Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Soumya rehearing their act with the old uncles and aunties. Yuvraaj and Sharad are busy with their youngsters group. Sharad sees Suhani and her group and says Lord she made the oldies Michael Jackson, what to do now. The aunties ask Suhani to get some tea, as they need to freshen up. Suhani gives them a lecture saying Amitabh’s lines. Soumya laughs. Suhani says I will bring the tea. Everyone claps. Sharad gets an idea and thinks. Suhani asks Ramesh to make tea for her group. He says I don’t get such respect in this house. He says we sees films. Suhani is happy. He says Pratima loves films but her quota is full with house’s drama. Suhani says she is Amitabh’s fan.

Soumya comes and says we are waiting. Ramesh says you go, I will bring tea. Suhani says the tea is coming, come on get up. They dance again. The music stops. Suhani says I will go and see. Yuvraaj is dancing with the girls. Suhani sees them being cool enjoying the AC. Yuvraaj says we will take a break. Suhani says it means he did this. She comes to Yuvraaj and he shuts the door on her face. She says I will see whats going on inside. She peeks in by the some other window and tries to get in. She falls and gets hurt. She sees inside the room by the washroom. He says I will go to loo and come. She gets tensed seeing him come towards her.

Yuvraaj enters the loo and lightens himself. She hides behind the curtain. He turns and is shocked to see her. He says you, here. She gets tensed and says yes. He asks what are you doing here. She says dance practice. He says what, here, are you mad. He asks since when are you here. She says when you came here. He says no………. its ok. He gets ashamed. They look at each other. He leaves angrily. She smiles. She calls someone. Yuvraaj sees Soumya and smiles. He goes to talk to her. Sharad teaches some weird dance moves.

Yuvraaj acts sweet to her. She says the fuse blowed in the hall. He says you can rehearse in my room. He says we can practice well together. Soumya says ok, you are not so bad as we think. He says people misunderstand me. They hear some people shouting and rush there. Yuvraaj asks who are you people. They say we are the parents of those girls, we are from good families, we don’t want our girls to dance with young guys, and you are teaching them bad moves. Suhani says yes I saw them. Yuvraaj says there is not any problem in those steps.

Suhani and Yuvraaj argue. He says what you are doing is a cheap act. She says what are you doing then, if they don’t like this, the girls won’t dance. Everyone argue. Pratima comes home with Rags and Menka. They are shocked to see Suhani and Soumya with their long group. Menka says what are they doing here. Rags asks Pratima did she know this. Pratima says yes. I forgot to tell you. Rags says think what to do now. Pratima stops their arguments.

Yuvraaj says see the steps, its not wrong. Suhani says I did not like it. Yuvraaj says I don’t like you. Everyone discuss. Rags says why don’t we exchange groups. Everyone agree. Rags says this won’t dance but an insult of Suhani, as she does not know modern dance. Rags smiles. Yuvraaj is tensed as he will have to do boring dance with oldies without Soumya. He hears ladies saying that Suhani called them here and they stopped Yuvraaj. They gossip about Yuvraaj and leave. Yuvraaj sees Suhani and fumes.

Yuvraaj asks Soumya to ask Suhani did she call them. Suhani says yes, as you have took off the fuse, ask Sharad, I saw it in his pocket. Sharad hides it. Yuvraaj says he is my cousin, and he does not do anything without asking me. Sharad asks Pratima to see them fighting again. Suhani and Yuvraaj start arguing again. Pratima comes to them and says till you fight, I will not sign the donation cheque. She asks them to end the fight and work hard. She says both the groups have to perform together and we will use chits to decide. Everyone writes their names and puts the chits. Sharad writes Yuvraaj on all chits.

Suhani asks Pratima to check the chits and pick the couples. Yuvraaj says I think I will get any aunty or Suhani as my partner. Pratima says now you all go.

Sharad says the lady opposite Yuvraaj is Miss………….. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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