Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with guests leaving. Saiyyam stands in shock. The guest asks Saiyyam not to worry, its not your mistake in what Suhani said, women provoke men and then call themselves innocent. Bhavna gets angry. Pratima stops Bhavna and says wait, I want to see what Saiyyam tells them, the answer will prove whether he is Sambhav’s son or Suhani’s. Krishna and Yuvani see Yuvraaj and Suhani away. Krishna cries and says aunty always gave me mumma’s love but I could not become her daughter, I could not understand the pain behind her smile. Yuvani asks how did this happen with mumma. Yuvraaj says think if you are feeling bad hearing this, Saiyyam misbehaves with Suhani every day, how would he feel, just be there for Suhani, she has managed you two till now, now you manage her.

Saiyyam asks the guests did they not hear her, Sambhav molested Suhani. The guest say we heard, ask Suhani what she did that Sambhav did this, hear his story too. Saiyyam says you said right, I should ask my dad what happened actually, thank you so much. He punches the man’s face angrily. Lady asks what did you do. Saiyyam says that his dad should do many years ago, no man has right to do such shameless thing with any woman, if you don’t understand this now, you will never understand this, I feel sorry for your daughter, you don’t deserve to be called a father. Lady says you don’t deserve to get your mother’s love. Saiyyam shouts get out. Pratima and Bhavna smile. Pratima says he is Suhani’s son. They feel proud.

Yuvani and Krishna fight like kids to cheer up Suhani. Krishna asks Yuvani to decide, if she wants doll or aunty. Yuvani wipes Suhani’s tears. Krishna says you have bear all pain alone, now you will never be alone. Yuvraaj smiles. Suhani hugs them. She sees Yuvraaj.

Bhavna and Pratima go to Saiyyam. Bhavna checks his hand. He says its okay, thanks. She relieves his hand ache and says I m your Mausi. He recalls her words. Pratima says Bhavna, you always thought Saiyyam is Sambhav’s son, but he is Suhani’s son. Bhavna says I have just seen the coal, not the hidden diamond. Saiyyam goes. Bhavna says where did he go. Sharad says don’t worry, I will see him.

Baby says I m really shocked Yuvaan, why did you not tell me. He says I did not know anything. She says how can she tell this in front of everyone. He says I don’t want to talk. Dadi says he is right, this should have not happened. Saiyyam meets Sambhav in police station. Sambhav asks why did you come, did Suhani do anything, or Yuvraaj said anything. Saiyyam asks did you rape my mother. Sambhav gets shocked and asks what, did they name this to your birth. Sharad comes and hears them. Saiyyam says she is lying again right. Sambhav says that’s her problem, she never tells complete truth. The jail inmate says Suhani deserved it, she behaved badly with Sambhav, your father did once, I would have not left your mother. Saiyyam gets angry. Sharad looks on.

Saiyyam asks really Papa. Sambhav says yes, I kept her well, I tried to convince her, but she refused. Saiyyam says so you forced her. Sambhav says sometimes women get adamant, and men have to force them, when your wife does not listen to you, you will do the same. Saiyyam recalls Suhani’s words. He shouts you mean man, and holds Sambhav’s neck through the bars. Police constables try to make Saiyyam away. Sharad sees Saiyyam’s anger. He rushes and stops Saiyyam. Saiyyam says I will not leave you.

Dadi hugs Yuvaan and says sorry, I can’t do anything. Suhani is selfish, she did not think of all this affecting you and Yuvani. Baby says sorry to say this, I think I m lucky that I m orphan, I don’t get daily shocks, I feel bad for you. He says Suhani would have broken that time. Dadi says yes, Pratima and I supported her, why did she say this and created issue, she left Saiyyam by a reason.

Bhavna tells Yuvraaj that Saiyyam attacked Sambhav in police station. Dadi wishes they both fight and die. Sharad asks Saiyyam to leave Sambhav. Saiyyam leaves Sambhav. Inspector beats up Saiyyam and asks Sharad to be quiet. Saiyyam takes inspector’s gun and asks everyone to move back and stand in line. Sharad says no Saiyyam.

Sambhav asks what are you doing Saiyyam…..I m your father. Saiyyam says because of you, my mother faces so much, I could not call my mother as mother, she should have killed me on my birth. Suhani and Yuvraaj come and look on. Saiyyam aims gun at Sambhav and says if not then, better now, I don’t want to live, I regarded my mother wrong because of your life, just because of you, I will end this chapter forever today. He aims gun at his forehead. Sambhav shouts no Saiyyam. Suhani shouts Saiyyam.

Suhani asks Saiyyam what is he doing, if you harm yourself, this man will win, I did big mistake by burning him, I should have given him to police. She cries and says I accept I brought you in the world by my wish, I did big mistake to leave you, I m very happy, I m not ashamed to accept you, you are my son, even when you want to shoot yourself, fine you will realize mistake that you are punishing me. Saiyyam does not listen. Yuvraaj worries and says it was not your and Suhani’s mistake, you don’t need to bear punishment, Suhani kept you in her womb for nine months, I went to jail so that you don’t get born in jail, will you do this for our sacrifices, give me the gun, its important that situation becomes end, it can be a new start.

