Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anuj mixing some wine in juice and drinking. Rags and Menka scold him. Dadi comes and asks them not to scold her grandson. She asks him to keep wine here and leave. He says sorry Dadi and leaves. Menka says she has caught Anuj red handed and she will throw the vodka. Dadi says no, I will make Suhani drink this vodka tonight. Rags and Menka are shocked and ask what. Dadi asks them not to make any mistake, they got a chance and will not let this go. They smile. The party begins and everyone play musical chairs game. Dadi smiles and is playing game with Suhani and Rohan. Anuj gets out by Menka’s cheating. Menka says Suhani pushed me. Anuj says I have seen Menka pushing me. Suhani says she will not play and asks Anuj to play.

Suhani and Rohan argue for a chair, and Yuvraaj asks her to take another chair. Menka gets out. Anuj smiles. Yuvraaj sees Rohan and gets annoyed. Rohan comes infront of Yuvraaj and does not let him win. Yuvraaj asks him to see and walk. Rohan teases him. Dadi asks Rags to be out this time. Rags gets out this time, and Sharad is also standing. Suhani asks Sharad to sit. Yuvraaj says Rags will win. Sharad runs and Rags sits. Yuvraaj tells Rohan that its easy to know people so soon. Rohan says I have known how much I wanted and smiles seeing Suhani. Yuvraaj gets stunned. Dadi makes faces.

The game resumes and Yuvraaj sees Rohan cheating and making Suhani win. Dadi asks Rags to give the juice mixed ones to Suhani and Rohan, and be careful. Yuvraaj, Suhani and Rohan play. Yuvraaj goes not sit on the chair and lets Rohan takes the place. He leaves from there. Suhani looks on. Dadi smiles. Rohan talks to Suhani as he wins and Yuvraaj comes. He looks at them. Rags says Rohan has won, but Suhani is actual winner for us, as she found the formula. She gives them drinks. Suhani sees Yuvraaj and Rags asks her to drink. Suhani says I have some work, and will come later. Suhani asks Yuvraaj why is he angry, she did not do cheating, Rohan did, why is he leaving game. He asks her to go, what does she want, to celebrate her win. She says I did not win. He asks shall I celebrate for your Rohan. She asks what do you mean. He drinks the juice and says disgusting, what are you drinking. Rags and Menka come and see the glass back in Suhani’s hand. They smile that it will be double fun now.

Dadi says congrats Rohan, I m glad seeing you win, but I saw Yuvraaj upset. He asks why does Yuvraaj get upset. She says Yuvraaj does not accept Suhani and not let anyone accept her, they don’t have any husband and wife relation, I feel bad for them. Rohan talks to her. Menka goes and makes the drink fall on Suhani, and argues with her. Rags asks them to change their dresses. Dadi will be angry. Suhani goes to change. Menka says I have to change too. Rags says no, stand here and don’t let Suhani come out of the room, I will call Rohan till then.

Dadi says I wish I could get happy for you Rohan. He says its fine, you are already doing a lot for me. Sharad asks Dadi to come and cut the cake. Rags signs Dadi and smiles. She says she will call everyone, Yuvraaj went out and Suhani is in her room. Dadi asks Rohan to call Suhani and sends him. Rags says Menka is there. Dadi asks Rags to go there and Yuvraaj will get angry seeing Suhani and Rohan in room. Rohan goes to call Suhani and goes inside the room. Rags shuts it from outside and smiles, saying now it will be real fun.

Sharad asks where are Suhani and Rohan. Dadi asks Rags. Rags says I have seen Rohan going to Pratima’s room. Someone comes to Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. uss din toh jab suhani haanth dhone gayi thi toh andar se dawaaza lock kari thi ….and rags had to use the window to go out….aur aaj jab kapde change karna tha toh darwaza bandh nahi ki ..
    wahh… re writers….

  2. I think its yuveaj

  3. Its yuvraj

  4. It is very irritating to see Suhani act like a teenager.

  5. Suspense again

  6. i think yuvraj

  7. no itz rohan……yuvraj itz oenough plz tell suhani abt ur love……

  8. I also think it is yuvraaj n maybe in drunk state he will confess his feelings to rohan thinking he s talking to suhani

  9. I think it yuvraj came n maybe see rihan there n get more jealous n might tell his true feeling to rohan n suhani will hear him

  10. This is the worst show ever I’m sick and tired of the stupid same story line everyday…I think this show should be cancelled… If this is how people back bite each other, I’m glad sono and surhab left this dumb ass show

  11. I don’t understand the purpose of this show anymore. The description about a girl of dark skin challenging the cultural ignorances was initially intriguing. But now, the storyline has become ridiculous. A strong message could have come from this, it is a shame.

  12. ohh please …no one would get drunk in just one ounce of vodka…

  13. no ,i think yuvraj in drunk state will confess he is possessive of rohan to suhani..wish they get some close moments,,LOL

  14. So Stupid show. Yuvaraj hasnt even recognised his feelngs for suhani! Disgusting!

  15. kitna achaa hoga if rohan realises yuvraj’s love for suhani and gets yuvraj and suhani closer

  16. first, when rohan came to free yuvraj from jail, i just loved him and the way he behaved.i also loved his jokes too much.He calls suhani as ‘Mother India’,sharad as ‘Brother India’ and yuvraj as ‘Prince Charming’.But now rohan is becoming worse day by day.Sometimes i feel that he is my ‘Dushman’,par i wish, if he becomes my ‘Dosth’ in the coming episodes!

  17. Malika, i don’t understand, if you don’t like this show, then why are you reading its updates?
    Why are you wasting your time?

  18. Sneha….for your information, I read the updates to see if the storyline changed #2…I live in a country where there is something called freedom of speech that allows me to say what I want when I want. If you don’t like it then simply put don’t f**king read it..point blank period….

    In closing thank you for your comment I’ll be sure to think of you when I pay my next cable bill…so please my dear have five million seats and enjoy the show…

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