abort the baby now.

Rags tells her friends about Suhani’s disease. Suhani scolds Rags. They argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really loved yuvani suhani scenes and she supporting her mother n was expecting such scenes always n even with yuvraj bt it didnt always saiyyam suhani rocked, luv them . pl i want dadi to b killed finally n even this rags… I think if Krishna know about suhani giving her baby to her she will support her n get happy….

    1. suhani will die during child birth and will be united with Yuvraj . Kriyam will adopt their bro/sis and call it their son/daughter.

      1. see ya, if u dont like it pl dont watch the show.. and most importantly tis show name is SUHANI SI EK LADKI n it will revolve nly around her.. if u couldnt get kriyam tats nt suhani fault n its the writers n cvs mistake.. if u r disliking suhani tis much n telling tat suhani is going to die n will give her baby to kriyam, then y the hell u need her baby alone for kriyam? and one more if u think suhani s going to die at the end, am telling, it doesnt going to happen n i pray for it.. She s the most important central character n she will be shown alive till the end… how can u expect one of the main lead where she has been present frm the 1st episode to till nw will be dead at the last epi? it shows how u r.,.pl dont bash suhani everytime n it hurts us.. i dont knw y u got tis much hatred towards suhani, may be bcoz of yesterday everyone blamed krishna? pl the show is going to end in a month n u r even happy abt it.. pl as SSEL fans let us maintain peace till end..

      2. still i dont knw how will u take tis bt if u dont like it jus ignore it.. am sorry for long cmnts n since u have replied to my cmnt i have replied to u.. n am nt going to reply again…

      3. Relax! I don’t hate suhani . I am just tired of seeing her weep and weep episode after episode. I think her dying in the end will be a relief for her character. She will unite with yuvaan and yuvraj. And honestly there is nothing good happening on the show, I am looking forward to see the new show with Sanjeeda. And suhani’s death is my prediction, like you said the show revolves around her and her character will end with the show.

    2. Yuvani

      i too feel suhani should die in the end……..i can’t see suhani without yuvi………

  2. I really wish suhani dies. And then this show will end.

  3. All I wanted was some Kriyam scenes and all we get are dadi abusing suhani, baby abusing suhani, baba abusing suhani. And I am tired of this suhani playing abla naari. I am glad this show is coming to an end . Yippeeee just a couple of months more. Good riddance to the show and the CVs who ruined every good character in the show

    1. If you wants the kriyam the scenes then asked to writer’s for ie..still people defending Krishna for her behavior..

      1. If you are annoyed about krishna’s behavior ask the CVs to change it .

  4. What a depressing show! Baby committed murders yet nothing about her or her punishment. Even happy moments in the show are depressing. Suhani is perpetually sad! What a horrible life she has lived! Yet she may never find closure in this SSEL lifetime. The writers and producers succeeded in air the most anticlimactic serial!

  5. i dnt understnd if sm1 nt liking ssel then y they watching it n say end it? ssel had many loyal yuvani fans n after leap kriyam fans! the main reason of dropping trp is change timeslot. cz loyal viewers watch it wtever they shw.

    1. The main reason of the show ending is the stupid plot line. And not focusing on other characters. There were so many characters krishna, saiyaam, yuvaan, yuvani . But they chose to focus on baby, dadi and even suhani started to get on my nerves after a while.

  6. i dnt understnd if sm1 nt liking ssel then y they watching it n say end it? ssel had many loyal yuvani fans n after leap kriyam fans! the main reason of dropping trp is change timeslot. cz loyal viewers watch it wtever they shw.. n abt krishna guys she hv to do wt writers want

  7. Saiyyam is a good guy he support her mother and soon Krishna supporting suhani aunty as sasu maa i am always miss ssel well nice kriyam scene

  8. Yuvani

    loved suhani,yuvani aaand sayyam soooooooooo much today…..

  9. Fidato

    I don’t understand…What is this writers up to… Hardly a month to end this show… Now they are giving such… Scenes in which Kriyam fight… Krishna hate suhani..

    dadi is unbelievable… Selfish lady…Apni family name ke aage kuch dikhayi nahi hai.. rags manipulate Krishna…

  10. OMG, those idiots calling Suhani elderly, when Dadi has lived through 2 leaps and still act like she spring chicken. Suhani is still quarter her age. As for Rags, she is older than Suhani and her husband doesn’t even live with her…why don’t she take one of the men for her husband…she needs it more than Suhani…at least Suhani had some love from her husband before he died….when last did Rags get any lol..

    This show is degrading to women when they turn 40…come people live in the 21st century or north america, where no one discriminate a lively and active woman from having a kid. I am sure they don’t degrade men who are in their 70s and impregnate young women…what a backward mentality.

  11. Nw a days im feelng sad while watchng ssel without yuvraj n its paining while seeing depresd suhani without yuvraj support n that melody music makes me feel bad coz ssel is my 1st serial i started to wtch in hindi,its vry close to me.. when i heard that ssel gng to off air i really felt bad will miss al cast of ssel 🙁

  12. What his show is messed up. Most people probably stopped watching and why is There on ly like 13 comments that’s sad

  13. Thank god this show is gng to end.. Such a pathetic msg it gave Evrytym

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