Saiyyam gives the gun to Yuvraaj. Suhani says inspector, I have to file rape FIR against Sambhav. Sambhav gets shocked. Yuvraaj says Sambhav, its strange thing, you died before and were alive, and today you are alive, but dead for everyone.

Dadi says why are you getting Saiyyam here, he is not Birla. Yuvraaj asks what are you saying. Dadi says enough Yuvraaj, if you get him, I will do something to myself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow fast update today episode superb akhir kar saiyyam suhani ka dard samaj saka she is very painful life saiyyam ne sahi
    kara sambhav ko mar raha tha dadi kitni buri hain bul gai suhani ne yuvraj ko bacha ne main sambhav ka kitna toucher jehla tha fhir bhi dadi against suhani ek baat to samaj main a gau suhani kuch bhi karle dadi Hamesha suhani ke against. hi rahegi dadi is very bad woman

  2. Luved it mahn..cant wait fr 2mrw

  3. Aarti32

    Sambhav is more than cheap..First of all, he raped Suhani..On top of it he’s telling Saiyyam dat even he shud do dat to Krishna!! I mean r u serious!! Being in d jail, u’re teaching your son how to control his wife!! N u’re encouraging him to rape his wife!! Y did d police not kill him??Y is dis cruel filthy person still alive?? Someone plzz kill him.. PLZZ ??
    From d last two episodes Saiyyam is either crying or is angry..Feel so bad for Saiyyam..
    Even those guests shud be jailed..Stupids!!

    1. I 300% agree I think saiyyam will kill him once and for all. Just have to wait hopefully it doesn’t twist again.

    2. yea…those guests are disgusting….it’s easy to comment about other’s life….stupid ppl….glad that Sayyam taught them a good lesson

  4. Loved today’s episode and especially saiyyam
    Today’s highlight is suhani accepted her mistake to leave saiyyam in an orphanage

  5. Hope yuvraj takes a stand for saiyyam and doesn’t listen to dadi. It’s about time he thought of others and didn’t do as his dadi said.

    1. Yep for once he needs to shut her up or let her kill herself cuz 95% of the family problem was all hers and and he never figured it out she always blamed it on suhani but at the end of the day suhani always saved her a$$. What ever condition she does to yuaraaj he will back up suhani I hope this time. That is always his been his problem.

  6. Esther

    wow !!! the story is getting better…..Everything is getting better…Krishna-Suhani prblms got solved and Yuvani-Krishna joined hands to make Suhani happy,,,,,,,goood going writer…missed yesterday’s and today’s epi,,,,will surely watch them in hotstar…..Yuvi managed the situation verywell…well done Yuvi…and I’m glad that Bhavna and all accepted Sayyam…now he’ll get the love he deserved…..and that guest really was annoying and Sayyam taught him a very good lesson,,well done my boy…..
    N Hello all SSEL buddies,,,,Aarti,Arshi and all

    1. Arshi (আরশি)

      Hello,Esther.u missed yesterday episode means missed an epic one.And, Mo left yesterday,I also thought of leaving but I think why to pay heed to others comments,all have rights to comment here.

      Hope kriyam track starts now.But I saw karan’s pic on instagram ,he is on leave .So,we may miss Sayyam for few episodes.

      1. Esther

        yea dear …..I know 🙁 what to do….I had exams today….bt will surely watch them tonight as I have 4 day gap till next exam…..
        huh…I just read all comments,,,donno why she left…..!…she was a good predictor
        and yea fanfights are everywhere….u plz don’t leave…stay here and comment more…
        and Sayyam is on a leave !!! ….why always one or the other takes leave in this serial…..aah personal things I knw…will miss him badly……I was hoping to see much more Sayyam-family scenes…but hav to wait for that now……Sayyam is on leave means half the epi will be Dadi’s rubbish….

    2. Aarti32

      Hello Esther..Today, for d first time I liked Yuvraj..I nvr liked Yuvraj coz he didn’t like Suhani jst bcz of her looks..I always understood Suhani’s pain n hated Yuvraj

      1. Esther

        You know,,,,,Yuvi’s character undergone a 360 degree change all of a sudden….well that’s true that Yuvraj was not a perfect character……he was irritating sometimes….but u knw I just love Sahil…..and I’m so happy that cvs started showing him as a supporting hubby….bt I’m worried whether his role is going to end….as mo said once…I’m afraid of such a twist……I’ve heard that he posted a similar thing in insta/fb……yes I love Kriyyam and Karan,,,,,,but I will miss Yuvi,,,,,,hope they are not planning for the exit of his character…will terribly miss him ya……
        N Arshi said that Sayyam is on a leave…then we won’t get proper Sayyam-family scenes

    3. A.Tejaswi

      Hello Esther!! Agree with u that sayyam taught a good lesson to sambhav.Saiyyam is turning to be my favourite.

      1. Esther

        Mine tooo yaaar…he z such a sweetheart

    4. Aarti32

      But y?? Y is KJo on a leave?? Is he trying to kill us?? by making us wait!!

