Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying we don’t want this child if this is true. Suhani asks Dadi how can you say this. They all ask is she really pregnant. Suhani says I don’t know how did this happen, I did not expect this. Krishna cries and runs. Rags takes doctor along. Bhavna asks why did you not tell us. Pratima says you should have told us. Suhani asks how would I say, I was in Yuvraaj’s death sorrow, then doctor told me I m pregnant, I could not think anything.

Dadi says no, its Yuvraaj’s tervi, if you told us, we would have not got ashamed in front of everyone. Pratima says you should have told me once. She goes to Krishna. Krishna packs her bags. Saiyyam comes to her. Krishna says Suhani is pregnant, how can she do this, after what happened to me, she did not think about me. Saiyyam says she did not do this intentionally. Krishna says why did she not tell us, its wrong. Pratima says becoming mum is never wrong Krishna.

Suhani stops Bhavna. Bhavna says I was worried that day thinking you are hiding something from me, I can’t tell you that I m in peace now, thinking you were hiding this, I m very happy, so much happened. Suhani says I m fine, there is a storm in home by this baby. Bhavna says it will take time to accept this, don’t worry, they will agree as its Yuvraaj’s last sign. Suhani says yes, its Yuvraaj’s baby. Bhavna asks her to be happy and hugs her.

Pratima defends Suhani and says whatever happened with you was done by Baby. Krishna says it was my age to become mum. Pratima says maybe Lord chose this way to return happiness by this baby. Krishna hugs her. Saiyyam thinks when an unwanted baby comes in this world, such fights happen, maybe these fights happened at my birth time. He cries.

Bhavna shows the dos and donts list to Suhani. Suhani says I read it, I have to live as patient. Rags asks why do you need to do this, I don’t understand, are you doing this as Yuvaan went. Suhani says Yuvraaj left us and this child… Rags says you are emotional at this time and you think everything will be fine by this baby, its not your age to manage this. Bhavna says I will take care of Suhani, there is no problem. Suhani says I understand your worry, I read about this late pregnancy. Rags says why do you want to torture yourself. Dadi says Rags is right, this is doctor, who will help you in abortion. They get shocked. Dadi scolds Pratima. Pratima says this baby is Yuvraaj’s sign. Suhani says its my child, you can’t force me, if you think I can’t become mum in this age, I think there is no age to become mum. Dadi says shut up Suhani, you did similar thing at Saiyyam’s time. Suhani says it was not Saiyyam’s mistake, this maybe unwanted child fo world, but Saiyyam and this child are dear to me as Yuvaan and Yuvani. Dadi shouts Suhani. Saiyyam shouts to Dadi. Rags asks him to stay out of it. Saiyyam asks why don’t you stay out of this. He says Dadi, none has right to talk to Suhani this way, don’t increase her troubles.

He holds Suhani and says you gave opinion, but Suhani will decide. They go. Rags says there are many ways to do what we want. Rags and Dadi see Suhani holding a juice glass. Rags says I added this medicine in Suhani’s juice, it will lead to her abortion. Dadi looks on. Suhani is about to drink juice. Krishna comes with toys. She gives the toys and argues with Suhani, saying Suhani’s pregnancy is hurting her more, why is Lord testing me like this. Suhani asks her to understand. Krishna dumps toys and juice falls. Suhani asks her to listen and goes after Krishna. Dadi and Rags see the juice glass fallen.

Everyone sit to dine. Pratima says Dadi made this raw banana koftas, Yuvraaj liked it. Dadi says I made it in his remembrance. FB shows Dadi asking Rags the plan. Rags gives her medicine to add in kadi. Dadi adds the medicine and says I don’t want people to laugh on Yuvraaj, Suhani should be ashamed to ruin his name. FB ends. Suhani asks can I have koftas. Bhavna says sure, your child will like it if you like it. Suhani takes the dish to eat. Rags smiles. Krishna gets angry and says its enough. Suhani stops. Krishna throws the kadi and goes. Saiyyam and everyone go after Krishna.

