Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani getting the makeover and looking beautiful. Anuj and Saurabh talk about Rags and Menka. Yuvraaj joins them and they talk about wives being the trauma of their lives. Dadi comes and tells Yuvraaj that she is rectifying his mistake and maybe Suhani will look a part of their Birla house today. Suhani says I m unable to identify myself. Dadi comes and sees Suhani looking good. Dadi smiles and says very good, take her pic and send me, I m show people how a crow becomes an ostrich. Suhani feels bad. Dadi leaves. Suhani says how will Dadi and Yuvaaj identify me, I don’t want to get fair, if I m dark, Lord made me this, they should complain to Lord, not me.

She says I m not happy in this look, I like to be natural and don’t need all this. She says this color and makeup is artificial. I won’t go out in this artificial beauty. She takes the tissue and wants to remove the makeup. She sees an old couple trying to take their scooter out form the mud pot while its raining. Soumya notes the halwa recipe as Krishna makes it and teaches her. She asks what did she write, show me, I m looking your class teacher. She shows him his drawing. He asks who is he. She says he is my husband. He asks her to focus in cooking. She says she can’t focus anywhere. He asks when will you learn to cook. She says you cook, and I will make you eat.

He says now halwa can’t be made, but Barfi can be made, so I will make you eat this barfi. Rakhi sees them hugging and says but I like Halwa and I will have only halwa today.

Suhani goes out of the house as guests looks on. Dadi welcomes the guests and gets complimented for her good taste. They ask her where is her bahu. Menka and Rags come in the party and think Suhanu got a makeover. Dadi asks Rags to go and bring Suhani. Menka says we became messengers. Soumya gives the barfi to Rakhi. Rakhi says she likes halwa not barfi. Soumya says it can be made next time. Krishna says I know how to make her smile and shows snake and ladder game. Rakhi smiles and they challenge each other. Soumya wins and hugs Krishna. Rakhi gets annoyed and leaves.

Soumya says this is not the way to behave with elders. Krishna asks why did she win, if she won, she could be happy. Krishna defends Rakhi. Krishna asks her to treat like Rakhi. Soumya says treat her like grown up. Krishna goes after Rakhi. Suhani’s family comes to Yuvraaj’s house and Pratima welcomes them. Lata asks about Suhani. Dadi sees Bhavna and her parents are fair, then why did Suhani become dark. Dadi says I did what her parents did not do, now nits time to show them.

Suhani goes to the old couple in rain and says she will help them. Lata sees the pic in which Suhani is looking very fair. Bhavna says Suhani changed. Dadi says its done by computer, but its difficult to identify her today, let her come. Rags comes and says Dadi she is not in her room. Dadi asks where did she go. She asks them to go and bring her. Dadi asks Lata to wait for a miracle as she has given a new look to Suhani.

Suhani goes in the mud. The woman asks why are you spoiling your expensive clothes for us. Suhani says it can be changed, but my humanity is more important. She pulls out the mud. The man asks you look from rich house. Suhani says its because of my clothes and makeup, else I m not like this. She gets the mud on her face and smiles. She gets the scooter out and says its better to help you than cheating other with this fake looks. She gets drenched in mud and rain. She smiles getting happy that she has helped someone. Dadi shows Suhani’s pic and says she has changed her. Everyone smile. Suhani comes in smiling and everyone is shocked seeing her with all mud.

Rags and Menka smile seeing Suhani. Dadi is shocked. Suhani thanks her for calling her beautiful. Yuvraaj is shocked too. The guests looks on and gossip laughing on Dadi and the Birla house. Pratima asks Suhani whats all this. Suhani says she was helping an old couple to bring out their scooter out. Menka says but we got helpless in your help, see all the hardwork on you got waste. Suhani says if I have to help anyone, I will always help. Dadi gets angry and asks her to go and change the dress. Bhavna takes Suhani. Dadi sees the mud footsteps. Pratima asks Ramesh to clean it.

The women back bite about Suhani and Dadi gets angry. Lata apologizes to Pratima from Suhani’s side. Pratima says its fine. Rags smiles.

Menka tells Dadi what guests are saying against them. Suhani’s parents are also insulted by their taunts. Yuvraaj gets ashamed hearing the taunts by everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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