Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj talking to Lata. Bhavna gets Amit’s call and he says go our home, as everyone is missing your handmade food a lot, and it will take time for me to call you here. Lata asks what did Amit say. Bhavna says he was saying my mum in law and Rishi was asking me. Lata says Rishi is like your friend, he thinks so much for you. Bhavna gets upset. Krishna makes food for Rakhi and makes her eat. Rakhi says I will cook food when you get a job. Soumya hears them. Krishna says I will manage. Rakhi insists. Krishna misses his mum. Soumya comes and says she heard the food making matter, if you teach me Krishna, I can also try. He says now you have to learn, Rakhi is small but she knows everything. He asks Rakhi to teach cooking to Soumya and leaves.

Rags and Menka think what if Suhani shows her hands to Dadi and prove us wrong. They get worried. Dadi is angry on Suhani and Pratima sees the red marks on her face. Sharad asks whats all this. Pratima says I need your help. Suhani asks Menka how did the paper become blank. Did you two do it. Rags gets angry. Suhani says why am I not able to adjust here. Menka says we are also feeling bad. Rags says your life has become so tough. Sharad says fine, I will make everything fine. Dadi sits in the garden. Sharad comes to her. Rags says I can understand, every girl has some dreams, but don’t you think, all the dreams ruined here.

Suhani says no, I m happy here, but the rules here are different. Rags says I think Dadi won’t be able to accept you as her bahu, not as you are bad, but as your house is different. Menka says be careful, else Dadi can take your class. Sharad puts water on Dadi’s face. Dadi scolds him and he gives her a hanky to wipe her face. The red marks are gone. Dadi asks him to be away from her sight and leaves. Sharad laughs and says the marks are gone. Bhavna thinks about Lata’s words, that Rishi is like her brother and friend. Rishi calls Bhavna and says they all are missing her, when is she coming.

Bhavna says I will stay here for few days. She says I will come in two three days. Lata comes and asks whose call was it. Bhavna says Rishi’s call. Lata asks her to go. Bhavna says I don’t feel to leave you all, I will stay in two three days, then I will go. Bhavna hides something and Lata gets worried. She thinks did anything happen there, why is she tensed. Suhani gets under the bed finding something. Yuvraaj comes in the room and closes the door. He changes clothes and removes his pant. Suhani is shocked and closes her eyes.

Yuvraaj does some pushups in his short and is shocked seeing her. He asks what are you doing here. She says I don’t want to say anything, don’t shout. He says come out. He quickly wears the pant. He has her eyes closed. She says she is going out, and bumps into him. She says sorry and leaves. He says stupid girl. Soumya is unable to cook food. She calls Rakhi. Her hand gets burnt. Krishna comes and cares for her hand. Rakhi comes and asks what did she do. She says you should have called me. Soumya says I called you many times, you did not come. Rakhi says so much ration has ruined. Krishna says the same and Soumya leaves.

Suhani sits in the hall as no one is there. She misses Soumya. She tells Ramesh that she is cleaning the water on the stairs. Dadi comes there and Suhani gets scared. Dadi walks towards the stairs, and Suhani gets tensed.

Lata calls Suhani and asks her to keep Teej fast. Suhani says she knows.

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  1. The one important thing the writers of this serial (Suhani’s character herself) are not realizing is that makeup is not used just to whiten a person’s face. Makeup is used to enhance a person’s features and make her look better without changing the color of her skin. And it is really irritating to see all the people (especially Suhani and Soumya and Krishna has horrible unibrow) on this show have unibrows. Just because Suhani is darker in complexion doesn’t mean, she has to copy Kajol and try to have a unibrow. Kajol’s unibrow worked many years ago and it is unique to her. Nowadays if you see Kajol, she is many times lighter than what she used to be and her unibrow is greatly trimmed/lightened. Suhani’s eyebrows are thick and not naturally progressing towards eachother. They just left a tiny point in between for her bindi.

    Once again, makeup is not to lighten a person’s skin color. Really irritating how they twist things like this.

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