Krishna says I don’t want to talk to Suhani. Saiyyam asks what happened. Krishna says I m angry, why is everyone torturing me. She goes. Suhani says I decided to give this child to Krishna, I want to explain her. Bhavna asks will you give this child. Suhani says yes, her lap will get filled, I will raise child as Dadi, not mum, I want to see Krishna becoming mum, if Yuvraaj was here, even he would have wanted this. Pratima smiles and hugs Suhani. Bhavna says you made me proud today.

Dadi says I m going to Hanuman temple, I have kept seva for Yuvraaj. Pratima says you thought well. Suhani says I will come. Rags says but there are 51 stairs. Bhavna says Suhani can’t go. Suhani says its puja for Yuvraaj. Dadi says its not good for your health. Rags says Dadi will be blamed if anything happens to Suhani. Pratima says Suhani take rest at home. They all leave. Suhani gets shocked seeing doctor and staff. Doctor asks them to take Suhani. Suhani shouts to Dadi. Dadi says they came for your abortion, it will happen now. Suhani gets shocked.

Suhani says this baby is Yuvraaj’s baby, how can you do this. Dadi scolds Suhani and asks them to take Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. krishna should understand…suhani is thinking for her welfare….and i agree becoming mum at any age is not bad at all….

  2. today krishna proved she is somya’s daughter.suhani ko support karne ki jagah usse badly behave kar rhi h.pahle somya suhani se jelous feel karti thi ab krishna jal rhi h.thank god sahil ne quit kar diya wo iska part nhi h

    1. Mystery

      Why should she support her….

      Suhani for saving yuvraaj forcely make her marry with saiyyam

      Because of her son…somu dies….

      Suhani is a selfish woman..

    2. dear aapne ssel dekha h jo aapne kah diya ki suhani ke bete ki wajah se somya mar gai.somya ko sambhav ne mara na ki suhani ke bete ki wajah se somya mari balki somya ki wajah se suhani or yuvan ki life hell ban gai bcs somya hi sambhav ko lekar aayi thi rhi baat forcibly marriage ki to krishna apni life m settle ho chucki h to krishna ke suhani ko support na karne ke dono reason invalid h

    3. Tayyeba Irshad

      hy sis where is your fan fiction “MRS krishna saiyyam birla” ?

  3. Feeling sad for Krishna anyone in her place will act like this.. BT at the same time suhani is always suffering by dadi. I know soon Krishna will understand her.. Tomrw even dad I is going to understand tat the baby is yuvraj’s. And today saiyyam feelings were true n suhani defending his birth was also superb… Awesome acting by both saiyyam n suhani as always.. One thing y can’t they make yuvani also to support her mom will b grt to watch her with her mum..

  4. How can krishna be jealous of suhani suhani ne krishna ko yuvani se zyada pyar kiya tha suhani ne apni yuvraj ko koya aur phir wo tho usko aur bhi torture kar raha hain wo tho layak hi nhi hain suhani ki beti ki jagah lene ki itna pyar diya usko suhani ne aur usne ne tho uske bure waqt mein saath hi nhi de raha hain bus usse insult kare rahi hain aur uski miscarriage ki wajah tho baby hain na krishna ne suhani ko kabhi barosa kiya hi nhi muje tho soumya hi yaad aa rahi hain

    1. Mystery

      But usne yuvraaj ko bachane k liye Krishna ko day PR lagaya that….yuvaani ko nhi

    2. bcs saiyam ne krishna se shadi karne ke liye kaha tha yuvani se nhi.suhani ne itna pyar yuvani se kiya hota to aaj yuvani itni insecure nhi hoti

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    this dadi and rags can never change….and krishna…she proved that she is soumya’s daughter…she was disgusting today…how can she behave with suhani like this?? suhani always loved her more than yuvani…she know everything that suhani was not responsible for her miscarriage even then she is behaving like this….ridiculous…suhani wants to give her child to krishna before asking only….but krishna she hates her because suhani is pregnant…

