Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking is the bedsheet cleaned. Suhani says sorry Dadi. Dadi checks the bedsheet and says perfect. Suhani says its fine, and no tearing. Dadi says its like I wanted, its looking new, you did good work. Suhani thinks how did this come. She smiles. Dadi says don’t get happy, don’t do such mistake again, else I will punish you. Suhani asks Ramesh how did this bedsheet come. Ramesh says I don’t know, you ask Yuvraaj. Soumya says don’t know whats happening in this house, what does this Rakhi want, but if I talk to Krishna, he won’t listen to me. If I talk to Suhani once, everything will be fine. Krishna comes and Soumya says she wants to meet Suhani. He asks why.

She says you have your sister, who makes me realize I don’t know anything. He says what, to speak against me and my sister. She says I m feeling lonely and I need a friend. He says does Suhani need you, will she be your friend knowing Yuvraaj likes you, you are not alone, I m with you. I m your friend, share everything with me, no need to talk to Suhani. Soumya gets upset. Suhani comes and sees Yuvraaj changing and turns. She asks where did he go in rain. He says he had some work. She sees the new bedsheet bill, but Yuvraaj hides it. She gives towel and asks him to dry his hair. Sharad sneezes and tells Suhani that Yuvraaj took him in such rain to buy a bedsheet. She tells him to say Yuvraaj not to go office today. Sharad says office and laughs. Sharad jokes to Yuvraaj and says Suhani does not know you don’t go office.

Yuvraaj says he has to go and meet his friends. Suhani thanks him for bringing bedsheet and saving her from Dadi. Yuvraaj looks at Sharad. She asks Yuvraaj to take rest. He says relax, office work will be done. Sharad says Suhani makes haldi milk good. Sharad teases Yuvraaj that he is madly in love with Suhani. Yuvraaj says shut up, Dadi taunts me for marrying Suhani, so I cover up her mistakes. Lata asks Bhavna to pack her bag as Pankaj will drop her today. Bhavna is upset and says I will miss you all. Bhavna leaves with Pankaj. Rishi comes and greets them. He says he will take Bhavna home. He says my mum misses Bhavna a lot, she impressed everyone. Pankaj says fine, you all stay happy.

Bhavna looks at Rishi and gets worried. She hugs Lata. Rishi keeps her bag in car and asks her to sit. She sits in backseat. Rishi says sit infront with me, I m alone there. She says I m fine here. They leave. Yuvraaj meets his friends and sees a girl like Soumya seeing her curly hair and says Soumya. He goes to see her face. The girl is someone else, his friend. She says her problem and asks him to help her. He says fine. Pankaj comes to a bank. Yuvraaj and Amrita also come there. She is his childhood friend and they bond well. She asks how did he become so caring, he married, so did he get senti wife. He thinks and says no, she is strong type. The ink falls on Amrita’s face and he laughs. He cleans it. Pankaj comes and sees Yuvraaj with her.

Pankaj comes to Yuvraaj and scolds him. He says you are married and you don’t have any answer for being shameless like this. Yuvraaj says you are mistaken. Pankaj scolds him and says I saw you being close to her. My daughter is innocent, it does not mean you will misuse her, I don’t be quiet if you do wrong with her. Yuvraaj gets angry and asks what will you do. Pankaj says time will say. Yuvraaj says fine, let the time come, you felt it wrong. He leaves. Suhani gets Yuvraaj’s diary and thinks to read it. She sees its all blank. She says she has many ways to find out his details.

She talks to Pratima, Sharad about Yuvrraaj, his fav film, hero…….. Pratima says Hollywood films. Sharad says you bring four five films, he will watch. Pratima says he used to see films with popcorn and cold drinks. Sharad says he sits on bean bags and watches films. Pratima shows his childhood pics album. Suhani says give me, I will make it an video, and revive his childhood memories, don’t tell him, I will surprise him. She smiles. Yuvraaj gets angry and comes to a valley end. He thinks about Pankaj’s words. He cries and says it’s a forced relation, but I managed it with honesty, I defended her, and what did I get, nothing. I m not wrong in this relation.

Yuvraaj gets Suhani’s call and rejects. Suhani plans to surprise him. Yuvraaj says maybe her dad complaint about me and she wants an explanation, I will tell her how her dad trapped me in this forced relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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