Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Krishna not to call police. She takes Krishna aside and they argue a lot. She folds hand and requests him. Rags tries to hear them. Yuvraaj comes and asks Suhani what was she telling him. She says I was telling not to bring our family name, else Dadi will be angry. Yuvraaj leaves angrily. They come back and see police. Yuvraaj says you requested him, still Krishna called police. The inspector talks to Dadi. He questions Suhani was she driving at the time of accident Suhani says yes. He asks her to come to police station. Pankaj worries. Yuvraaj holds Suhani’s hand. He says there is no complaint against her. The inspector says we have to do enquiry and takes her. Sharad and panka say they will come along. Yuvraaj says I will also come. Pratima smiles as he supports Suhani.

Rags signs Dadi. Dadi acts like fainting, and stops Yuvraaj. She says she can’t bear anyone from their family going to police station. Yuvraaj asks are you fine. Dadi says does it matter, you go with Suhani. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to go. Dadi gets angry. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to stay with Dadi. Yuvraaj gets headache. Krishna looks on. He sees Soumya in Icu and says what happened to our love, just come back to me once, I will make everything fine. Dadi tells Rags that if I was here, Soumya would have not married him. She says I will not let them unite ever. Rags smiles and says Soumya also wants this. She is falling for Yuvraaj. Krishna sees Soumya getting conscious and calls doctor.

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Sharad says accident was intentional. They take Suhani’s blow test to check whether she is drunk. Its negative. The inspector says it means she was not drunk. Pankaj defends Suhani. The inspector says he is honest police officer, and did not go back hearing Birla’s name, we have to arrest her. Sharad says I will call my lawyer. They ask Suhani to put her jewelry. Pankaj says but there is no FIR. The inspector says Soumya will give her statement and Suhani will go jail.

Pratima tells Saurabh that they are arresting Suhani. Rags thinks Menka is missing such good drama. Suhani removes her jewelry. She cries seeing her engagement ring and recalls Yuvraaj. She removes it and holds her mangalsutra. The inspector gets a call and says no need to do this, Soumya gave her statement, that she came infront of the car, you did not do the accident. Suhani smiles and hugs Pankaj. Yuvraaj talks to Suhani and says go home, I m here at hospital. Rags says Soumya has ruined everything. Dadi says I hate Suhani, but not to that level that I send her to jail and ruin our family name, she is our bahu and people can gossip about us, I like Soumya as she does what we want.

Rags tells Yuvraaj that Dadi and Pratima are not fine, and we can’t trust Krishna. He aasks what do you mean. She says Suhani did the mistake, but Soumya is great that she has forgiven Suhani, so I was thinking…. Dadi says yes, Rags wants you to stay here in hospital with Soumya. Yuvraaj says he understood, you want me to stay as Suhani did the mistake, its fine. They smile. Pratima says Krishna is here. Yuvraaj says we can’t trust Krishna. Yuvraaj goes inside ward and Krishna scolds him asking him to leave. The nurse asks both of them to leave. Yuvraaj asks Dadi to go, he will stay here. Pratima says nurse said we can go. Dsdi says what are you saying, Suhani did the mistake and Yuvraaj is covering up. Yuvraaj says yes and asks Pratima to leave.

Saurabh says Sharad called, they are on the way to home, its good case dismissed by Soumya’s statement. Pratima leaves. She comes home and asks Sharad about Suhani. Sharad says she is in her room, she is sad, she was getting arrested but they stopped by Soumya’s statement. Saurabh asks Pratima to be with Suhani, and thanks Sharad for managing everything. Pratima comes to Suhani. Suhani asks about Soumya. Pratima says she is fine and Dadi made Yuvraaj stay there. Suhani says yes, when mistake is ours, it has to be rectified. Pratima apologizes to her. Suhani says its fine, I m tired and you also rest now.

Yuvraaj brings Soumya home. Suhani stops Soumya at the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i hope this suhani wont do arati of soumya! uff but thankfully yuvraj is sensible enough and it seems he has accepted suhani as his wie though he doesnt show it

  2. This serial is so euh. ….its so bad nd boring serial. …hate it

  3. It’s boring nd worst serial on star plus

  4. sunita nagpal

    i think suhani knows the truth..the way she was speaking with pratima..she will now try to bring soumya and yuvraj together..but as yuvraj loves suhani he will finally confess it..

  5. God…let tis serial come to an end

  6. V boring …now I stopped cing here after I will stop reading it too …..

  7. dadi look like a pig…but she proud to say beauty.suhani is dark but more beauty than somu..

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