Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Barbie coming to Yuvraaj and asking him to go to meet Dadi. He says I will go later. Barbie insists saying Dadi is calling you. He says wait. Suhani looks at Barbie and gets scared. She changes the topic and Yuvraaj goes to meet Dadi. Barbie calls someone and says don’t give her food today. Suhani stops her and says Maa will get unwell without food, why are you doing all this, what do you want. Barbie says Yuvraaj, I love him. Suhani asks what, when did this happen. Barbie says please, I said about love, not disease, love happened.

Suhani says you love Yuvraaj and trying to kill the two people he loves, me and Maa. Barbie says how do you know he loves you, he did not leave me after you came. Suhani says he does not love you, he is caring for baby, the day he knows you kidnapped Maa, you can’t imagine what he will do. Barbie says that’s why you have to be very careful, Yuvraaj should not know anything about me, else your one wrong step can trouble Pratima.

Barbie goes to Yuvraaj and asks why are you not talking to me, atleast about the baby. He says there is nothing between us. She holds his hand. Snoopi comes and barks at her. Yuvraaj asks her to stay nice to Snoopi and get friendly, then he won’t trouble you. She gets angry. He leaves.

He goes out and plays some song. He sees Suhani upset. Pal bhar………kaise tumhe roka karun……plays…………… he recalls her and their old moments. Suhani cries seeing him and thinks of their moments. She hears the same song from his ipod. They both get sad.

Its morning, Yuvraaj tells Saurabh that he will tell him if he is going for conference. Sharad asks whats going on in your mind. Yuvraaj says I have tension. Saurabh says this happened because of marrying Barbie. Yuvraaj says Suhani thinks I don’t care, I know Barbie’s life is at stake, how did she think its real marriage, I have to talk to her. Saurabh says if she tries harming herself or baby. He says but she has to know this, how can she be in imagination, I m keeping Suhani away because of Barbie, Barbie is not a member of this house, she has no right to talk to Rags and Menka badly. Sharad asks him to wait for some time, talk to Suhani, then talk to Barbie. Yuvraaj says I decided I will solve this myself.

Suhani tells Soumya that Barbie loves Yuvraaj. Soumya asks what. Suhani says she kidnapped Maa, its too much now. Soumya says Barbie is very dangerous. Suhani says I knew, if she is Dadi’s friend’s granddaughter, she would be from good home, how can she do this bad thing. Soumya says Dadi would have taught her all this, and now she is smart and double crossed Dadi. Suhani says Maa’s life is in danger, I have to do something. Soumya says no need to pity on her, she is not pregnant, don’t tell me you will be still good, Barbie is bad, she tries to kill you. Radhe hears them and asks Soumya did she say Barbie, how do you know her. Soumya asks how do you know, its not imp that she is same. He says my Barbie is also very clever, I think she is same. Soumya asks Suhani does he have Barbie’s pic. Suhani says I will check. Radhe says she looted me and found someone rich, she left me. Suhani shows the pic. Radhe gets angry and says she is that shameless girl. Suhani and Soumya get shocked. Suhani says now I will not leave her, she kidnapped Maa, see how her plan gets troublesome for her.

Yuvraaj goes to Barbie and asks her not to do work. She says why, I was bored, even Suhani does work. He says but you are not Suhani, there is difference, I told you clearly that I m marrying so that no one points on you in the society. She says yes. Suhani tells Sharad that she has to say something. Sharad tells her that Yuvraaj went to explain Barbie that he married her just for baby. Suhani says what, we have to stop him, else…. Yuvraaj says I can’t treat you like Suhani, you have to understand this, I told this when we felt we lost Suhani, then Suhani came back. Barbie says you mean you will leave me after all this. He says you also said this, we are doing this for baby, you are reacting this way, this marriage…. Suhani comes and scolds Yuvraaj for this drama. She tells Yuvraaj that I have fought with death and even then you left me, once I get my baby, I will go from here. Barbie smiles. Yuvraaj asks what do you mean. Suhani says what shall I do, whom do I have here. Yuvraaj asks what are you saying, are you fine, this is my baby too. Suhani says we will see that time, be with Barbie, you left me, atleast do responsibility towards Barbie. He says Suhani…..Barbie asks Yuvraaj do you want to leave me for her. He goes to talk to Suhani. Barbie says Suhani got saved….

He goes to Suhani and asks what did you tell me. Dadi comes and says Yuvraaj, maybe I came on wrong time. He says nothing, tell me what happened. Dadi says I want you to attend Mumbai conference, we can grow our business as your Dada ji’s dreamt, this is a good chance, if you have to wait for some work then.. he says no Dadi, I will go, no one needs me here. He leaves. Dadi looks at Suhani and recalls in FB, that Suhani called her and told her plan to kick out Barbie. Dadi asks her do you want to send Yuvraaj away. Suhani says yes, he can do anything in anger, he should go away. Dadi asks how to send him away. Suhani says don’t know, Maa’s life is in danger, we have to save her. Dadi says fine, I will do something. FB ends. Dadi looks at Suhani and goes.

Sharad goes out to meet Suhani and asks are you sure this plan will work. She says we have no other way. He asks did Barbie do anything wrong again. She says if Barbie knows anything then…


Dadi asks Rags to leave house if she dislikes Barbie. Rags gets angry. Suhani looks on. Barbie smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Omg radhe and barbie??? I think that Saturday barbie truth come out. I’m not sure I think this.

  2. I’m loving the story line

    1. Me too suhani has a fool proof plan hope it works

  3. radhe and barbie! hahaha why would she need money from radhe if she is from a rich family1

  4. Wat radhe n barbie i think suhani will find out wat going between them

    1. Na she is trying to pretima back then she will get yuaraaj back

  5. Barbie n radhe utter nonsense. N how can Barbie likes radhe

    1. She used him I think earlier episodes before explains why he was stealing from khrisnan and soumya probably to repay his debt to her.

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    My only interest is Yuv/Suhani….ugly barb kick out of show pls….

  7. I can only read the episode – which takes me a couple of minutes

    I really can’t waste time watching it as it makes me so angry m

    We have not moved forward at all on this story line – so blo*dy boring

  8. No wow factor! They almost got it with the return of suhani but blew it due to lack of imagination. It’s gone back to the same old boring track.

    1. @Edel it kinda keeps twisting around but this time suhani has a plan barbie thinks she won but I see suhani getting ready for war just be patient they have to string it along so when suhani gets pretima back the fur is going to flu trust me.

  9. Pls any one tell me… Retelecast time of the serial

  10. Why is yuvraj not suspicious of suhani’s behaviour? Before kidnapping she wanted to tell him something regarding barbie &changing reactions in barbies presence. Hope so he finds something fishy &not act like a dumb yet again. ..
    Radhe &barbie ???? rakhi ko patta chalta toh barbie ki khair nahi .

  11. @ Pavi it’s 8 am

  12. @ Queen : u r right but we would luv to see yuvraj’s involvement too, we understand suhani fears fr yuvrajs reactions towards barbie but the writers always make him look dumb .

  13. Tanq sushma……

  14. what happened. retelecasting at 9 in morning is cancelled. when is it retelecasted.

  15. hi i my name Asha i also fan of Suhani….. i hate Barbie too much

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