        Don’t worry, he is back……
        Actually, he went to Odisha for attending his friend’s wedding.

  7. Finally!! Sayyam was awesome in today’s episode..Disgusting for Sambhav to assume that Sayyam would also not accept his wife’s “no” and force her…Sayyam is the complete opposite
    So, all in all,
    YuvAni IS reuntited (even though the reception was kinda incomplete..haha)
    Sayyam knows the truth, feels guilty, and hates his father now
    Krishna might start to understand Sayyam better and Kriyam’s story might start!!

    only thing is this DADI again!! What problem does she suddenly have with Sayyam! I think Sayyam will hear all this or will feel guilty for entering Suhani’s life and decide to leave the Birla house…(that’s what I read in the spoilers)

    1. Esther

      yea,,,,,Sayyam played it smart and made Sambav say the truth himself… know,you should not expect Dadi to change….that’s what SSEL taught me

    2. Aarti32

      My Papa says dis Dadi will be d baa of kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi..She’ll die when d show will end..Or maybe she’ll nvr die!! ??

  8. hello Esther I agree with you

    1. Esther

      thanx yaar kriyam fan 😀

  9. Finally the episode has came for which I was waiting saiyam had learned the truth. An Krishna had forgiven shuhani

  10. I guess Yuvaan and Baby will be negative now

  11. Pl anyone shoot tis dadi irritating n again started. i hope yuvraj stands for saiym. frm the start of epi it was jus mindblowng, again. yuvani, krishna suhani scene was superb.. saiyyam jus wonderful acting…bhav, sharad , pratima towards saiym superb… yuvaan feeling bad for his mum was gud.. even baby was shocked., tis sambhav shud die, he s nt at all a father, creepy fellow teachng bad to saiym..n guests are tey even called humans- loved saiym punch.. finally 2 things i liked the most… 1.suhani finally accepted her mistake of abandoning saiym and acceptd him tats the best thing happnd n 2. i loved when yuvraj told him abt the sacrifices made by them to make him drop the gun n even he gave the gun back.. so it is yuvraj who saved saiym today.. so overall an awesome episode n wonderful acting by everyone…

    1. Esther

      totally agree with u abi

  12. So as per latest spoiler saiyyam will be guilty and leaves the house
    Since karan is on leave saiyyam Will be missed for sometime and may be suhani will search for him and we will get to see the emotional momentd if suhani

    1. Mystery

      Oh god….when will kriyyam’s story will start

  13. Aarti32

    @Arshi..R u serious!! KJo was in Odisha!! I too m from Odisha..If I wud hv known dis, I wid hv tried my lvl best to go there.. Although I know I couldn’t hv gone..

  14. Aarti32

    @Arshi..R u serious!! KJo was in Odisha!! I too m from Odisha..If I wud hv known dis, I wid hv tried my lvl best to go there.. Although I know I couldn’t hv gone..??

  15. Aarti32

    Thanx for d link Arshi..N for d news too

  16. Aarti32

    He was in BBSR!! So close yet so far..Y God y????

  17. So let dadi do something to herself or just die n I hope they put sambhav awY for good

  18. I really hate dadi and the relatives have no idea about women’s rights. They’re saying that sabrav is way the relatives don’t get it.

  19. Saiyam and suhani ?

  20. Suhani si ek ladki, ends this weekend, hence the fast update.

  21. Syedul

    Nice episode and I was really expecting some Sayyam and Krishna track but Sayyam is leaving

  22. OMG!!! unbelievable i am pinching myself i can hardly believe what happen in today’s episode awesome after a long time today’s episode was splendid now here is the situation dadi needs to be thrown out of that house along with baby i know saiyyam is not a birla but he is suhani’s son and if yuvraj do not have a problem with him staying dadi should shut the hell up if she stays there saiyyam and suhani life will be unbearable with her around and i am sorry to everyone i might have annoyed i thought those comments were directed at me SORRY it is human to err i do not want to be tagged as someone who people love to hate i am not that kind of a person i am venting my anger probably because i have lost one of my client he was shot and killed so much for winning a case and then losing the person whom you won it for i know this site is not for airing one’s dirty linen in public never he less forgive for my outburst on persons i may have offended

    1. I was totally confused seeing ur cmnt yesterday…… now it all got cleared……ur client got shot……omg…..

  23. We are tierd of Dadi so It’s really high time dadi should hang her self.

  24. I miss saiyyam karan ki friend ki shadi abhi hi aani thi jab kriyam ki stiry start hone wali thi

    1. Mystery

      Totally agreed with u….for one or 2 epi we will miss him….

  25. well hello all kriyam fans I am new kriyam fan i am join your

  26. !!!!! thanks for understanding and yes he got shot and killed property dispute can you imagine your own kin putting up someone to kill you for the sake of a property? atrocious this is my job and everyday i woke up wandering if i am next it is a very dangerous profession but i am good at what i do i know self praise is no praise but i can go to any extent to prove a person innocence thank you once again dear

    1. that’s terrific….your job sure is risky……I can see ur passion for ur job in ur cmnt….and welcome 😀 it was a pleasure meeting you

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