Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone coming home. Pankaj asks Suhani where did she go, he was calling her. Rags and Menka tell Dadi that they are not interested in going office. Suhani says bank did not give us any chance. Yuvraaj says how will we work now. Dadi says I will find some way. Pankaj says now I will go, and try to help if I can. Suhani goes to drop him till outside. She says she does not know what to do. He asks her not to lose hope, else who will show them the way. She says I don’t know how to make a start. He asks her to make a start and way will be seen itself.

Sharad asks what will he do now. Yuvraaj says don’t know. He gets a call from Krishna. Krishna says its Rakhi’s marriage tomorrow, and I want you and Suhani to come. Yuvraaj puts on speaker and says no, you know about the situation, I can’t come. Krishna says you will feel fresh if you come and solve problem well. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to agree. Yuvraaj says fine, we will come. Soumya says great. They hear a sound and rush to see.

Suhani hears Menka and Rags talking against Suhani. Pratima pacifies Yuvraaj as the one who tries never fails. Suhani scolds Rags and Menka, they should not be glad when the office is locked, they are here by the company, its imp for Dadi, if you don’t value this house, then the day is not far when the house will not value you. Rakhi tells the family in Devi Maa avatar that she will not leave the house, else the house will face problems after Laxmi goes. Soumya thinks its blackmailing.

Suhani says they will work, even if there is no office. She asks Yuvraaj to get ready, everyone is coming. He says he will wait and see whats happening. Saurabh and Anuj come getting ready. Yuvraaj is surprised. Suhani smiles. Yuvraaj asks where is he going. Saurabh says don’t know, what Suhani is joking. Suhani says she does not joke about work. Saurabh says he is wasting time. Pratima says did Suhani do any mistake till now. Rags says she did not do any good. Suhani says I will not do anything wrong.

Rags says I will not involve in this. Suhani says yes, I will manage. Yuvraaj comes and says I m ready, come. Suhani says not outside, here, can’t office be at home. She shows the new office to them, and they all like it, being surprised that it was their guest room before. Suhani says we will work from here, till we get our office, and this is Dada ji’s cycle, to remind us why we are here, and whenever we feel ourselves weak, this cycle will give us courage.

Yuvraaj says but Suhani, we don’t have anything. She says we will not talk of what we don’t have, and we will start with what we have, I have this hard drive and it has all files, we are together and …. Sends Ramesh to get something. She calls the staff and they all smile. She says they are all loyal helpers and we can solve this difficulty. Yuvraaj says we have Dada ji’s love and blessings too, we can’t fail, right guys. He smiles and looks at Dadi.

Suhani and Yuvraaj talk to the staff. Yuvraaj asks them to clean the files, else he will not touch it. He uses a sanitizer. Suhani asks Ramesh to clean it. She asks Rags and Menka to rest, she will manage office. She shuts the door. She says lets work now. She says there is no use to put pressure and make them work, its time waste. They get to work. Rags asks Menka why did she not do drama. Suhani checks some files. Yuvraaj says all files are right. She says all consignments came back, it means there is something wrong. Sujata says she has sample of new things and shows the cream to Yuvraaj.

They discuss about the creams, and they can’t get any data now, as factory is sealed. Suhani says how to find out now. Lalita says I don’t understand what to do, its her marriage today and she is refusing to go inlaws. Krishna says we have to agree to Mata and keep Rakhi here. Soumya hears this and gets angry. Rakhi smiles and says she controls them and can make them do anything. Soumya says she is putting herself in problem. Rakhi asks her to bring her truth.

Soumya talks to Suhani and they share their problems. Suhani says she has solution for her problem, find out why Rakhi does this acting, then you can find the way to bring her truth out. Soumya says yes. Suhani says this goes well for me too. Soumya says its good idea, who will tell about cream manufacturing. Suhani says I did not think about this.

Rags tells Menka that if Suhani wins the bet, Dadi will lose. Dadi says its not easy, its some days drama. Suhani comes to her. Dadi scolds her for stopping. She asks Suhani to see how is her office. Suhani sees everyone relaxing and passing time on phone. Dadi smiles.

Suhani asks an old man to check the cream and say whats wrong in it. The man says its not good, and says he will make the cream item list, then we will make it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is so boring and yuvraj c’mon now u should know that working is important for dada ji and u should do it for him also dadi open ur eyes rags and menka don’t care about u or this family all they care about is riches why can’t u see their misdeeds but u see suhanis galtis this is so stupid and I’ve never seen a foolish person like dadi in my life

  2. Its better suhani don’t do anything.. Let dadi and all to do it…

  3. u r a big fool dadi suhani is doing this for ur famly bt u don’t try to understand her

  4. i wonder its almost as if d tears she was shedding during d auction was fake.she needs to taste poverty again then she will elder totally lacking in wisdom

  5. But tbh suhani is making the birla family live like a middle class like she’s overreacting it’s only for a few days they have to be like this and then they will get there birla house back but suhani is making a budget and what not like they did at her house but she’s just overdoing everything like they have such a big house and it’s only for a few days that they are living like this so why did She need to give them a budget and all this isn’t like the srivastav house where everything is budgeted like u don’t need to make birla boys work u can just hire ppl and it doesn’t mean that everyone u hire will be like saxena this is just too much overacting of suhani she’s trying to make birla house like her house and that’s stupid plus she’s not gonna live at the birlas for long after this is over she’s going to leave again so why is she making everyone work like that’s just messed up

  6. don no y u ppl get much involved into these shows!!!?

  7. Y dadi don’t understand Suhani is doing this for them n not her

  8. Vahi ghisapita epi nothing special suhani ko itna hi pata tha office vagaira ke vare me toh bo khud job kyun nahi karti thi khana bhi achha bana leti hai ghar bhi manage kar leti hai sabse achha aur ab office ka kam bhi sabse achhi tarah kar rahi hai means perfect hai stupid kahi ki aisa lag raha hai ki kick ki salman khan ho jaise

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