Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby asking Yuvaan to call the goons and give Saiyyam’s pic to them. He looks at her. Yuvraaj and Suhani leave on the scooty to find Saiyyam. Saiyyam is sad and thinks of Krishna. He says I did bad with Krishna, I should have not come here, this would have not happened, but I would have not understood my mum’s truth, why did I get born. All problems increased, no one is happy, I have no right to be happy.

Goons ask tea stall vendor about Saiyyam. They find Saiyyam at the bus stop and start beating him badly. Yuvraaj and Suhani reach there on scooty and get shocked seeing Saiyyam. The goons run away. Suhani holds Saiyyam and asks him how can you lose hope, try to understand, show everyone that life has value, live your life well. She cries and asks him to come with him. They take him. Baby tells Yuvaan that Suhani and Yuvraaj saved Saiyyam, but goons have run away, no one knows anything, don’t worry. Suhani and Yuvraaj bring Saiyyam home.

Bhavna asks how did Saiyyam come home. Sharad gets first aid box. Yuvaan and Baby look on. Suhani does the aid. Yuvani asks Saiyyam how did he get hurt. Yuvaan says maybe he had a fight somewhere. Suhani says no, he did not. Yuvraaj also defends Saiyyam. Yuvani asks what did Saiyyam do that they are loving him. Dadi and Pratima come. Dadi says I know everyone is worried because of Saiyyam, but Yuvraaj can’t talk to Yuvaan like this. Sharad takes Saiyyam to room. Yuvaan argues with Yuvraaj. Yuvaan says I always treated my mum well and didn’t misbehave like Saiyyam did. Suhani says Saiyyam did not know truth.

Yuvaan says we also did not know truth, that our dad is alive and is in jail, since Saiyyam came, everything is going bad, Goa shack, and then this house, then Sambhav came, we got to know of the bad thing he did with you, if Saiyyam did not come, I would have not bear this. Suhani asks are you ashamed of me. Yuvaan says no. Yuvraaj says but your words show that. Yuvaan says see my parents are fighting with me, it would be good if goons kidnapped him. Baby worries. Suhani asks what did you say. Yuvraaj asks did you send goons Yuvaan.

Dadi says you both have faced Yuvaan to do all this, could you not see his pain. Suhani scolds Yuvaan. Dadi defends Yuvaan and says Suhani also burnt Sambhav. Suhani accept the mistake and says Yuvraaj was in jail for many years for that. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan to apologize to Saiyyam. Yuvaan refuses. Suhani says maybe you don’t need me now. She goes. Pratima asks Dadi not to increase Yuvaan’s pain. Yuvraaj says I have some work and goes.

Yuvaan hits punching bag. Yuvani explains him to understand Saiyyam. He says why did we know this, what good happened. Suhani says Yuvaan is ashamed knowing my past, he is married, he is not a kid, he is saying he was happy till he did not know my past. Pratima says he got a shock. Suhani says he can argue with me, and then he called goons to beat Saiyyam, we have seen goons, they would have killed Saiyyam. Pratima says Dadi has habit to spoil her grandsons, this time we will not let this happen.

Yuvani says Yuvaan I m your sister, if anyone teases me, don’t you want me to tell you. Yuvaan says shut up. Baby says some secrets should be hidden for peace, you are supporting Saiyyam and not your brother, since Saiyyam came, all problems increased. Yuvaan and Yuvani argue. He says its better if some secrets are better, Sambhav went to jail, Saiyyam should also leave. Baby says no, he will stay here, everyone will do what he says. He gets angry.

Suhani makes a dish for Yuvaan. Bhavna asks are you making this for Yuvaan, maybe he will realize his mistake. Suhani says no use, he does not realize his mistake, he thinks its normal to call goons. Yuvaan hears her. Suhani says my upbringing was not enough, my children don’t know right and wrong difference. Yuvaan says I m not lost. Suhani says you did wrong thing, you can’t be my son, if you are my son, you have to realize mistake, does anyone get brother beaten up, go and apologize to Saiyyam. She goes. He angruly throws the box which hurts Krishna.

He asks how can you support Saiyyam, he tortures you. She says yes, you are right. He says I knew you will understand me. She asks who is more bad, one who misbehaves with me or one who sends goons. He says Suhani went to take him, so I did not like it. She says Saiyyam is Suhani’s son, she was in tension. Yuvaan packs his bag. Baby tries to stop him. He says if Suhani needs me, she will stop me. She thinks Suhani won’t stop you. She says did you think about us. He says I thought of it, but I won’t stay here. Dadi tells Suhani that Yuvaan is leaving home. Suhani gets shocked.