    1. I agree with u all…. Krishna she proved to b selfish n throwing things like this reminds me of soumya… But I love soumya than krishna… Anyway by doing all this stupid things… She saved suhani also… Even though she doesn’t know about it…. If she would know that juice was to abort child… I’m damn sure she would join the hands with rags n dadi like soumya…. 100% sure …
      Today I just love caring saiyaam ?… Who cares for her mother n selfish woman… He nicely answered her she didn’t this
      intentionally… But still… Coz he knows about unwanted kids problems…

    2. i completely agree dear. soni how r u???? aap avi v dekhte ho ssel or aapke exam end ho gaye ki nhi.soni aap ssel ka rerun dekhte ho.m to dekhti hu

    3. Mystery

      I m with Krishna….suhani ko has yuvraj ki fikr rhi he hamesha… ko apni bahu suhani me banaya…..Krishna ki shaadi saiyyam we suhani me karayiii……she never cares about her….

    4. dear yuvraj deserve karta h isliye wo uski itni care karti h.aap krishna ke saath ho ye aapka openion h but krishna wrong h ise koi v bata sakta h

    5. I’m fine sarita…. N I’m watching online that too for suhani n saiyaam… I always wanted saisu scenes so it is treat…

    6. dear m starutsav par ssel ke rerun ki baat kar rhi hu.starplus wala m nhi dekhati.yuvAni ke bina ssel boring h mere liye bs wu read karti hu.suhani ko white m nhi dekh sakti hu

  6. Yeah I agree with everyone!! Krishna was very disgusting and cheap today. How can she be jealous and mad at suhani for being pregnant!? It’s not her fault she became pregnant!? Moreover suhani has decided to give the baby to krishna but nahi krishna ko toh yeh bachha bhi nahi layak. She thinks she is hurt with all this!? Okay but imagine suhani. She lost her husband and she’s pregnant!? Krishna has her husband but she’s not pregnant. The good thing is krishna will have a baby after suhani gives birth to it. But suhani she will be left with nothing. No husbad. No baby. Krishna needs to stop acting cheap and be normal. Today she has 100% proved that she is soumya’a daughter and doesn’t have a single habit or behavior from suhani. She has been with suhani more but khoon toh khoon hota hai. OF curse krishna ki sab aadat uski maa ki tarah hogi. Huh krishna doesn’t even deserve the child. Okay I agree she has lost her baby but at least suhani is thinking to give it to krishna. She should be happy that her “suhani aunty” has loved her more than yuvani and krishna isn’t even her real daughter.

    1. Mystery

      wow superb….today Krishna behave like this so all of u are saying that sh is bad…..

      Where were u all when saumya sacrifice her life….when suhani make saiyyam n Krishna marry … save yuvraaj… was her enemy….but Krishna has to face the enimity……suhani is just a bad mark on krishna’s life

    2. Mystery

      N agar vo saumya ki beti hai….to yuvaani suhani ki beti hai….usne b to kitni conspiracy ki Krishna k against…..if u remember the competition……dress kharaab ki this….n once she try to kill Krishna….

    3. agar past ki baat kare to saiyam ne v to galat kiya tha na but present m wo suhani ka saath de rha h ki nhi aap yuvani ki baat karo to yuvani kiski reflection m rah rhi h.aaj yuvan hota to wo suhani ko support karta yuvan ke saiyam ke saath kuch v differences ho usne suhani ko hamesha support kiya h.

    4. Definitely yuvani is suhani’s biological daughter,but c was under d influence of rags,who is/was best known for conspiracy and politics.Rags had given her bad upbringing and always taught her wrong things that is why c was like that..But as we all know blood is thicker than water.Yuvani proved that at d end by choosing right path.But Krishna has always been under d shelter of pure soul suhani,still what Krishna did today with suhani was totally disgusting.C stooped so low and showed her real status.So the truth is that yuvan and yuvani r far better than Krishna as they r born from pure unselfish woman suhani.

