Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi, Yuvani and Rags planning. Yuvani calls out Krishna and acts good to her. She offers her fruits. Yuvani makes the water jug fall over Krishna. They look at Krishna and smile. Nothing happens to Krishna. Krishna says my dress got drenched, I will just clean this and come. Rags wonders what happened, she has kept jug here. Servant comes to Rags and says your dress got torn by this water, this jug had smoke coming out, I thought to wash your clothes by hot water, and kept cold water jug here. Dadi scolds the servant.

Everyone come for the engagement. Saiyyam says once Yuvraaj wears the ring, there will be blast and Yuvraaj will die, but why is no one getting the rings. Saiyyam smiles. Bhavna says I have mixed all rings, find the rings and get engaged now. Saiyyam gets shocked seeing so many rings. Everyone smile. Suhani comes and asks Bhavna why are you troubling us. Yuvraaj asks how did you get boring, love has troubles. Suhani says I can’t bear distance and troubles in love. He says it means you are eager to get engaged to me. She says you did not leave any way, I will do mistake and ruin my life marrying you. He says it means you mean marrying me is destruction, fine get engaged to anyone else, I m going. She calls him Sadu and says you will come back to me. Bhavna says we will start the engagement of children first. Saiyyam stops Bhavna. Bhavna says engagement ceremony is starting now and asks Yuvaan to find his ring, then he will get Krishna.

Yuvaan says lets leave everything on fate, why to find it, if any ring fits, fine, else we are not made for each other. Bhavna says this look good to hear, you can’t manage incomplete love story, you have to try to get your love, else life may not give you a chance again. He says right, I will try my fate and see if I get my love or not. He sees Baby. Suhani says we will identify rings, I know it. Saiyyam thinks how is Suhani sure. Suhani says I know as rings were placed near the diya. She checks the rings and picks rings for Yuvaan and Krishna. She does not see the bomb water article paper. Saiyyam sees it and gets shocked.

Rags tells Dadi that I did mistake, listen to me. Dadi scolds her. Pratima says enough of games now, come on Yuvaan and Krishna. Pandit asks them to come ahead. Suhani goes with that paper in hand. She stops and checks it. She gets shocked seeing the bomb watch article. Yuvaan takes the ring.

Saiyyam gets tensed as Yuvaan holds the bomb ring. Suhani recalls Sambhav and thinks Sambhav can’t come back, this incident can’t happen again. Baby sees the ring and turns face away. Yuvaan holds Krishna’s hand to make her wear the ring. They all hear sound and turn to see. They see Suhani stumbling. Suhani cries and hides the paper. Yuvraaj rushes to Suhani. Yuvaan drops the ring. Ring falls near Saiyyam. Yuvraaj asks Suhani are you fine. Suhani says yes. Saiyyam picks the ring and keeps it. Dadi says abshagun happened because of Suhani, fallen ring can’t be used for engagement now.

Rags says Dadi is right. Pandit says yes, its abshagun to use fallen ring, I have a solution, we will do puja of the rings and end all problems. Rags asks how much time will it take. Pandit says one hour. Rags, Yuvani and Saiyyam see the time. Suhani says I will take rest till then and goes. Baby looks at Yuvaan. Suhani goes to her room and recalls Sambhav. Saiyyam looks for something on internet.

He checks to change the bomb timer. He resets the timer. Baby comes to him and flirts with him. She asks him whats his problem. He says I did not invite you, you can go back. She says I was worried for you, so I came. He says I know you since childhood, you don’t value or worry for anything, than money, get out. She looks on angrily. Yuvraaj comes to Suhani. He asks are you okay. She gives the paper and says this was fallen in hall. He gets shocked seeing it.

Rags asks Yuvani what will happen in bracelet. Yuvani says when Krishna takes aarti, her hand will burn by Kapur bracelet.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hate baby…us baby se achchi Krishna h n yuvaan q us ugly baby ko like krne lga h stupiddd

  2. So finally i got to know what baby wants and it is not saiyaam or yuvaan but money. i really want baby and yuvaan marriage so she ruins them .
    What’s suhani’s pb why doesn’t she just tell truth about saiyaam dad so he stop his criminal activity.
    Precap: wish it is yuvani’s hand that burn instead

  3. Disgusting serial!!
    They only know how to kill people.
    They should name their house ‘Killer’s House’ instead of ‘Birla House’

  4. oh its jus stupid watchng nly for suhani n yuvaraj. bt saiyyam n yuvani make a gud pair as bro n sis thinkng same way hw to destroy others

    1. Amalina

      yeah i also think the same. i wish suhani had given birth to yuvani and sayyam as yuvraj’s child and this stupid yuvan as sambhav’s child!

      Small yuvan was awesome as well as krishna while yuvani was irritating, but now its the opposite! i didnt expect krishna to be a mini suhani, after soumya’s encouragement and coontinously saying “krishna make me proud when u grow up”, i expected her to be successful and not a queit, boring girl.

  5. What is wrong with Yuvani, she and Krishna were like sisters before now she wants to burn her hands. And Dadi still hates Suhani after she saved her life. Which kind of serial is this.

  6. i have never seen such a disgusting serial.
    it has no meaning. full of values sanskaars. its just bullshit. this serial should be banned. its so shocking everyone is against this prog and they are not changing the storyline

  7. Baby is so dark skin, how come the grandma likes her for Yuvaan? strange hmm

  8. Seriously had to comment this serial is absolute rubbish. Why is dadi still trying to harm suhani when she was the one to rescue her from her evil twin. What excuse do they have for not telling sayam the truth about his father he should know what kind of sick cheap man he was. Yuvani is also disgusting how can she betray her friend krishna and baby is such a freak she should go back to where she came from. Yuvani is such a puppy he is falling for baby and her fake acting and leaving a gem like krishna. Everyone knows baby and sayam are together doesn’t yuvaan feel weird that baby is cheating on sayam and tomorrow she might cheat him too.

  9. It’s funny to say Dadi didn’t like suhani because of her skin colour… but now she likes baby for yuvaan… it doesn’t make sense….

  10. This serial has no logic. The writers need some educating. Firstly, ALL the children’s personality should be different based on what they showed us from their childhood. Yuvani and Krishna were bestfriends despite dadi, and rags didn’t even care that much about Tuvalu for those first 6 years of her life. Krishna should be smarter and more intelligent (more independent, becoming a successful person as her mom wished), but no she’s just following suhani’s footsteps blindly. When they were younger Yuvan and Krishna treated each other like siblings (became yuvan was yuvani’s brother, Krishna thought he was here brother too, and there was a Rakhi episode where Krishna tied a rakhi to yuvan and golu). So none of this makes any sense. According to 15yr leap sayyaim is supposed to be 15, even if Saiyyam and Krishna get married, that will be child marriage for saiyyam. Despite all of that nonsense, dadi liking Baby doesn’t make sense, The only logic behind her liking baby that they showed was how Baby was supporting the Birla beauty products. Like serious wtf?? Where is Babu and Menka? Might as well get Yuvani get married to Golu since nothing is logical in this drama anyways.

  11. How DUMB is Suhani! She should just tell Saiyyam the truth and move the hell on! This is no rocket science.
    And dadi’s character has had a long enough life in the show!!! Remove her.

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