Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima saying everyone feel I chose wrong girl for Yuvraaj by my forgetting habit, this is not true, I chose you in all my senses, my decision is right, Yuvraaj is my blood, the day I met you,I felt you will become my bahu and his wife, you deserve it. Suhani says she wants to know whom Yuvraaj wanted to marry, me or Soumya. Pratima says for me, it was necessary who will come in his life, this house has always valued fair looks and beauty, then I met you, who was beautiful by heart and values, Dadi has given her mindset to Rags and Menka, and my three sons also believed this, but I knew if any good girl comes in Yuvraaj’s life, who values relations and changes definitions of looks, you can change this house, it was you for me. Suhani asks it means he liked Soumya.

Pratima says yes, he liked her beauty … he wanted to marry her, I chose you and told everyone that I did mistake. Suhani cries and asks why, why did she do this, she said a big lie. Pratima says Yuvraaj liked Soumya, but you would have filled happiness in his life. Suhani says you did not think about me, he does not like me, he does not love me, then what about me. Pratima says I became selfish, so I m your culprit, but he married you by his wish, not helpless, I told him he can refuse but he did not refuse. Suhani says the relation where guy does not love girl, its baseless and unimp. Pratima says no, I have seen him changing and coming close to you, he started caring for you. Then Soumya came in between and Dadi liked her, many things changed after you came here, you changed the wrong mindset. She says her decision to bring her is not wrong, if she has to take such decision again, she will choose her again.

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Dadi talks to her stupid trio and Pankaj comes there. Dadi passes some sweet taunts and he asks where is Suhani. They send him to Pratima’s room knowing whats going on there. Pratima says I felt Yuvraaj is getting happy so I have hidden this. Suhani says he married being helpless, he told me he does not love me, this is the truth. She cries. Pankaj hears everything and is stunned. She says there is no love in my marriage, this is the reason we don’t have love in marriage, he told this in Dadi’s marriage. Suhani says we became good friends, but not husband and wife.

Dadi and her gang also hear this standing far. Pankaj knocks the door and says Suhani…. Suhani and Pratima are stunned seeing him. Pratima asks him to come. He says he forgot to give kachoris Lata has sent. Suhani says she will eat later. He asks why, have it now, sit. He makes her eat by his hands. She says its nice. He says I will go now. She asks did he come for this. He says yes and see this smile on your face, its biggest happiness for father to see his daughter happy in her inlaws home.

He worries and gets angry. Rags tells Dadi that he is coming in anger and makes him more angry saying Suhani felt bad when Yuvraaj said he does not love her. Dadi says he will bend infront of us tomorrow, he will have shame in his eyes and see that day will come soon. Pankaj bumps into Yuvraaj outside and recalls Suhani’s words. He walks away and thinks Yuvraaj chose this marriage for his selfish motive for the bank work. He turns and sees Yuvraaj gone.

Suhani comes in her room and cries seeing her marriage pic. Jaake bhi tu nai jaaye…………plays……….. She recalls the old moment. She recalls his bitter words and Soumya. Pratima comes and asks is she still annoyed. Suhani says yes, with myself, I was so blind and could not understand that this relation is not anything but a burden on him, he was acting. Pratima says no, he is very happy. Suhani says he does not hate me, but he does not love me, he loves someone else, and this marriage is lie for him. Pratima says you are not able to see what I m seeing, fine tell him about Dadi’s lie. Suhani says Dadi said right, she wants his happiness, I know her way was wrong, but her intention was right. Pratima says I admit I made mistake, but I don’t regret, I still believe you and Yuvraaj are made for each other. Suhani says you feel so, but Yuvraaj, you don’t regard external beauty imp, but it matters to him, I m good by heart and I can’t do anything of my beauty, I don’t want to change, Pratima says I m sure you will change the thinking of everyone here.

The cheque bounces and Dadi blames Pankaj for this, and says she knows the truth behind this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. You’re right sweet . She’s very cheap.

      1. no. soumya is right

      2. how soumya is right??

    1. she told the truth

  1. I feel so bad for her but I dont understand wht she doesnt go say all of these thoughts to yuvraj
    That is what someone in real life would do

  2. ur right soumya

  3. suhani was crying so badly 🙁 bechari suhani.. yuvraj speak up please!!!

  4. pity on u suhani……… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. Somouya you are so racist.I feel very sorry for you

  6. Oh dear sushani I feel sorry for u

  7. I don’t understand how can people like Shade and Soumya(commentators) belongs to any society..!!
    They should be in jungle of Amazon with their filthy mind and language..Chi..

    1. Yah u r right bink……those who don’t like suhani please stop watching the show and mind their language as its not a private website to comment about all these kinds of things….

  8. I cant see suhani crying like this. Next episode suhani will know the complete truth.

  9. u r such a cheap scumm…@somunya

  10. U r such a cheap scummm…[email protected] soumya

  11. sashaaahmedine

    I really hate dadi n soumya for.godsake pls leave suhani alone

  12. Feeling so sad fr suhani:(:(….soumya is covering her face with makeup..but really suhani is d most beautiful …pls yuvraj send out soumya from ur lyf

  13. The best and different thing in this show is that yuvraj- main hero knows the truth about villians.. hoping for good story further in show.

  14. In other serials heroin poor dies to prove herself right.

  15. wnt talk like this if u don’t like it then don’t watch suhani plz

  16. What is this!? Why can’t yuvraj just directly tell suhani that he loved her I mean it’s so obvious and if he does tell her that he lives her then he should also tell about his plan to kick soumya out of the house and I’m 100% sure she will agree because even suhani doesn’t want soumya in their house anymore. These directors are good for nothing their just making the show go longer and longer and I’m pretty sure it’ll last for 3-4 months

  17. I really feel pity for u soumya ..u r still n the old centuary where racism exist.nd pls stop calling people lik suhani black u shud use the word dark nd ths s a classy usage,I hop u understnd…

  18. i don’t think suhani is not beautiful.she is beautiful-especially her eyebrows

  19. Please give Yuvraj some meaningful dialogues, screen time and strong character. I feel sorry for Sahil. Even Snoopi and side characters are getting better dialogues.



  22. I feel lyk makng ugly men rape suhani

  23. I vl make u nude & leave u wid beggars u ugly b*t*h suhani

  24. be in your limits soumya

  25. Yaar!! Pls dont drag the serial longer.. so negative for a long tym.. sm positives in da middle must b good!.. suhani shud definitely leave person lik yuvaraj.. who cant protect her nd evn nw he cud nt accept tht he loves suhani bcos he still beleives in racism. Prathima is selgish abt her son. Wat abt suhani and the pain she is goin thru? If yuvraj accepts his love nd confesses it to her, suhani is goof hearted enuf to forgive nd accept him.. bt i also feel she deserves sm1 mor thn yuvaraj. Nd all the serials hav da same story yaar, guy does nt love, they get married nd thn they fall in love aftr the girl tries a lot… pls i wnt this show to hav a change.. i want suhani to have her sufficient self respect..

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