Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya seeing Suhani’s message that she forgot her purse. She says now I have to go home and comes home. Krishna asks where did you go. His mum taunts Soumya and says she has locked the house. Soumya says what are you saying. She says she went to buy dry fruits and Suji, as Rakhi likes the halwa. Krishna asks really? His dad says see how much she cares for us. Krishna’s mum scolds her and asks her to limit her hand and live. Rakhi asks where is the items. Soumya says I could not buy, as I forgot my purse at home. Rakhi says but you took your purse. Soumya says if I took, I would have had it. Krishna says fine, tell us when you go out. His mum asks who locked the house, tell us. Soumya says Krishna, I don’t know. He says fine, go and freshen up, I will find out who did this. She leaves.

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Soumya thinks she is lying to him, as he won’t support her. Rags consoles Menka. Menka cries and says she did not get breakfast and now she had coconut oil, I want poison now. She says you have framed me, so I m so hurt. Rags gives her tissues and says Suhani is the root cause for all this, she is our enemy. Menka says yes. Rags says we will do something, if she was not here, this did not happen. Menka says she will not leave her, she wants a chance. Rags and Menka see Soumyaa coming to the Birla House and are happily shocked. Rags smile.

Rags says I will think what to do about Soumya. Menka says idea, why don’t we tell everything to Dadi. Rags says no, Dadi knows everything and thinks Yuvraaj likes Suhani. Menka says its your mistake, why did you lie. Rags says shut your mouth, when Yuvraaj and his love come face to face, just wait and watch, come with me now. Soumya calls Suhani and asks her to come out taking her purse. Suhani asks her to come. Soumya says no, I m I hurry. Suhani says I m busy in work Dadi gave me, It will take time. Snoopy comes to her and barks. Rags and Menka looks on. Yuvraaj comes at the door to stop Snoopy. He is shocked seeing Soumya and comes to her.

Menka asks why are we seeing her, lets go and play her band. Rags says no, we have to get fun just watching it. Yuvraaj asks Snoopy to go. Yuvraaj looks at Soumya. Rishi looks at Bhavna and asks her to sit near him. She turns and he gets closer to her. He says he likes her a lot, I know you enjoy my attention, so you did not tell anything to Amit and your parents. Pankaj and Lata come and smile.

Pankaj says you are like our son. Bhavna is tensed. He says I have to go to office. Lata says fine. Lata asks Rishi to have breakfast. Bhavna says you feel I can’t do anything, its still time, beware. Lata says I will go to get Besan and leaves. Rishi asks what will you do, tell me. She says I will call Amit and tell everything. He says fine, call him. Yuvraaj asks Soumya to come inside. Soumya says that’s ok. He says Suhani won’t like it, or is Krishna waiting. She says my inlaws have come. Rags and Menka smile seeing Yuvraaj taunt Soumya on her poor life and household work. He asks her to come, as Suhani will feel bad, and he can’t bear if anyone hurts her.

Soumya goes inside the house. Rishi calls Amit saying Bhavna has a problem with me and asks him to talk to Bhavna. Amit asks her not to scold Rishi, as he is very young, and we all love him, don’t tell him anything. Rishi smiles. Bhavna cries. Rishi holds her hand and looks at her evilly. Bhavna says leave my hand. He says did you not hear what Amit said, no one will tell me anything if I do anything. Bhavna pushes him and leaves. He smiles shamelessly. Rags and Menka confront Soumya for marrying Krishna. Suhani comes to her rescue. She slips and Yuvraaj holds her. She smiles. Soumya smiles too seeing their love. Music plays……………..

Suhani says she is not angry on Soumya now, as she apologized. Rags says ask her how did she marry a poor guy. Rags smiles and says why did not she not marry any rich hot guy, like our Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj looks on.Suhani says Soumya fell in love. Menka says she could have loved Yuvraaj too. Suhani says she does not think so. Rags says why, good girls choose rich guys, why did you marry Krishna. Suhanis ays Soumya did love marriage, she won’t say how, I m happy seeing her happy. Rags asks Soumya is she happy. Soumya looks at Suhani and Yuvraaj.

Krishna’s mum and Rakhi cook and Krishna hears them being angry on Soumya. He asks what happened. She says nothing, leave it. Rakhi says I will say, mum is cooing since morning, Soumya does not do any work. Krishna falls in their words. His mum says she is rich, she did not bring any money and not even any values. She says she will work till she is fine, what after that. Krishna’s dad comes and says he got the job, in big company as driver and salary is Rs 10000 pm. Krishna says no you won’t work, I m here, I will get a good job soon. His dad says why, its good to earn anything. They argue about Soumya. Krishna feels bad. Pratima asks Suhani to be with Soumya. Soumya says no, I m leaving now. She leaves. Pratima thinks if Dadi sees Soumya, it will be a problem, I have to talk to Suhani.

Dadi talks to her all bahus. Suhani talks to herself and it gets recorded. Dadi scolds her.

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