    5. Dear mystery. Pata hai ki soumya ne sacrifice kiya uski life par suhani ne zabardasti saiyyam aur krishna ki shaadi nahi karahi thi. Agar aap show dekhti hai toh aapko pata hona chahiye ki suhani ne zabardasti kriyyam ki shaadi nahi kara ya tha. Saiyyam ne suhani ko bola tha ki usko agar yuvraj chahiye toh usko krishna do. Suhani ne bohot try kiya shaadi rok ne ka par saiyyam ka fool proof plan tha. So mystery ji aab aapko samajh aaya ki aur bhi past ki baat karni hai?

  7. First time baby was absent for one whole episode.. I think director n baby fought

    1. Sarayumane

      Haha, lol

  8. Think lik dis ki serial is month end hone wala hota, to krishna jealous nhi hoti. Ab 4 hafte aur chalana hai to dey wil do drama. Cvs ko achha to kuch aata nhi, to yhi karenge, na. Pr acha laga padh ke ki saiyyam ki bhi suhani itni kadr karti hai. Bht kaha suni hui hai ki suhani not care abt saiyyam, so acha hai ki yh keh diya.

  9. i m agree ajj krishna ne prove kiya wo somaya ka beti he. somaya ko hamesha lagtha tha suhani uska kushi cheenrahahe.jaysa ma jaysa beti he.krishna ko lagtha he suhani uska kushi cheengaya.lekin suhani tho har pal uska kushi ke barème soch tha he.apne beti se zada pyar kiya.
    kithna tym se krishna suhani ke saath he lekin aj bi krishna suhani samja nahi.sach kirshna ka behaviour bahuth disgusting he ajj
    or saayam bahuth support kartha hu apne ma se lekin ajj kya hu uska bevi ethini bathameez kartha hu apne ma ke saath bt usne kuch kiya kyu nahi.dadi ko boltha hu biwi ko nahi.

    1. Mystery

      Wow…superb if Krishna is somu’s daughter …then its good…atleast she is much better than suhani’s children

    2. yuvani ka to nhi kah sakti but yuvan krishna se better tha.

  10. I’m very much shocked by dadi’s doing, when i red that Suhani will be pregnant, i thought that everybody will be happy as it’s like Yuvraj rebirth, i was not expecting that at all. How can dadi, as a woman but more of all as a human being, do that to someone???? No matter the age, a child is a gift, i don’t understand everybody’s reaction! And i don’t understand Krishna’s reaction at all! She is very selfish, she can adopt a child if she wants there is nothing bad in that, it’s even a better solution as there is a lot of children that are waiting for a family to adopt them and i think that Saiyaam know it better than anyone. Why is she keeping on fighting with Suhani? Suhani didn’t did it purposely.
    The fact that Suhani decided that she will give the child to Krishna is very disturbing, i mean, it’s a child, not any stuff that you give to someone because you are not in age to manage it!! I am not telling that it’s a bad thing but the way suhani decided to give the baby is very weird.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Suhani is giving the child not bcoz she can’t manage it..Bcoz she want to give krishna the privilege of being a mother..She want to fill krishna’s lap..

  11. agree with u guys i think its better suhani can have her baby with herself… its last sign of yuvraj. may be krishna might put some condition like suhani must go far away leaving d baby to her.. n finally she might realise her mistake n apologise to suhani.. bt y the hell these writers made krishna charac worst tat too at the time of ending? even dadi s going to accept the baby.. dont knw what all they r going to show to make suhani suffer n importantly us..

  12. I disagree with all of you. Krishna had a miscarriage recently, she is in pain. Also the fact that she can’t have children any more has upset her.

    Seeing an old woman like suhani is still able to have children, and a young woman like Krishna can’t.
    Krishna knows it is not suhani fault, she just need time.

  13. I think krishna is doing this because she know about dadi and Rag’s plan….

  14. wtever happened to suhani has happened sm1 whom i knw very well. that lady had lost 21 yr old son. she went in depression. she wanted her son back. she gave birth to baby.and nw her baby younger than her daughters baby. ppl used to make comment on them . its real one. in real life its real difficult.

