Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags going to Yuvani and consoling her. Yuvani asks am I becoming villain by refusing for this marriage, I cant digest this, mumma and Dadi said we should not lie, and they are lying to me, we got to know we have dad now. Rags says its not wrong if you don’t find this right. Bhavna says you are thinking wrong Suhani, why don’t you want to give chance to yourself, atleast for family and children. Yuvraaj comes to them and says now Suhani does not love me. Bhavna says its nothing like that, I know this, even then Suhani will answer you. She goes.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani did I say right, you love Amit ji a lot and not me. She says you know its not like that. Rags says its like that Yuvani, you are sweet and innocent, and don’t understand plotting, see how Krishna became heroine by giving emotional speech, if she had to tell, she could tell you in private, but then how would she become great in their eyes, she did this to look good infront of everyone. Yuvani agrees and says I will not leave Krishna. Rags says she made you look wrong, don’t listen to her, refuse for this marriage if you are not happy.

Yuvraaj says we can’t change decision by getting scared of children. Suhani says you have seen what Yuvani did, if she does anything wrong. She asks if anything wrong happens. He says trust me, I m sure nothing wrong will happen, we never tried to unite before, our togetherness is our biggest strength. He gets on his knees and asks will you marry me again Suhani, this time even death can’t separate us, if I get late in reaching mandap, will you leave me, don’t go please. Saware……plays…….. She holds him and hugs.

She says I will never leave you. He smiles. Pratima and Bhavna smile seeing them. Saiyyan is angry and breaks things. Baby comes to him. Saiyyam says how can she think of marrying Yuvraaj, he is my dad’s murderer. Baby says I can understand your feelings, I can’t believe them, they did not think of you, chill, have this juice. He refuses and throws juice. She says don’t get angry, we will find some way to stop this marriage. Yuvraaj and Suhani come to talk. Baby leaves.

Suhani says I need to talk. Saiyyam refuses. Yuvraaj says we want to marry and start life again, like we had a life before Suhani and Sambhav’s marriage, we had to get separated by situation, life is giving us another chance, we don’t want to lose it. Saiyyam asks what shall I do, shall I bless both of you. Yuvraaj says no, we don’t want drama from your side.

Saiyyam says I hate you and don’t like this proposal, I hate Suhani too, she wants to stay with my dad’s murderer, this hatred will not get less, what type of mother are you. Suhani says I m that mother whose son tried to kill her and she did not send him to jail, who wants to change her son. Suhani and Yuvraaj leave.

Yuvaan looks for Yuvani. He goes to washroom and gets shocked seeing Baby in towel. He turns and says sorry, I thought its Yuvani. Baby asks will you come anywhere without knocking. He says no, I was worried for Yuvani. She smiles and says its okay, I don’t mind if its you, I know you are a nice man, your heart is not bad. He says I m better than Saiyyam. She says yes, but you did not meet me before. He says its fine, you change and we will solve this problem, we will plan to move Saiyyam off the plan. She laughs and her towel falls down. He gets tensed and starts leaving. She says stop, look at me once, come on. He gets nervous. She makes him turn. He closes his eyes. She says please open your eyes and see me, tell me how is my dress. He opens eyes and sees her wearing a short dress. She smiles.

He smiles and holds head. He calls her mad. They laugh. Krishna looks on angrily. Dadi says I m feeling bad for Yuvani, how did Pratima get blind for Suhani. Rags says don’t worry for Yuvani, I will manage her, I m worried for Krishna, we did not kill her parents. Dadi says I regret Soumya’s death, Suhani should have died instead Soumya. Suhani came and spoiled everything, leave all this, its good Suhani refused for marriage.

Baby comes there and says Suhani and Yuvraaj agreed to marry, they came to talk to Saiyyam and I heard them. Rags says Baby, your top looks good. Baby says thanks, its inspired by your design, I follow your fashion design. Rags says thanks. Baby goes. Dadi asks why did Suhani do acting if she had to say yes. Rags says she will trouble us.

Saiyyam drinks at the pub and says I wish Yuvraaj got hit that day. Yuvani joins him and they drink. She says what happened to them, they lied to me and expect me to forget everything. Saiyyam says your mum does not love anyone and hate children. She agrees.

