Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani looking for the safe and saying where did Pratima keep it. Yuvraaj comes and asks what is she finding. She says my earring. He moves her hair and sees both her earring. He questions her and asks how much will she lie, I know you are finding safe. She says I don’t know about it, why will I find it. he says enough now. She says yes, enough. He holds her hand and says money is ending at home. She says why is he telling her, he can go and earn. He says I hired a manager for work. She says I m not lying. Pratima says Suhani is right, why is he blaming Suhani, there is no safe in their room. Suhani says you are doubting on me, you mean I m thief. He says no, I was just asking.

Yuvraaj says he hired Leela, she is good and she will bring them out of mess. Pratima says she left the job, she resigned, check with Dadi. He says so what, we can get any new manager, I promise I will not miss this chance. He leaves. Suhani says he will get managers, but not work himself. Pratima says I have an idea. Menka tells Rags that she found everywhere but safe is not here. Rags says you did so late that aunty had doubt. Suhani is so smart, where did she hide the safe. Pratima tells Suhani that she has hidden the safe in storeroom, I knew Dadi will check in my room and I did not wish your plan to get ruined. Suhani thanks and hugs her.

Pratima says she is scared. She asks her not to be afraid, she will make everything fine. Its morning, Menka says what happened to light, its so hot. Saurabh asks Ramesh did he not pay electricity bill. Ramesh says he did not have the bill. Dadi comes and asks what happened. Yuvraaj sees Suhani and asks why is she disturbing everyone, she can talk to him. She asks what did I do. He asks how did light go. She says I took Belan and broke all bulbs. He asks her to say right and asks how did power go. She says I don’t know.

Pratima says I will call electricity board and calls. She asks is there any fault, power went here. The man says power is cut on your saying. Pratima signs Suhani. Dadi says how dare they cut our connection, I will make a call and get them transferred. Pratima says we did not pay one month bill. Dadi asks why. Yuvraaj says Saxena used to do this work, and he will get this confirmed. Suhani says our cards were blocked, so maybe due date passed. Rags says how will the light problem get solved.

She says he has to go to electricity bill payment centre and pay by cash, as due date passed. Yuvraaj says we don’t have cash. Saurabh asks Rags to give her bangle. She asks him to sell his watch. He says mum gave me this. Sharad gives some money to Yuvraaj. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to go and pay it, and she will repay after everything gets fine. Yuvraaj says we will see fuse once. Pratima worries and says Ramesh will check. Suhani thanks her.

Soumya talks to Suhani and says she is arranging for Rakhi’s function. Suhani says she has cut power at home today and want them to start working. Soumya says all the best. Suhani says thanks. She turns and sees someone. Soumya fixes flowers and slips. She shouts and Krishna holds her. Music plays………. The flowers fall on them. She says thanks. He says lights are good. They smile. Lalita sees them and asks will Yuvraaj pay for these lights. Suhani sees Yuvraaj. He asks with whom was she talking. She says Soumya. He asks is everything well there. She says yes, she is working alone for Rakhi’s function, you know Lalita. His eye gets hurt. She says sorry, and blows in his eye. Saware……………plays…………….He apologizes for doubting on her, its my mistake. He leaves.

Murali sends Soumya. Krishna asks him when will mum change. Murali says maybe never. Krishna says he will not repeat his mistakes. Sharad gives water to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says I can’t believe I m doing all this work, all because of Saxena. Dadi asks Pratima did she give these values to her sons, everyone is fanning themselves and I m feeling this heat. Saurabh says sorry, and calls Rags and Menka. He asks them to fan air to Dadi and goes with Anuj. Rags and Menka sit to air Dadi. Ramesh gives lemon water to Dadi. They all drink it feeling very hot.

Yuvraaj sees lunch break for one house and is irritated. Sharad says we have to wait as we can’t go without paying bill. Yuvraaj says how did Leela resign, then safe was stolen and now this powercut. Sharad says calm down, I will get some snacks for you. Rakhi’s function starts and Radhe offers help to Soumya. She says she will manage. Krishna asks him to sit. Rakhi says she wants to be like Soumya, and wants tv, fridge and car. Lalita says I don’t have waste money, you ask Soumya.

Rags tells Dadi that she is going home, as her mum is ill. Pratima asks is everything fine. Rags says no, mum urgently called home. She takes her bag and leaves. Menka brings her bag and says I m also leaving for same reason. Rags and Menka rush out. Dadi says they will not go anywhere and asks them to leave their bags and fan air to her. Rags and Menka get annoyed. Suhani smiles.

Soumya gifts Rakhi beautiful earrings. Rakhi says gold earrings and says thanks. She stops and leaves. Krishna says he also has some gift for her. He shows job interview post and asks Soumya to go, he is sure she will get the job, if she is away from home, mum will not be after her. Soumya smiles and thanks him. He hugs her. Yuvraaj moves and a man comes in between the line. The man gets a call and says yes, I did not pay bill since 2 months, they don’t cut connection in first month, so I m paying now. Yuvraaj hears it and asks what. The man says after first default, they sent a notice of one month grace period.

Yuvraaj asks is he sure. The man asks him to ask in office. Yuvraaj recalls all the events. He tells Sharad that Suhani did this. Sharad says why will she do this, fine we will ask here, then you can talk to Suhani. Yuvraaj says he has an idea.

Suhani says if anyone buys our company, they will work hard for it. Yuvraaj talks to Dadi and Dadi asks him to keep auction tomorrow. Suhani hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wait so what auction are they keeping and yuvraj has a plan for what to help suhani or to expose suhani and also why is suhani doing all this what if the auction is for selling the birla house then it’ll be suhani’s fault bc she wanted them to realize how it’s hard to not work and bc of her they will al be on the streets but then I also read that yuvrajs plan helps suhani and they both meet each other on the terrace and then yuvraj is talking to her in like a high tone voice and suhani talks back to him and then yuvraj confesses his feelings in anger and then suhani also confesses her feelings in anger and then they both hug and then they both come together and plan to show dadi that it’s indeed hard to live if u don’t work

    1. They don’t auction the house, just some small stuff

  2. vry funny to see rags and menka like this.

  3. Shariya nishu ,rags and menka are selfish too.i am a malayali.

  4. Me tooo malayali

  5. Nce episode…suhani rocks yuvraj start using ur brain in works nt doing jaasosi……

  6. Lovely episode.

  7. nice epi…..

  8. there should be some realization in yuvraj’s heart that he loves suhani not just cares for her.

    he should understand the importance of Suhani… more than a friend

    the serial should show somethin about their romantic bonding also

  9. I also think there should be something on yuvraajs side asni think suhani loves him so we shiuld see yuvraaj thinking about suhani in romantic way

  10. Ya I too agree with them yuvraj should think little much romantic about suhani yaar????❤????????

    1. Ya its really good and and wonderful I like it aparna?

  11. Wow Aparna yaar this pictures are colourful and preety?

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