Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam saying you are gone Yuvraaj Birla. He goes. Suhani does aarti in morning. Saiyyam thinks no aarti can save them. Yuvani says I hate Krishna becoming my Bhabhi. Rags says fine, she won’t become your Bhabhi, do as I say. Suhani asks Yuvaan and Krishna to do aarti. Yuvaan looks at Baby. Pratima asks Yuvaan and Krishna to take blessings from elders. Dadi just blesses Yuvaan. Yuvraaj hugs Yuvaan and Krishna, and hugs them. Yuvaan says I will take my time and decide when to call you Papa. Yuvraaj says fine, take your time. Krishna says I will not call you Dadu, I look stupid. He calls her cute and little Krishna.

Sharad and Bhavna come and dance in punjabi style. Everyone smile. Sharad hugs Yuvraaj and says I will make everyone do this. Bhavna asks them to dance, its celebration time. They all dance. Later, Suhani goes to Yuvraaj. She calls him Mr. Kumar. He says even you? She says yes, i will take my son’s side, I learnt this from Pratima. He says it means you will take Krishna’s side now, as Maa took your side. She says yes. They smile. Yuvaan sees Krishna and Baby. He thinks what to do.

Krishna goes to Yuvaan and says I m nervous and does not want to dance, can you encourage me. He says no, then don’t do it, you should not do anything if you don’t wish. Baby thinks Yuvaan did not say anything. Krishna gets a note. Saiyyam comes and asks are you excited about your stupid wedding. She asks whats your problem. He says what will you do, I was thinking just that. She says whatever, why do you care. She keeps paper there near rings and goes.

Pratima comes. Suhani tells her that Yuvraaj feels I m like you. Pratima says no, you are better. He says impossible, I hope I become a good father. Suhani says you have lived away for 20 years. Pratima says kids need time, we lied to them and did not say complete matter. Suhani says Dadi is right, this happened because of me. Pratima consoles her.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani for dance. Mann mast magan………..plays…. They have a romantic dance. Pratima tells Yuvaan and krishna that they both should be like Yuvraaj and Suhani. She says there are hurdles in true love, it does not mean anyone loses belief in love, friendship is the foundation of love. Bhavna asks Yuvaan and Krishna to come and dance. Yuvaan says I don’t want to force Krishna for dance if she is not comfortable. Krishna says its not like that, I m just nervous, Yuvaan encouraged me. Dadi says I can’t see this now. Rags goes. Yuvani tells Dadi that i m ready to do what Rags said. Dadi says good, don’t make mistake. Yuvani says yes, tell me the plan. Dadi says we are stopping Krishna, none should know this, that I m behind all this. Yuvaan teaches dance to Krishna. She gets hit by his hand. He says sorry. She says sorry, I got confused.

Baby says I will help you, why don’t you see me and Yuvaan. Yuvaan and Baby dance together. Suhani stops them and asks Baby to let Krishna dance, its not a dance competition. She says its emotional moments for Krishna, not to show. Baby leaves. Bhavna says we should prepare for engagement now, Suhani we will arrange sweets.

Baby says whats Yuvaan’s problem, why is he not proposing me. Suhani comes there and she thinks Yuvaan came to propose her. She turns and sees Suhani. Rags adds chemical in the jug. Baby apologizes to Suhani. Suhani says I came to say sorry, I have made you leave, it was imp to show you your place. Baby says I know my place well, I was helping Yuvaan. Suhani says you always help others, you came to help Saiyyam and started helping Yuvaan, my sons are lucky, thanks, stay as guest only.

Baby shouts I love you Yuvaan. Yuvaan gets shocked. Baby hugs him. Baby smiles. They get recorded. Suhani looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I wish this serial ended again with a bomb blast and only sugani survive…i feel she is enough for herself…

    1. Should’ve ended a long time back, I agree.

  2. Hmm so nothing happened today,,,

  3. Amalina

    Precap is interesting wow!

  4. I truly feel bad for krishna even more than saiyaam because at least he is enough strong to fight for his rights and give the taste of their own medicine to his enemy but krishna is helpless, she is like a baby in a river full of crocodile ready to eat her alive. Like dadi and rags were not enough now this brainless yuvani and baby are in the party.
    Yuvan have all the right to not love krishna but how can he feel for the girlfriend of his brother, he just meet her 2 days before and he is completely into her. After all he is a birla he doesn’t know what loyalty is
    I hope saiyaam go on with his plan and completely destruct birla family, they totaly deserve it.

    1. I agree with you.That what happens when you don’t have both or one of your parents.

      I feel sorry for Krishna too, I say soumya, give yuvani, all the encouragement and support. But suhani made Krishna weak. Sometimes I asked myself, what kind of mother and woman is she. I hope saiyyam does exactly as you said.

      1. Not just that, suhani is not listening or understanding, what her children want.
        You might dislike baby, but that is yuvaan choice.
        This is the type of girl he likes, not Krishna or suhani types.
        At the end of the day, suhani shouldn’t force yuvaan into any marriage.

      2. Yes parenting in not only giving love but to make kids strong enough to take care of themselves when parent will not be around. i wish soumya was there so dadi and her gangs wouldn’t dare to harm krishna.
        I can’t understand how he fall for his brother girlfriend in such short time . It would make sense if she was introduced to as a random girl or they would spent more time together. I feel like he doesn’t wanna marry krishna and he needs a reason to say no and baby is this reason if she accepts him he refuse this marriage otherwise he marries krishna. But I want baby and yuvan marriage.

