Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani making budget plan and Menka laughs on Birla’s spelling. Suhani says its not L, but R. Yuvraaj teases her and Suhani calls him a teacher. She says we have to stop our waste expenses and asks Ramesh what he needs for cooking and kitchen. He says he needs phenyl bottles daily, as Yuvraaj makes him clean his room again and again all day. Yuvraaj says I like cleanliness. Ramesh says what everyone need and Anuj’s protein shake comes costly. Suhani says we have to see whats necessary. Rags says our green tea for body detox. Saurabh says no, protein shakes are good.

Menka says our green tea is cheaper and we can afford it. Rags and Saurabh argue. Yuvraaj says mum’s medicines are most imp. Suhani says yes, I will get that in wholesale. Rags asks for imported creams and Suhani asks her to control, as medicines are more imp. She says they will get their items, but in limit. Dadi asks her to get her injections. Suhani says its costly, 2000rs each. Dadi says she can’t compromise. Rags says she also wants her things. Suhani thinks how will she manage everything.

Suhani waits for Yuvraaj and messages him. He comes and asks whats this written. They start arguing. She says happy birthday and gifts him his name board, to place it outside his cabin when he gets his office back. He laughs seeing Yuvraj Billa. She asks why is he laughing, and sees Billa. She says she wrote spelling well. He say your R looks L. She asks why does he see mistakes in her. He says you do some mistake always. She says I wrote right one, see what he wrote. He says I m not saying about this. She says so about what. He holds her and says you know.

She says I had reason to hide the safe. He says he wants to know the reason, till then he will not accept her apology. She says I can’t say. He asks is this your final decision. She says yes. He says fine, I will not ask now. He starts leaving. She holds his hand and says its your birthday tomorrow, can’t we forget this annoyance for one day, please. He says fine Suhani, but just this time. She says thanks and smiles. She gives him the name board and leaves.

Sharad comes smiling and asks Yuvraaj did he do any crime, as his smile goes seeing me. Yuvraaj asks him not to smile naughtily. Sharad says I came to gift for his birthday, not I think its not needed, as he got what he wanted. Yuvraaj takes his gift. Sharad says you can’t run, you love her too. I m very adamant and will make you admit it.

Suhani talks to Ramesh about Dadi’s injections. She tells Anuj how he can replace his protein shakes by jaggery and nuts. Anuj agrees and she thinks about injections. Rags and Menka come to ask for their creams and asks her not to argue, else give keys to Dadi. Suhani says she found how creams are made and brings the raw fruits. She says natural things are more good, she got this from super market. They leave. Saurabh comes with Sharad and says he arranged first class birthday party with Yuvraaj.

Sharad says I have idea to arrange truth and dare game, and Saurabh likes the idea. Yuvraaj comes and they leave. Suhani and Ramesh wish him happy birthday. He says thanks. Ramesh says about Dadi’s injections. Yuvraaj asks about Rags and Menka taking fruits. Ramesh says Suhani got this for creams replacement. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to help and says please. He smiles and sits to find anything for Dadi.

He says how Rags and Menka are made by natural things, even Dadi’s injections can be made at home. She asks Ramesh for few items, and he says we will make this at home. Suhani looks for the syringe. Dadi comes and Suhani hides. She asks who is there. Ramesh says no one. Dadi goes to see and Suhani leaves. Ramesh says he is also going. Dadi sits on the bed and Suhani hides under the bed. Yuvraaj comes and asks Dadi when did she come. Dadi says just now, happy birthday. He says thanks and sees Suhani behind her. He says where is my gift, go. Dadi asks go? Yuvraaj says go fast and get my gift. Dadi says I will give. Yuvraaj hugs Dadi and signs Suhani to go.

He says I got my gift, your love. Dadi hugs him. Suhani brings the syringe. Ramesh says its good Yuvraaj saved her, and Suhani fills the syringe. Yuvraaj come to her and helps her. Sharad sees them and smiles. He says he will make Yuvraaj say the truth tonight. Saware……………plays…………..She asks Yuvraaj to tell Dadi that this cream is better.

Suhani and Yuvraaj dance on the song Teri Meri prem kahani…………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lovely.

  2. I hate this yuvraj i do not know that how much time he will take for accepting his love even sometime i feel that he do not suhani stupid kahi ka

  3. Nice episode…
    Am waiting for Monday episode…..?

  4. At last the time has come!!!

  5. Very nice ? episode and I’m eagerly waiting for Monday episode I wish that the precap will be true?????

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  8. Superb episode………..intersting precap……..what a mind for suhani and solving the problems very easily….
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  9. Superb episode…….what a mind for suhani and solving the problems very easily….
    ..suhani u r just rockinggggg………..

  10. very smart suhani

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