  15. Guys give Krishna a break, She just lost her son and is clearly upset seeing. I am sure she will be back with suhani . She has always stood with Suhani . Let us not forget how Krishna was forced to get married Saiyaam so that suhani could save her Husband, no mother would do that to her child. Krishna supported Suhani during the whole Sambhav episode, Baba’s episode and during Baby’s marriage . She has proved time and again that she is better that all of Suhani’s kids (all her kids have had shortcomings. Example: Yuvan hitting on Krishna after being married , yuvaani trying to kill Krishna before her wedding and even trying to burn her and everyone knows saiyaam was no saint ). I am sure Krishna will understand , give her some time.

    1. dear krishna ne prove kiya h to suhani ne v prove kiya h ki wo uski maa se v jyada h.suhani ne krishna ke liye wo kiya h jo uski sagi maa somya ne v nhi kiya.somya ne krishna ke liye kabhi stand nhi wo bs dadi ko impress karne ke liye yuvani ko support karti thi krishna ke liye suhani ne stand liya tha.yuvan ne krishna ki tarah suhani ko galat nhi bola saiyam ke saath kuch v kiya ho.

    2. krishna settle ho chucki h apni life m aap ún baato ko utha rhi ho jinka koi matlab nhi h.saiyam ne v to galat kiya iska matlab ye nhi ki wo saiyam ko support na kare.

    3. Things worked out for Krishna and she worked on her relationship. Imagine if saiyaam had turned out to be a Sambhav . Infact suhani always thought saiyaam was just like Sambhav and still she got them married for her own selfish reasons . And Krishna can always adopt a kid even suhani knows that , she is not making any sacrifice . I agree Krishna is wrong here , I am asking all of you to give her a break . She is upset right now .

  16. nice kriyam scene

  17. So,Krishna finally proved the point of ”like mother like daughter”.Such a Selfish lady Krishna is.C completely resembles her late mother.How could c get jealous by seeing suhani’s pregnancy??Suhani brought her and gave her good upbringing,but nothing seemed Fruitful.Definitely Krishna is hurt by her miscarriage but why dont selfish Krishna unable to understand the trauma of suhani?Suhani lost her everything but by god’s grace ..god has again showered her little happiness,still some people r having problem with this.Krishna’s upbringing is by suhani and yuvani upbringing is by rags,so how could just one can say Krishna is better than suhani’s children.And about yuvan,he was d light of suhani’s life and most pampered by his mom.Krishna’s pain is nothing infront of Suhani.Suhani has been suffered throughout her entire life but Krishna has loss only once.There is no comparisons between suhani’s sorrows and Krishna’s miscarriage.But what to say about the fate of suhani??C did a mistake by bringing a little snake Krishna,the daughter of big venomous snake Soumya.
    May god give some little brain and sense to little snaky,so that c would able to c the goodness of suhani, suhani’s sacrifice and unconditional love.

    1. well said

    2. Rima hilarious… Little snaky??????????????????

    3. A.Tejaswi

      U r absolutly crrct rima..If krishna is felling soo sad about her unborn child only..How much sad suhani should feel after loosing her most loved son who is very dear to her and a part of her life for many years..She even lost the light of her life,yuvraj..Now instead of supporting her..Krishna is jealous seeing her

  18. I think Krishna is acting to be upset about suhanis pregnancy , she might have come to know about dadi n rags planning so just to know what they are planning she’s doing this fake drama , because of her suhani got saved twice so that’s what made me think ….

  19. Who the hell does oldhag think she is n who the f**k make her decide wat 2 do with Suha’s baby. Oldshitheadhag stay out of it n stop putting ur ass in everything n dat includes brainless Rags. f**k rags n oldhag they r the most iratating shit oldhags on tv. Writer i wonder why do u keep dem on the show. The only reason i could think of is they r related 2 dem

  20. I agreed with REKHA

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