    2. Really? He just met this girl? Writers are really losing it. Krishna I find a bit irritating wit her babe in the woods behaviour. Want to shake her and tell her to grow up. Can’t she see the guy doesn’t want her? Ah, but neither did Suhani.

      1. Suhani made krishna that way because of her guilt for soumya’s death. There shouldn’t be any marriage for krishna , being heartbroken should learn to be stronger and concentrate on studies or career.

  5. Barbie and Baby same story, Yuvani and Meenka same story Rags little spoon…. The Grandma has to go to pridictable time to retire the show

  6. But at last I want to say that Krishna is the beautiful girl in the show.

  7. plzzz stop this serial… its becumng worst

  8. well well well yuvani turns out to be a b*t*h just like rags and dadi anways we cannot blame suhani because its not her upbringing and when in god’s name will dadi give up she has one foot in the grave and yet this old hag is not mending her ways and indeed Sailen manna krishna is beautiful and i do not think it is right for yuvani and krishna to be a couple its just my opinion

    1. Sorry, but I have to disagree with you.
      You have to ask yourself, what happened to yuvaan.
      Where did suhani,have gone wrong with him.
      Why is he like this, yuvaan tried to kill saiyyam.
      Now his twin sister, is trying to kill Krishna.
      Wow! Krishna and saiyyam, would make a good couple.

      Yuvaan, had his mother, pratima, all of his family around him, as well as their love.
      Yuvaan, for me.
      Has no right,to be like this, even his sister yuvaan
      They had money, as well their mother love.
      Who’s fault is it, except for suhani.
      Remember how Yuvaan was when he was a little boy. Before he meet his father. He was a good boy.
      Why, because suhani was far away from the birla family.
      Suhani, let the birla family to influence her twin. Suhani made sure, that they were strong, independent character.
      While suhani made Krishna weak.
      You can’t blame everything on Dadi and Rags. They are what they are, and suhani knew this.
      Why suhani did this, because yuvraj told her to.
      So in my conclusion, suhani is to blame for Yuvani and yuvaan up bringing.

      You can ask what about saiyyam, well, what do anyone expect. He has the right to be angry. In his anger, saiyyam is doing all this.
      You have to remember, we still don’t know who took saiyyam. Also what truth and lies has been told to him.
      But for me, there is good in saiyyam.
      It is suhani fault again, for saiyyam reaction.

  9. krishna ?Sayyam=?

    What the hell? Really ? Krishna Plus Yuvaan ? They look unbelievably terrible together . I feel like baby looks better with yuvan. And Krishna is so much more better with sayyam

  10. Saiyyam is 6 years younger. Now they made the leap as 20 years. So yuvaan and krishna are 26. How krishna an yuvaanI are still singlearning I do not know. They do not seem to be doing anything in particular. How krishna can get married to 20 year old saiyyam I do not understand.

  11. I just want to see some real interesting story and chemistry between saiyam and krishna…they both look stunning together…and less to do with suhani and yuvraj…..gosh! They’re so boring….

  12. Hey, hiya. Caught a few episodes after a long break and it’s gotten worse. How old are the new gen kids s’pposed to be? Whatever, they seem too immature in their behavior, innit? How come yall are shipping kids who don’t seem to know ABC? I like the angry guy (seyyem?) but same crap repeat of harming, plotting, bombing, etcetera. I didn’t see any sparks between any combo of the kids. One’s a wimp, one’s needlessly violent, one’s a b*t*h without reason like her granma, one’s a con artist who’ll join the villains, and the bearded guy looks lost. The original couple were much better. Good to see the creepy bestie and the brainless twit sister-in-law gone, but alas, the old biddy and her sidekick still kickin’. And no logic, innit? Girl falls, guy picks her up and falls on her and boom, he has to marry her? Height of craperroo. Hey, I was wondering that too, what someone said above—how come the old woman likes the new girl when she’s such a colour-conscious git? Then thought mebbe because the girl is stylish and wants to make the best of herself, unlike Suhani, who was needlessly adamant and so boring with her siyat lectures, which came up again yesterday. Btw, she seems to have got over her refusal to use makeup and all, wot? Last I’d seen the two-faced bestie was after the kiddo’s life. Saw a coupla episodes where sambhav was torturing Suhani and couldn’t stomach it. So Sambhav married Suhani and went mental? Whoa! Looks like a bunch of sadists are the new writers.

  13. i just took a quick peek,and saw someone disagree with me on suhani’s upbringing,wow children now a days cannot even try to protect their mom they are branded as bad but just to set the record straight if yuvan tried to kill saiyyam he had his reason every son will try his utmost to protect his mom from vultures like saiyyam and as i said before dadi will be dadi and rags as always rags that is a hard pill to swallow but i will stand by my earlier comment suhani has nothing to do with yuvani upbringing you have to understand one cannot point fingers at suhani she was raped and no one i mean no one can never ever forget something like that and to top it all off she became pregnant so she was lost in her own world she had no one to stand by her side cause even yuvraj was jailed so you can imagine her being brutally raped pregnant and lonely so please dont go there hun and point fingers at suhani and i rest my case i do not have any more time to waste i have to go look after my patients i am late by ten minutes bye friend no hard feelings its just my opinion

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