Dadi argues with Suhani. Suhani says Yuvaan is threatening of leaving home. Yuvaan asks do you think so, then fine. He takes his bag and leaves home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yuvaan is not a kid if he wants to leave it is his choice but having a wife like baby who is a backstabber is better off than having o dog a dog is more loyal than her how can yuvaan send goons to beat his brother up as i said they need to throw dadi out of that house or there will never be peace between them love the way suhani took care of saiyyam suhani rocks

    1. Esther

      That’s right,,,,Suhani is rectifying her mistake and is taking care of him verywell….good going Suhani

  2. Mystery

    Todays epi was good
    Saiyyam thinks about Krishna wow…..
    YuvAani saves him fab
    Yuvaani cares for her bro….great
    Krishna support saiyyam indirectly… N say that yuvaan is more bad……excellent….

    1. Aarti32

      Yeah..U said all dat I wanted to..

      1. Mystery

        Thankyou ?

    2. Esther

      yeaa…agree with u on all points

  3. Aarti32

    Finally Kriyyam atleast think abt each other..I so luv it when Krishna taunts Yuvaan..
    I was rolling on the floor laughing when Yuvaan blurted out about d goons..??I was like he’s a beginner in all these plannings, he’ll take some time to become a proper villain..N baby n Dadi will train him n make him a perfectly polished villain..

    1. ??????same here n ur comment made me laugh even more dadi n baby will train him?

    2. Arshi123

      Hi,Aarti.I couldn’t reply for my exam .And I didn’t know that u r such a big fan of kj and ur from Odisha.Otherwise,I would have shared the news earlier??
      And yes, next time I will inform u for sure????

      1. Aarti32

        Yes dear..Do inform me..

    3. Mystery

      Hahaha right…but I hate this dadi…my Mumma was saying k…this dadi is the root of all this…..

      Now on one side KRIYYAM n other side that YUVAABY….

      1. Aarti32

        Yuvaaby!!???? Hilarious

      2. Esther

        hahaha…. u made a pretty good couple name Yuvaby…

      3. Mystery

        Ty Esther..

    4. Hahahaha, your comment seriously made me laugh ?????

      1. Aarti32

        Thanx..N dats wat I wanted

    5. Esther

      haha U missed Rags….u r rite he’ll get free classes from them

      1. Aarti32

        But nowadays they don’t show rags much..

  4. nice episode loved, where yuvraj n suhani saved n supported saiyyam.. even yuvani was too gud… nw suhani shud bring yuvaan back.. it was also gud tat yuvraj scolded yuvaan. i really feel pity on suhani.. gradually they will make yuvaan to understand saiyyam n then there will be a nice family moments. want to c tat..

  5. Arshi123

    Hello, everyone.Missed previous two episodes because of my exam.My dp icon and user name is changed as I registered.

    Episode was good,but I want KRISHNA to know that YUVAN is responsible for SAYYAM’S condition.Though,Krishna indirectly said Yuvan liar ,she still doesn’t know that Yuvans proposal was for Baby and in today’s episode she was absent when Yuvan said about his sending goons .
    So,I wish krishna finds out all these and KRIYAM track starts soon.

    1. Esther

      hallooo Arshi…hwz uu…N glad U got registered 😀 …Nice DP…..yea hope Krishna finds out everything soon

      1. Arshi123

        Thanks frnd ??

    2. Mystery

      But Krishna confronted yuvaan …she knows about the goons…

      1. Arshi123

        Thanks,I didn’t notice that because I didn’t watch the whole episode.
        Thanks a lot,at least Krishna got to know that.

      2. Mystery

        Ur wlcm….

  6. Cam someone burn Dadi pls? so she can die? omg end this serial pls….!!!!!


    1. Shristi has injury, mebbe thaswhy less scenes. And Karan ws on leave, to shyad uske bhi kum scene.

  8. krishna ?Sayyam

    I agree with Sonal . Bc he got wounded I expected some kriyam moments

  9. Hi Kriyam Fans ?

    1. Esther

      hai Halima 😀

    2. Aarti32

      Hi dear..

  10. Update padha pr boring lagaa. Why cvs kuch dhang ka nhi dete. Either torture, dadi planning ya ladai jagde. No fun or pleasant thing left in this serial. Saiyyam ka bhi kabara kr denge, aap dekhna.

  11. Esther

    Thaaank God he left home….

  12. i agree with you mystery

  13. Arshi123
    See the pic.May be Sayyam getting hurt again.?????

    Please cvs,don’t spoil Sayyam’s character by making it spineless .He should be strong as before but in positive way.???

    And , this time KRISHNA must take care of him.???
    Can’t wait for KRIYAM scenes.?????????

  14. Fanficwriter223

    Arghhhhh!!! No kriyam!!! But it was so sweet when sayyam was feelibg guilty for Krishna’s pain…krishna’s dialogues were OK in the episode…

    Yuvaan looked like a baby when he was punching the punching bag…no intensity at all????

  15. today i miss kriyam scene but krishna soft corner of saiyyam nice

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