Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani thinking of Saiyyam and getting sad. Bhavna makes her smile and says your mum in law is always torturing. Pratima says not mum in law, mum… Bhavna starts her drama. They smile. Krishna asks Bhavna to complain to Sharad, we are together. Suhani says my family is together, just my son is alone. Pratima says Suhani, he is not alone, you are with him. Bhavna says we all are with him, he can’t be alone.

Suhani says Krishna, I got you and Saiyyam married. Krishna says we will talk this some other time. Suhani hugs her. She asks Soumya to see, Krishna is doing favors on me, I m not able to return any favor. Krishna asks what are you saying, you call me daughter and saying about favors. Sharad asks will you all bring tear flood here. Suhani says once I talk to Saiyyam, thiss picture will end. Sharad says I have seen Saiyyam talking to Sambhav, he is angry, let him calm down, don’t worry, he has your blood, he will not go anywhere.

Saiyyam sits sad and reads his old note that Suhani is a bad woman, if I meet her, I swear I will ask her to die. She sees Suhani sleeping. He holds her hand and regrets for everything. He says I don’t deserve your love, my bad shadow should not fall on your life. He gets emotional. He takes his bag and leaves.

Suhani wakes up and looks around. She goes to see Saiyyam. She sees his cupboard empty. She sees Krishna sleeping. She switches on the lights. Krishna wakes up. Suhani asks where is Saiyyam,. Krishna says don’t know. Suhani says it means he left. Krishna says I did not know when he left. Suhani rushes and a vase falls. Sharad and Bhavna come out. Suhani worries. Everyone come out. Yuvraaj asks what happened Suhani.

Krishna says Saiyyam left the house. They get shocked. Suhani says once I left him, and now he left me. Sharad says we will go and find him. Yuvaan asks what’s the need, I mean its late night, we will check in morning. Dadi says Yuvaan is right, no need to go out, Saiyyam is not a kid. Pratima asks would you say same if Yuvaan left home. Dadi says he is not Yuvaan. Suhani says he is my son. Yuvraaj says don’t worry, we will find him, Sharad come. They leave. Bhavna consoles Suhani. Its morning, Saiyyam is sleeping on road side bus stop bench. A man gives him tea. The man says bus will come, you could have stayed in hotel, why did you sleep here, you look from good family. Saiyyam says I have none in this world. The man says how can this happen, everyone has someone. Saiyyam says I have no one, none has fate like mine.

Krishna sees Saiyyam’s pic and says you got your mumma after long time and you left her, I would have not done this being in your place, maybe he does not know how it feels to not have a mum, maybe you are such. Pratima asks Suhani, Yuvraaj and Sharad not to worry, you will get Saiyyam.

Dadi stops Yuvraaj and says why are you getting Saiyyam back, he is not my grandson, he is not Birla, why don’t you understand. Suhani says but he is my son. Dadi says yes, Yuvraaj lost 20 years because of him, now we will not do anything for him. Yuvraaj asks what are you saying. Dadi says enough, I have bear a lot, if you get him, I will do something to me, I m doing what’s right for this house. Yuvraaj says Saiyyam is alone and worried knowing bitter truth, why are you punishing him. Dadi says I m assuring my family does not get punished because of outsiders. Yuvraaj says Suhani is my wife. Dadi says her son is outsider.

Suhani says Yuvraaj, you don’t go if Dadi does not want, I will go and find Saiyyam. He stops her and says Saiyyam is like Yuvaan, Yuvani and Krishna for me, I will not repeat this, remember this Dadi. Dadi shouts Yuvraaj, if you take a step ahead, I will really do something. Yuvraaj says if you stop me now, I will do something to myself, you decide.

Sharad comes and says someone has punctured all tyres. Baby looks at Yuvaan. Suhani says how can this happen. Sharad says someone purposely did this. Yuvraaj says its fine, we will hire a cab. Sharad says fine, come. They leave. Pratima says I don’t know who did this. Baby says maybe Saiyyam did this, he does not want anyone to follow him. Dadi says why are you forcing him to come back if he does not want.

Sharad talks to cab driver and guides the route. Yuvraaj says we can’t go by walk. Suhani says I have a way. Yuvaan says I did not do anything, why did you lie about Saiyyam. Baby says you did right thing, why are you not accepting it, its your right to stop parents from finding Saiyyam, you are the heir of this house. He says I hate Saiyyam, everything is getting bad since he came, what can I do. She says hire goons and end the work. He asks what. She says yes.

Goons beat up Saiyyam badly. Yuvraaj and Suhani get shocked seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Mystery

      I agree with u…..Krishna….I will beat u…..plzz don’t be a fool…u think yuvaan is good…n saiyyam is bad…..idiot girl

    2. I know…I’m waiting or the moment when Krishna will finally completely understand Sayyam and see things from his point of view…

    3. Aarti32

      No..she said u dont know how it feels to not hv a mom..He got his mom back after so long n then he left her..Don’t get her wrong

  2. Aarti32

    Oh, finally YuvAni found Saiyyam..It’s a relief..I hope after they get him back home, we get to see some Kriyyam scenes like Krishna bandaging Saiyyam’s wounds..Baby n Dadi as usual started their bak bak..I mean who asked for your opinion man?? N Yuvaan is such a fool!!
    KJo’s acting is commendable..Hats off yaar