Saiyyam gets drunk and shows the hate list. He says sorry. She says I think we are equal in list, cheers to that. Yuvaan looks for Suhani and asks Baby. Baby says don’t make excuse, I know you were finding me. He says sorry, its that you want me to find you. She says no, but what you are finding you won’t get it, your parents went out, its just we at home. He says we should do something special then. He goes.

Saiyyam says you always had your brother, I had no one. She asks why, you had Baby. He says Baby is not my sister. She says when did I say that and laughs. She says you are going to marry her. He says no, she is my girlfriend, I did not give her commitment, but I did not disrespect any girl. She laughs and says yes, you just treat your mum badly. He throws water on her face. She says I m elder. He says I m elder by mind.

He asks for more whiskey. Bartender says you won’t get now, whiskey ended, try something else. Saiyyam scolds him and asks you think you can snatch my right. He punches the man. Yuvaan comes with drinks and thinks where did Baby go, does she want to play hide and seek. He looks for her. He gets Krishna in room. Krishna wears a short dress. He asks why did you hide here. She says turn that dress, I m feeling shy, I was trying this dress, my simple clothes are better. He says you look good. She smiles and thanks him. She drinks wine, while he tries to stop her.

Suhani slaps Saiyyam and he falls down. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rags hasn’t changed she’s still provoking yuvani against Krishna like she did when they were kids. Same for dadi, she’ll never change.

  2. Like dadi I also wish suhani could have died instead of soumya at least saiyyam could have not bear all this
    Most funniest dialogue I’m that mother who didn’t make police complaint against my son
    Sorry suhani you are that shameless mother who abandoned a baby with no fault of him
    Today I agree with each and every word of dadi

    1. You are so right mas!
      I was going to comment, but you have said it all.

  3. Nithu

    Ssel is turning worst day by day…..i missing old ssel….?????????

    1. Me too…. so sad

  4. Love you saiyyam

    Again shameless mother is slapping saiyyam is he a punching bag or what
    She doesn’t care for yuvani and saiyyam dadi is 1000 percent right

  5. So boring…. I think yuvan will try take advantage of Krishna…. But saiyyam is also drunk so the blame will go him…… Nonsense crap …. Ssel lost the charm…. Yuvraj n suhani k bacho ko sab dadi ki aadat hai…..

    I liked first track of yuvraj suhani soumya….. Love triangle

    CVS r making sympathy on saiyyam character to make him mahan … N yuvan ko gatiya role de rahe hai….
    As they made sambhav character worst to make yuvraj mahan..

    So cheap rags n dadi
    This is my opinion…

  6. Love you saiyyam

    is saiyyam forced to marry Krishna? Please clarify me someone in karan jotwani twitter tweeted that soon saiyyam is going to marry Krishna
    Plz check and clarify me please please please please please it’s my special request

    1. Suhani should be proud of yuvaan, I say yuvani and saiyyam is better than yuvaan.
      Dadi would be very Happy.

    2. I think it is not true there is no way suhani, yuvraj, yuvan let saiyam marry krishna . Krishna loves yuvan and saiyam is not interested , he has nothing to gain marrying krishna, and even if it is forced saiyam will refuse

      1. hanna, What love you saiyyam heard is, yuvaan going to take advantage of Krishna. The whole birla family is going to blame saiyyam. That is why Suhani is going to force saiyyam to marry Krishna.
        I have checked my reliable source, I haven’t found anything. This is what I have heard to, but I don’t know.

    3. @love you saiyyam.
      I have checked, but I didn’t find anything.
      I looked at website that I know to be truthful. Sorry nothing yet.
      If anyone else know anything, please let us know.
      Thank You!

    4. Hey @ I love you saiyyam,
      It looked like dadi is going to put Krishna and saiyyam together. Marriage!
      It is yuvaan fault, but the blame go’s on saiyyam. Because Dadi don’t like Krishna. Dadi plans to get Krishna and saiyyam married.
      I say it is a good thing Dadi is doing.

  7. Dadi and rags are really childish they know yuraj want to live with suhani and kids and if she goes out of this house yuvraj and yuvan will follow her without hesitation. Does she want to be separte from her grand son again?!
    Liked the weird bond between sayaam and yuvani, i don’t agree with yuvani she has the right to feel betrayed and hurt but she is wrong to believe her mom doesn’t love, the one who has this right is sayaam since suhani left him
    Yuvan is clearly into baby’s charm, krishna is just a friend, he has the right to choose whoever he wants.
    Precap : at least they could ask what happened before raising hands but the story is moving now . Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  8. Suhani is using poor saiyyam as a punishment bag. I hate her NOW.
    Saiyyam right to say, that suhani don’t care for her children.

