Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj seeing the article. Sauhani says Saiyyam does not know this, as Sambhav died before his birth. He asks why are we hiding this from him, we have to tell him. She says no, Yuvaan was in trauma, I don;t know him to know this and recall all that, everything will get ruined. He says fine, we will forget this and be happy, smile. She says yes. He makes her smile. She says I do better acting than you, and jokes that she has all qualities of a heroine. He asks really. He goes and gets a sandal with heels. He asks her to wear this, as she is a heroine. She says I don’t wear heels. He asks her to practice and wear it. He makes her wear the heels and says I decided to be your servant all my life. He asks her to walk now. She stumbles and walks. She falls down and he sits laughing.

Saiyyam changes the bomb timer. Pandit says we will start engagement rasam in some time. Sharad records everything. Bhavna says there are much work in engagement. Dadi tells Rags that she has ruined the chemical plan. Rags wonders where is Yuvani. Dadi says I haven’t seen her. Saiyyam sees the pandit. He hides the remote. He talks to pandit sweetly and asks is it necessary that one whose ring is fixed should wear it, and not exchange it. Pandit says yes, I will not let that happen, its imp to wear own ring. Saiyyam gives Yuvraaj’s ring and says he has struggled a lot in life. Pandit keeps ring. Saiyyam gives him some money.

Bhavna asks Sharad to let her work now. Sharad asks her to tell about Krishna and Yuvaan. She says Yuvaan, love is got in many avatar, a friend becomes a good life partner, like me and Sharad. Sharad says yes, I m her best friend, I did not know when she has become my life partner. He romances with Bhavna. She says I have work and goes. He leaves recorder there and goes.

Yuvaan thinks how to tell Krishna. Baby comes and shouts I love you Yuvaan. She runs to him and hugs. Suhani sees them and gets shocked. Krishna gets ready. Yuvani comes and compliments her. Yuvani says I got a gift for you. Krishna is sad by the abshagun. Yuvani comforts her and asks her to wear the brass Kapur bracelet. She says its charm bracelet, now everything will be fine. She talks of childhood. Krishna smiles and says I remember everything. They hug. Yuvaan pushes Baby and asks are you mad, I m marrying Krishna, behave yourself Baby. He goes. Suhani asks Baby to stay as just guest.

Baby says I love Yuvaan and he loves me. Suhani says I did not hear him saying, you should be scared, you are doing wrong, I will not let you succeed, I m warning you, you want to ruin Yuvaan, he is my son, I know whats right for him, you are not right for him, you can’t become this house’s bahu. She goes. Yuvani goes to Dadi and Rags. She says she did the work and made Krishna wear the brass Kapur, when Krishna takes aarti, her hand will burn. They smile.

Suhani, Krishna and everyone sing Baaton me ho khubsurti….. and dance. Yuvaan sees Baby and imagines dancing with him. Yuvraaj and Suhani dance romantically. Saiyyam gets angry seeing them, and thinks Yuvraaj dahan will happen in 10 mins from now.

Bhavna tells Pratima that pandit ji went to get puja items. Pratima asks Krishna and Yuvaan to do puja. Krishna and Yuvaan pra and do aarti. Her bracelet catches the fire and her hand starts burning. Krishna screams. Everyone get shocked. Suhani blows off the fire. Pratima says thank Lord Krishna is fine. She asks them to complete rasam. Krishna says its burning. Pratima asks Yuvaan to apply ointment to Krishna. Pratima asks Yuvraaj and Suhani to do rasam first.

Saiyyam has the remote in hand and looks on. Pandit ji comes and gives the rings. Suhani teases Yuvraaj and takes her hand away. She says your ring is mine and my ring is yours from today, give me your hand. Saiyyam gets worried. Suhani makes Yuvraaj wear her ring. They smile. Yuvraaj says any sorrow has to go through me before reaching you. She looks at him.

Yuvraaj holds Suhani’s hand. Saiyyam worries and tries to disable the bomb. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. swetha kannan

    will suhani die or both of will die

  2. Is the same happening as with yuvaan and the watch? Hoping someone sees the recording. Still, nobody suspects rags, dadi or yuvaani. Why don’t suhani and yuvraj tell the whole truth and end this track?

  3. I hope the bomb, below up on the two DUMB couple. I hate yuvraj and suhani.
    Come on yuvaan, be brave and marry baby.

  4. Suhani doesn’t wanna tell the truth because yuvaan might recall the traumatic even but what about the trauma saiyaam is going trough all his life. yuvaan have his family to support him who saiyaam have? if still she doesn’t wanna be his mother at least she can tell him what made her abandon him. He has right to know the truth.
    Yuaan is dreaming about baby but is rejecting her , he remembered she is his brother’s girlfriend … But for how long???
    Yuvaani is really pathetic she remembers childhood memories with krishna but not even feel bad killing her. Disgusting girl

  5. I wish if Dadi wore that ring. Wished if she and rags dies.

  6. Where’s menka, she was supposed to come back? Is yuvani making up for her, as menka and rags used to plot against saumya so now yuvani and rags/dadi are plotting against Krishna. End this track and continue serial or end it. Too much dragging and repeating.

  7. I just want to see more of saiyam and krishna and less of yuvraj and suhani… Gosh! They’re so damn boring …krishna and saiyam deserves more screen space …they’re my favourite…..

  8. i hate this serial

  9. krishna ?Sayyam=?

    I agree with Krishna and sayyam love supporter

  10. I want yuvraj feeling that his childrens are worthless and he love saiyaam than them.

  11. I love suhani and yuvraj dance plzzz start beginning story of yuvraj and suhani

  12. This msg is for them who does not support suhani.I know in case saiyyam she took some false decision.But in that state every women will do that.But she go there to take him back.but shee didnt get back him.
    Saiyam in his place are also right.I happy he is worried for suhani really not for a moment.He is fighting for his right.
    But duhani not telling saiyaam anything is a good and courageous decision.she hate saiyyam even then she dont want to know about his papa.Agar mein uski gajah hothi tho yehi karthi.sachay jaankar zaroori nahi wo badlega.wo bolega shaayad suhani hi galath kiya hoga.isliye sachayi jaanane se pehle agar use ye patha chalem ki uska maa kisa definitely he will bring yuvani together am dam sure.

    1. Ci i agree with you whatever suhani did is because of the trauma and guilt samvav caused her but now that saiyaam is infront is him she can’t run away from him. If she doesn’t wanna accept him ok but tell him why so he stop trying to kill yuvraaj. He is feeling his mom abandoned him because she is in love with yuvraaj who happens to be his father killer. If this misundersyanding get cleared saiyaam will be shamed of what he has done and turn good.

  13. If suhani dies then the shows dies n I hope yuvani realize her mistake n turn on rag n dadi

  14. I just want to see siyyam and krishna scene because they deserve that . Looking owasm together and they can make good couple. Love siyam and krishna

  15. why r u guys all supporting saaiyam and krishnna.. this show oly based in yuvani not other persons so gguys u all looking forward fr yuvani not other pupils

  16. too much drama and inconsistencies

  17. Krishna should be about 10 – 12 years older than Shiyyam…………..

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