    1. Esther

      yeaa…..hope there’ll be scenes lyk that…..Dadi started her nautanki but it didn’t worked as usual

  3. Sayyam’s emotions were so amazing and heartbreaking today…loved it when Krishna was talking to his pic
    Yuvaan’s turning into a negative character!!…he sends goons after Sayyam!!…cheap behaviour…after living with suhani for so many years and having her love..he turned out to be like this…wow…
    liked the precap…but I hated seeing Sayyam being beaten up…hope Suhani and Krishna take care of him when he’s all hurt like this…

    1. Mystery

      I hope….Krishna will take his care

  4. love you yuvraj! u were awesome once again… both suhani and yuvraj are for saiyyam now… wow!yuvraj, u again made dadi helpless.. omg what happend to yuvaan? pl dont listen to baby… even if they give property to saiym he wont accept then wats d need to worry abt heir.. anyways, nice episode..

  5. Today’s episode was so emotional. Hope Krishna understand saiyaam why saiyaam left the house and she cares for him in tomorrow’s episode..
    Yuvaan, baby and dadi should leave the house there’ve got no emotions. Saiyaam loves suhani more that yuvaan. Saiyaam has got a mind of his own not like yuvaan who follows baby.

  6. Sambhav’s gone now it’s baby’s turn to be negative and make yuvaan too. Why doesn’t yuvaan think before acting. I thought he cared for Krishna, so much that he wants to kill her husband.

  7. Dadi own grandchildren has her blood…black minded…Saiyam is just tough on the outside but he has Suhani’s blood and thinking and Krishna has her upbringing. They will bring pride to Suhani whereas Yuvaan will follow black baby and make the Birla name go down the drain…they are too proud of that dumb name but don’t teach any integrity, now sure what they have to be proud of…idiots.

  8. Hope kriyam will start but I have a statement

    1) it’s been like nearly 30 years and dadi still doesn’t like suhani
    2) what happened whn rags said to dadi that we will make sambhaav pay what he did to suhani??? They didn’t one yuvraaj came, they were happy and the dislike came back to suhani ??

    Hope kriyam will start soon

  9. yuvaan has his dadi blood running in his veins so it is no surprise if he becomes just like his dadi and baby is evil so he has two evil women guiding him in the wrong direction i thought he would’ve been more like suhani cuz he grew up with her but alas!!! he is acting like sambhav hope he realise that he is heading towards destruction before it is too late

    1. I think first yuvaan positive tha and saiyyam neg, but after saiyyam popularity, usse second ML banaya. Ssel is villiano ka mela, thaswhy yuvaan become bad. They alwayz want more bad people to torture viewers. Baby came in Menka place and much worse dan Menka.
      But sum1 above said “black baby”, which is not nice. I hope she mean baby black nature n not color. Plzz dunt be lik dadi and bring color of skin to criticize.

  10. how can sayam marry Krishna .because sayam was birn when suhani ka twins were 7 or8yrs .old.i didn’t understand that?

  11. Syedul

    Sayyam might be an angry guy and stuff but he doesn’t stoop low like yuvaan. I’m disgusted by Yuvaans cheap behavior after all suhani had 2 go through all that just bc of him . And I hole to see some KrishnaSayyam scenes

  12. Esther

    Krishna was saying that Sayyam don’t know how it feels not to have a mum…..that was like…stupid…..Sayyam grew up without mom,dad,or anyone…All he got from the orphanage ws a stupid,greedy,good for nothing girl friend…..Krishna too didn’t have mom/dad….but she had Suhani,Prathima,Sharad,Bhavna to love her…and just before meeting Baby,that idiot Yuvan was also there for her…..Sayyam didn’t have anyone….he was totally alone…and it’s a tough time for him,,,,,I thought Krishna will understand his pain and will start loving him,,,,but na,yaha tho sab ulta ho gaya……but maybe Krishna will start caring for him after his return….coz he’ll be a totally changed man,,,he won’t hurt Krishna anymore as he was the one who forced her to marry him and now he regrets alot for everything….

    1. Esther

      N yea,,,,,Sayyam is hurt….so it’s obvious that there will be scenes like Krishna taking care of Sayyam

  13. Esther

    N it was SUPERB that Yuvi fought with Dadi for Sayyam and Suhani…..I thought he’ll agree with dadi and go back to sleep saying we’ll find him in the morning (he does that usually)…but he acted maturely,,,,,his character is really awesome these days

  14. superb episode i think yuvraj is good father of saiyyam and krishna jab saiyam ke photo ko lekar baat kar rahi thi kitni cute lag rahi thi krishna is right saiyyam ko ghar chod kar nahi jana chaiye tha

  15. hay esther you are not comment

    1. Esther

      Hallooo Kriyam fan 😀 ….N hallo all SSEL buddies…have a great day

  16. precap is very imotionable yuvan ne saiyyam ko pitne ke liye gunde bheje very bad i feel bad for saiyyam and suhani

  17. i agree with you syedul

  18. i agree with you kriyam rocks you are right

  19. i agree with you esther

  20. Yuvan and yuvani both are dadis up bringing more den suhani…dats y dey are turning bad…where as Krishna is copy of suhani though she is not biological daughter suhani..So the values we are given to them matters not the blood…. Plz understand dadi….dadi hats suhani bcz of her colour but den I don’t understand when yuvan marrying baby(black beauty) she helped him ….y dis so??

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