Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj telling Suhani that Bhavna’s mum in law is like serial’s vamp. He says you are jealous that Bhavna shared this with me, as I m smart and good. They throw colors on each other and he gets serious. He holds her closer and music plays……………He says I don’t like anyone color my face. She says but you are looking a cute monkey. He says what, now I will make you cute female monkey and she hides her face hugging her. Saawre………………plays…………. He drops the color. She moves back. He says now I have to go and change. She says just remove it. He says I do not like my clothes to have stains. Dadi looks at them.

Radhe talks to Rakhi on video call and asks did he like her first gift. She smiles. He asks her to come and meet him. She asks him to say shayari and Soumya hears him. She thinks its same what was with Krishna. She is shocked seeing Rakhi and Rakhi too is shocked seeing Soumya behind Radhe. Yuvraaj talks to Bhavna and says Suhani won’t ask anything now. Bhavna thanks him as he is like a brother to him. Yuvraaj asks what did she think, will she still be quiet. She says I don’t know. He asks her to tell everyone soon. Dadi comes to Yuvraaj and asks did he change. He says yes.

Dadi says the difference between him and Suhani. She says she knows he lied that day, your car is not your first love. He says how to make you sure. She says you never liked black, then how come you like your dark wife. He says he feels bad to hear this. She says I feel bad to see that girl here. He says she is of my choice, I did this marriage by my wish. Suhani does all the arrangements. Pratima likes the Rangoli. Pratima asks her to see her state and change her clothes first. Suhani says I will first light diya and then go, don’t worry.

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Krishna tears Soumya’s certificates and says she can’t do the job. He asks her to leave his house. She argues and he raises his hand. His mum stops him. His dad scolds him. She says Rakhi told you that I work in café, ask her what did she know this. Krishna says I don’t want to know. His mum asks Rakhi how does she know. Soumya says I will tell. Krishna stops her and gets angry. His mum asks him to be calm and says if Soumya earns and helps us, whats wrong, she will stop this if you do the job. He says do what you all want, fine. He leaves. His mum asks Rakhi why did he tell Krishna, and not her. She takes her to the room.

Krishna’s dad pacifies Soumya and says forgive him, he is not sensible. Dadi sees Suhani. Ramesh praises the arrangements. She asks why is oil smell coming. Ramesh gets the parcel and says he got the ghee now. Dadi asks whats in the diyas. She sees its oil and gets angry on Suhani. Suhanai holds the loght stick and burns her finger. Dadi says we use ghee in diyas, not oil. She says poor people use oil. She says see your bad state, I will become bad if your shadow falls on me.

Dadi asks Pratima why did she not tell Suhani and asks her to get the treatment done of her forgetting habit. Suhani says I use oil diyas at my home. Dadi taunts her on her status. Suhani says Lord sees devotion, not this show off. Dadi gets angry. Rags comes and smiles. Suhani says Lord is same for everyone. Yuvraaj and Sharad come and see Dadi taunting Suhani on her face and looks. Yuvraaj says Dadi please, don’t tell anything to Suhani now. Sharad smiles. Dadi says oh, you came to defend her. She says you can teach her the house rules, rather than scolding her. Yuvraaj says you can explain her the right and wrong, rather than scolding. Dadi says now will you argue with me, why not, she is your wife, of your choice.

Soumya gets a parcel. She gets the necklace and sees its costly. She thinks it’s the one she liked in the jewelry shop. She says who has sent this. She gets the letter in it. She reads that its Suhani’s letter that Soumya liked it that day, so she has sent it from her side. She asks how did she like the AC and TV which I have sent. Soumya says it means Suhani has sent all this, whats the need to send by manager. She says I will ask an answer from Suhani.

Yuvraaj says its not about my wife and me, its about your overreacting, I colored her face and she did not go to change clothes, as she was busy working here, you should have praised her, and you are making petty issues. Dadi says what. He says can’t you praise her for many things, instead of scolding for one thing, what if she did not know about oil, why did you insult her. Dadi says its true, as bad fish spoils the lake. She says I can see that bad things here. Rags smiles. Dadi leaves. Suhani gets upset and goes to her room. Yuvraaj goes to her. Sharad tells Pratima that he is sure that Yuvraaj’s heart is changing, he defended Suhani as her husband for the first time and noticed her work too. Pratima smiles and says I wish Lord makes their relation strong. Rags gets a call from manager and says Soumya got the parcel. She thanks him.

Suhani cries in the room. Yuvraaj comes and sees her crying. She says I will go and change. She sees her face in the mirror and her clothes having stains. She says I m really looking a Peepal tree witch. He says what? She says mum used to scare me saying this in childhood. She says what was the need to color my face. He says I m sorry. She says its fine, but I don’t understand why does everyone think outside beauty, if I came here being a bad bahu and was fair like Dadi wants, then would everyone love me, would everything be fine then. Yuvraaj thinks of her words.

Soumya comes to Suhani and returns her necklace. Suhani is puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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