    Oh Krishna what are you doing?
    Keep your self respect girl.
    The writers like to degrade women!

  9. here many of you want syyam and Krishna Jodi I don’t want syyam is just 13 years boy he have to be 18 years for marriage and kisha is 7 years elder and syyam’s father killed somiya kisha’s mother then how she could choose him!

    1. It was Dadi and sambhav that killed soumya. Didn’t you understood, what Dadi said, I wanted suhani to die not soumya.
      But again would suhani and yuvraj, they know this. But they not going to do anything about it, as always.
      Saiyyam is innocent of all this, and so is Krishna. I just want them to show the birla, and yes includes suhani. That they are the better people. That is why I want them to get married.
      Remember it was cvs that made saiyyam an adult. If saiyyam was the right age. Of cause it is a No from me

  10. I like yuvani and shyyam ‘s bonding as brother and sister very much

    1. Yes me too!

    2. Oh yes! That scene was beautiful, so heartfelt. At the same time it made me cry. I feel sorry for both of them.
      Brilliant played by both actors.
      They should get an award for this.

  11. Dadi wishes Suhani shud hv died instead of Soumya and I wish dadi should hv died instead of Soumya

    1. I like ur comment as u r right.agar dadi ki behen us din unheim mari hothi atleast suhani will get her daughter love.

  12. super yuvani scene rest of epi nothing

    1. Really …. I watched this show only yuvraj n suhani…. Rest is waste

    2. No, it wasn’t for me. I felt the sense of saiyyam and yuvani, was heartfelt.
      It was at last saiyyam has someone that understand him. Someone that he can call sister. I don’t know why, that some people give yuvani, such a hard time. She is good at heart, like saiyyam is good at heart.
      Suhani is an idiot, she can’t see which children are good. Yuvaan is a devil ilke his father and Dadi.

      But it also felt sad, that no one understand them.

      1. Scene, sorry misspell

  13. And ab the precap…uff?? fed up….why these ppl are always after Sayyam to beat him…they shud keeep a drum or smthng at home if they are soo interested in beating…..maybe Sayyam did smthng….bt poor Sayyam ? got thrashed so many tyms that he shud be dead by now?

  14. sucha sick serial this is. i dont understand how can we have saiyyum lovers here. suhani is no where wrong at all. she was raped by her husband. sayyium is that result. how can she love that child who reminds her of her every torture and also he is a bad man.
    how the hell krishna love her mothers murderer son. this is all nonsense. writer producer please give us a break. if you guys dont have any proper story just close this chapter now. but dont just show anything without any meaning. it is you people who are spoiling our society by showing such bullshit. really want to complain regarding this serial.

    you should get suhani yuvraj married and minimise the negative characters first of all. then revolve the story around children.

    god save the writer and producer.

    1. Suhani, at the end of a day, had a choice. If it was so bad for suhani why didn’t she have an abortion.
      No one made her to have saiyyam, but she chose to give birth to him.

      I know mother that did have children that came from rape. They made the choice to give birth to them. Also they raised their kids own their own.
      I do not agree with the writers, I don’t hate the actor’s.
      This SHOW IS degrading women.
      The one thing that the writers did right, that is Saiyyam, because of this character it has open people eyes. On what the writers are doing.
      For example Yuvraj Birla. If you read property. Dadi got something to do with soumya death. So the whole Birla Family are disgusting.
      It was the writers that made Yuvraj Birla a mental Abuser.
      It was the writers that made Suhani stupid and heartless.
      It was the writers that made DadI and Sambhav into a murder.

      As for Saiyyam, the reason people has warmth to him, is because, sometimes you have to put yourself in his situation. See yourself, and how would you feel if you were abandoned. See yourself on how you feel that you had others brother’s and sisters. It was you that your mother to abandon.
      The reason that so many people want Krishna and saiyyam together, is because, both of them have parents that would have loved them. Good or BAD. Saiyyam don’t know the truth about Sambhav.
      Also these two characters are getting push around by the Birla Family. So they well understand each other pain. Saiyyam is far more better then Yuvaan.

