Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima asking Suhani where is she going. Suhani says my home. Pratima says this is your home. Suhani says even I thought this is my home, I was wrong, Yuvraaj has cleared it today. Pratima says he was angry, don’t think about him. She says she can’ t neglect such a big thing, and asks her if she was her own daughter, would she say the same to her to neglect this matter. Sharad comes to Yuvraaj and Yuvraaj says its not his mood to listen to his lecture, and he does not any answer, he will not give any clarification.

Sharad hugs him and says I know there is something you are hiding from me, you did not wish Suhani to know this, why did you tell her the truth now. Yuvraaj says I wanted to save Suhani from all this. Sharad asks was he acting? Yuvraaj says I don’t want Suhani to have any problem, I will end this Soumya story now. Pratima says she regards her as daughter, so she is asking her not to go, the house has blamed on her character, and made her wrong, how can she go without proving herself right.

She says if she goes like this today, her head will also bow down, punish the person who made you wrong, then you go anywhere, I will not stop you. Suhani says fine, but she has a condition. Saurabh and Anuj come to Yuvraaj, and say he did wrong by talking to Suhani like this. Saurabh says its Suhani who thinks about us before herself, she is not bad like Rags and foolish like Menka, she is perfect girl, how can you leave her for Dadi’s sake. Yuvraaj says he realizes it.

Rags talks to Dadi, seeing Suhani leaving with her bags. Dadi says she will leave this home soon. Suhani goes in Pratima’s room to stay. Pratima says she is not taking Yuvraaj’s side, what he said today was in anger. Suhani asks can I go out for sometime. Pratima says fine. Yuvraaj comes in his room and does not find Suhani anywhere. He sees her cupboard empty and says Suhani. He comes to Suhani and asks where was she, where is she going at night. Sharad signs no to him. Suhani goes. Pratima asks why is he worried now, why don’t he leave her alone. Suhani comes to meet Soumya in her room. Soumya looks at the cake. Suhani asks why did she not eat the cake, she should be happy as her plan succeeded.

Soumya says trust me, Dadi did this, I m see doubt in your eyes. Suhani says you made this doubt. Yuvraaj says he needs his mum. Pratima asks how can you think I will support you. Sharad says I know you are worried for Suhani, listen to Yuvraaj. Suhani scolds Soumya for making it a big issue as she told her about her marriage truth. Soumya says I don’t know, what would you get from this incomplete relation. Suhani asks what are you doing here, if your relation was complete.

Suhani cries resting in Pratima’s lap. Pratima says this house will always be yours, you need to answer the blames on you, and prove that you are right.

Dadi thanks her friends on phone for coming, and speaks against Suhani. She ends the call and turns to see Suhani. She says she was going to call her to give her return gift. She taunts her and gives her a gift. She drops the gift before she takes it, and says your life is also shattered like this gift. Suhani picks the gift. Dadi says she stood infront of her, and spoke against her. She asks her to see the result.

Suhani says don’t worry about my life, you think when your true face comes infront of Yuvraaj, what will happen. Dadi smiles. Suhani cries and says this sindoor and mangalsutra, I don’t wear this for keeping rituals, but this is my pride. She says I will bring out the true face and clear all the blames on me. She says I promise that I will not let Pratima’s head bow down, I will show Yuvraaj I did not lie, you lied and did all planning to break my marriage, lets see who wins, your plans or my evils. She leaves.

She comes to her room and thinks Yuvraaj is not there. She recalls Dadi’s words and his anger. Bhavna calls her and asks how is she. Suhani says I m fine. Bhavna asks did Yuvraaj say anything. Suhani says yes, I felt you have sent him. She asks her to take care of baby and herself. Bhavna says she got her 10th class books and the poem which she told, and they say lines to be strong and not give up to problems. Bhavna asks her to always remember this and Suhani says yes. She ends the call.

Suhani says the lines ahead, not to accept defeat and not lose to difficulties, improve your weakness and fail the enemy. She repeats the lines and takes her clothes. She turns and sees Yuvraaj. He says the lines ahead not to move back form field and face all problems. He says he also learnt this in 10th class school. He says move ahead and start the war, don’t call any angel. She looks at him teary eyed and he leaves. She looks at Dadi’s gift and says fight by moving on, don’t call any angel for help, don’t accept defeat, don’t lose to problems.

Suhani gets the bank statement and the man calls Suhani to Menka.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suhani should leave n see wat really going to happen

  2. suhani fight for ur love and value as u have said nice epsd.. this idiot grandma with teeth like that of rats I just hate you so much…that when u are in conversation I close my eyes… I dont want to see an evil..

  3. Sourabh and Anuj big it up for scolding uvraaj…

  4. i am so glad that at least anuj and saurabh can see that their wives are really bad
    can’t wait for the truth (hopefully) tomorrow about the bank

  5. dadi is the worst creation of god.She is actually a devil who is born in the form of a human

  6. hi frnds any Malayalis now here?

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  8. hi sree long time after seeing u… how r u

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  13. Pls telecast this show in 8am morning I miss it due to my office timing, can’t reach home till 8

  14. Dis s nt d complete update… Plz some one correct it

  15. Refreshing to see Birla brothers getting back at Yuvi for Suhani. Atlast they had some say this time,

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