Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya seeing Sharad and she gets upset seeing the laddoos made fine by Suhani. Suhani comes to Pratima and apologizes, asking her what to do. Pratima says send Soumya back from this house. Suhani asks why, did she get any mistake, I apologize from her side. Pratima says why, there is nothing like that, she stayed enough and she should go, you also said this. Suhani says I said it because of Krishna. Suhani says where will she go, aunty kicked her out. Pratima says her husband wants her back and she does not want to go. Suhani says no, she has sent divorce papers and cheque to him, and he said yes seeing the cheque, the man who values money more than relations, how can we send her to him. Pratima says fine. Suhani says she made the laddoo, I feel its made good, you have to see and decide. She hugs Pratima and leaves.

Its morning, Suhani says I will wear Dadi’s given thing today, I hope she likes it, and I will be happy. Yuvraaj comes and she jokingly talks to him. He says he won’t talk if she jokes again. She says fine, what should I say now. He says fine. She shows the saree Dadi gave her. He says if Dadi have it, it will be nice, wear it. He leaves. She says he can’t praise me ever, and can’t help me in anything, his name should be Saduraj Birla, not Yuvraaj Birla.

Suhani prays to Lord. Soumya wears the similar saree. Rags and Menka compliment her. Menka jokes on Rags. Rags says Yuvraaj can’t take his eyes off from you. Menka says why did they wear same saree today. Dadi comes and says you don’t have sense. She smiles seeing them. Menka asks why did they talk inc ode. Dadi and Rags say nothing. Ramesh asks Suhani did she make the bhog. Suhani says yes, its ready. She stops from eating the laddoo and tinks what was she doing. She says I will go and see Yuvraaj. Rags and Menka come to them. Rags wishes her happy Makar Sankranti. Menka says you did not wish me all these years.

Rags says what nonsense, don’t care about her words Suhani. I really came to wish you. Suhani wishes her. Rags says tell Menka if you need any help to make laddoo. Menka says no, Rags will help. Suhani says no, I don’t need help, I made the laddoo. Suhani asks do they plan to make the laddoos bad. Menka says no, we did not get this idea. Suhani takes the laddoos and leaves. Menka says Suhani has gone, she became clever. Rags scolds her. She says if Suhani sees Soumya going to her room, it will be big problem.

Soumya comes in Suhani’s room and smiles. She sees Yuvraaj’s clothes and chooses one shirt for him. Yuvraaj comes home from jogging. Rags and Menka see him, and stop Suhani from going to her room. She says I came to say you forgot the puja plate. Suhani says she will do it later. Rags sends her, and makes her busy. Suhani sits working, and the plate light strikes Yuvraaj’s face. He does not see her and goes to the room. Soumya sits on the chair. Yuvraaj sees her back, and he walks to her. Soumya smiles. He says Soumya… She is shocked.

He says if you are waiting for Suhani, I would say she will take some time to come. She says wow Yuvraaj, you identified me without seeing me, I thought you will be confused between me and Suhani, seriously you identify me wherever I m. He says Suhani is outside, you will be here, and no one comes here with rights. He says anyways, go, I have to get ready now. She looks at him and leaves being upset. He sees the shirt and says what the hell…. He gets another shirt. Saawre……………plays………………Suhani says we wore same clothes after years Soumya. Dadi taunts her calling her a crow. She compliments Soumya and insults Suhani.

Suhani smiles and says yes, Soumya looks good in yellow color. Pratima sees her and gets angry. Suhani says I feel this saree looks good on me now. Menka insults Suhani and laughs. Dadi says if she feels she is looking good, let her be mistaken. Sharad looks on.

Yuvraaj eats the laddoo and shouts holding his tooth. Sharad asks what happened. Yuvraaj throws the laddoo. Sharad bends and Dadi gets hit.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. no matter wat all soumya plans to do from here onwards its not gonna benefit her anymore as yuraaj has known wat r the intentions of soumya for him.And also he has realised that how much suhani loves him unconditionally and tolerates all the wrong doings of dadi menaka and rags

  2. nice thingz gonna happen to dadi…:-)

  3. I just hope ki yuvi sirf acting kar raha hai suhani ko sathane ke liye

  4. ofcourse acting hi kar raha hai yuvraaj nahi toh agar ladoo itne hard the toh kyun bhala wo uss ladoo ko sharad ke upar maarega.aur waise bhi ladoo toh ache hi banete haan agar un 4 bandariyon mein se kisi ne kuch kaand kiya hoga toh problem ho sakti hai suhani ke liye aaj.

    Lekin mujhe poora bharosa hai yuvraaj pe ki agar ladoo ki galati ho bhi toh wo suhani ko bachayega dadi se…

    I am so much excited for today’s episode…..

  5. i hate that old lady. no one should support wrong horse. nice precap

  6. agree with u zhaira. really dadi is spoiling soumya………

  7. Once again, another reason to humiliate Suhani. The girl is trying her best, and if people such as that grandmother can not see that, then that family is not worthy of Suhani.
    When will Soumya realise that she has a husband who is willing to take her back after all the drama that has happened because of the grandmother and Ragini? Its a real shame that Suhani fails to see whats going on around her. Yuvraaj really needs to make Suhani understand that her ‘best friend’ doesn’t have the cleanest of intentions.

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