  15. Dadi is stupid, if Suhani died than her twin would still be living with Birlas and she’d still be kidnapped so b*t*h be grateful for Suhani, saved their business as well and other shit the Birlas had to face. So dadi should be thankful of Suhani instead of hating on her just coz she’s not fair like Soumya. She may have looked after the kids but did she save the family everytime trouble came? no she didn’t. Feel sorry for the kids, had to to so much shit. Yuvaan gonna take baby from Saiyaam, Saiyaam gonna be pissed off and start a fight with him, like you stole everything from me etc than him and Krishna gonna start liking each other and Yuvaan would be jealous. Baby is just gross, like so desperate lol. Why did she slap Saiyaam? shit mother she is, she abandons her child than when she wants him to be good, she slaps him, like he will be good after that idiot. He will get more pissed of and angry and god knows what he will do in anger. I don’t blame Saiyaam, if he knew it wasn’t Yuvraaj who killed Sambhav but was his own mum, she is done for lol. He won’t spare her until he knows the real truth on why she did kill his dad in the first place. Gonna be interesting. Can’t wait to see them episodes lol XD lots of love from the UK. <333

    1. Aqsxxh

      Yes, but why cant they tell the truth and baby is sucking up everyone’s as*. Like you said she is gross! I agree with everything it is ugh.
      Disappointing is an understatement.

      Love from the uk too x

  16. krishna ?Sayyam=?

    Tbh I wish Krishna and sayyam would both get drunk and end up together

  17. krishna ?Sayyam=?

    And I disagree with people who don’t like sayyam. Because he was just a day old when his mother left him in the orphan willingly . It was his DAD that raped suhani. Sayyam didn’t have anything 2 do with it

    1. That is true.

  18. But yuvaan doesn’t love Krishna.
    He is interested in Baby.

    Krishna is making a fool of herself. I heard something like this, but I always check my source, that I know to be reliable. Yuvaan is a dark character, he has shown himself, when he tried to kill Saiyyam.

  19. How can Saiyyam drink openly in a pub being 16? Isn’t the legal age for drinking in India 21? Lol what crap are they showing

  20. baby is just yuk. she is sick. am sure she has some connection with barbie.

  21. i dont support the whole serial. they are showing stuff with no meaning. all crap they are showing. they are not ending the nehative roles rather increasing them. they should learn from other serials. you are just trying to show that out of 10 people 7 are bad only. what the hell is this. suhani did go back to find her child in orphanage but he was gone by then. and if hes soo goid then he should be shown as a good character not a muderer like his shit father.
    keep it on urself. its not easy to accept ur bad past. plus we dint know why she coyld not abbort that child. plus this is no real life. its a serial. they should stop this show immediately or change story line and show some good things. i hate it.

  22. Saiyam is jus 16 and krishna is 22 how can thy marry no logic ??

  23. This serial became like a Telugu daily stupid serial ..what happen to starplus serials …every time problems no happiness…how could these story writers only will get these sort of relationship ideas …really worst script… The story is good in the beginning now it is horrible to see ……

  24. Please bring back positivity in story earlier it was good but now too much violence and please put end to villains so that good things you can give back to society,……
    Really don’t know when this dadii will change

  25. When sayyams character was introduced.. I thought this serial will again interest of viewers.. Coz I thought sayyam would turn in positive character.. And than there will be love triangle between Yuvan – Krishna-Sayyam… But nothhings getting right..
    1st biggest mistake:: Yuvans character turned negative.
    2nd biggest mistake:: Sayyam is still in negative role.
    There is just all negative in serial… No love no peace… It’s getting worst

    1. Aqsxxh

      Karan did say his character has many shades- neither negative neither positive, it is Suhani who has to understand, maybe when she does, Sayyam would be positive- but unfortunately she is stuck in the stupid past!
      Suhani needs to grow-up and accept that it was her being a fool that got her into this mess, like was it hard to wait 5 minutes at the mandap, was it hard to tell anyone about her abuse, did she have to put Sayaam in the orphanage?
      I swear they have messed up Suhani’s character and as you said they have ruined Yuvaan’s character.
      No peace wat-so-ever
      I agree with you and all the negativity, except for Sayyam, he would change…

  26. Anupama pande

    What is this nonsense happening in ssel why did saiyam asked suhani to make him marry with Krishna when Dadi asked him to marry krishna then he said that why will l marry anyone

  27. Anupama pande

    Please make saiyam positive and start Krishna and saiyam love story

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