Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi’s friend asking about Soumya’s pic. Yuvraaj says he has sent Soumya’s pic by mistake. The lady says yes, I can see it by this necklace. The other lady gives her shagun for the marriage, and compliments her for the necklace suiting her. Dadi says Sunaina, my Yuvraaj has chosen this. Sunaina says yes its unique. Pratima says few things suit special people, and look its made for them, like this necklace for Suhani. Dadi says yes, if anyone else wears it, the thing loses its charm. Pratima asks Suhani about her parents. Suhani says they are going somewhere else, maybe they won’t be able to come. Pratima says fine.

Rags asks Menka to do her work. Menka is busy eating. Dadi, Rags and Dadi’s friends want to tell Suhani how much they dislike her, and they could not help as Dadi was not there in Yuvraaj’s marriage. Suhani hears them and feels bad. Dadi says I don’t know Yuvraaj is happy with her or not, but I get sad seeing him. Suhani thinks to ask Dadi what problem she has with her. Suhani thinks not to talk to Dadi, as Yuvraaj will be annoyed. Menka says the work starts now. Yuvraaj gets a call that cake delivery can’t be done, and he is asked to come and collect it. Yuvraaj tells Sharad to manage the party and he will just come. He leaves.

Rags and Menka smile and ask a man is everything ready. He says yes, and they switch off the lights. Rags says this darkness is for your entertainment. The man starts the Katputli/puppet show story. Rags says the story of a 18-20 year college dude, on whom all girls used to die, but he did not see anyone, he wanted to see anyone with whom he can see his whole life, his search ended one day. She says he wanted to marry that girl, but fate is bad and can’t turn anytime, this happened with that guy too.

Rags says his lover gone far from him forever and he married someone else. He did not have any feelings in heart and he said yes to marry the girl without thinking anything. Sharad tells Pratima why is Dadi making a joke of this, in Yuvraaj’s absence. Rags and Menka try to show Suhani and perform on the song hoton me aisi baat………….Everyone come for them.

Dadi’s friend ask about the next track in story. Dadi says there is always next tracks, you understand it yourself. Dadi gives credit to Rags and Menka. Suhani goes to talk to her, and Pratima stops her. Suhani says she has to talk to her daily, she will not stop today. Pratima asks her not to go. Her friends say we feel its not story, but reality. Menka says I have written this story. Saurabh says cake has come, lets cut the cake. Yuvraaj smiles and Dadi says my grandson knows whats my choice. He says yes, but this is Suhani’s work, she knows your choice well. They all sing happy birthday to you and Dadi cuts the cake. Suhani recalls Rags’ words and is upset. Yuvraaj asks what happened Suhani.

Dadi makes her have the cake and thanks her. Anuj says the lunch is set, its Dadi’s fav dishes, come. Dadi hugs her friends and thanks them for coming. Suhani stops Dadi and asks about the puppet show meaning. Dadi asks why, did you not like it. Suhani says I just want to know whose story was it pointing to. Dadi says stories are from real life, you did not notice it. Suhani asks what does she want to say. Dadi says a hint is enough for smart. Suhani asks what does she mean. She asks did she make it on her. Dadi says great, you gave me chance to say this first time, that you are saying right.

Suhani asks does she feel Yuvraaj is not happy with me. Dadi says yes, his life ruined after his marriage, it looked you are after him. Suhani says he got this proposal to my home, why did you not show this and stop everyone when everyone was asking you. She asks how can you break his marriage, and used my friend’s support when she was broken and did not know right and wrong, you are a woman and mother, how can you do this.

She says she tried a lot to make them fight and it did not affect their relation, because we are still together. Dadi says you are his helplessness, he is bearing you against his will. Suhani cries.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Dadi told her he is not happy with her, he does not love her. He says yes, I did not love you, I was not happy to marry you. Suhani is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. you seriously don’t deserve Suhani yuvraaj

    1. but iam sure he will say that he loves suhani now

    1. hope so that yuvraj will confess his love 2 suhani

  2. but seeing precap i feel that he is going to accept his luv for suhani.
    atleast she got to know the truth now.

  3. Finally The Truth Is Before Suhani
    God I can’t Wait For The Next episode

  4. I Think Yuvraj Won’t Be Accepting his Love That Easily
    Suhani Will leave The Birla House Then Yuvaraj Starts Missing Suhani And Finally Realizes His Love Towards Her
    and mean while The 4 wicked Women Keeps On Planning

  5. Oh!!!!!!! God how much this shpw makers hurt Suhani,
    Suhani just leave that BH because no 1 deserves u in that house……….
    Sooooooooooooooooo sad of Suhani in todays episode even monday episode also i pity her

  6. yubrajjj!!!!!
    just go to hellllllll
    u moron!!!!!!
    how can u talk with suhani in this way?
    feel like killlllllling u.
    u foinnni!!!”!’

  7. Yuvi is going to confess to Suhani that he has feelings for her now. Finally, Yuvani’s love story is about to begin. Please make ths love story interesting and beautiful. Please give a good storyline, ample screen space to Sahil and Rajshri to perform to their optimum. They are extremely talented and we have seen how well they complement each other to make the characters come alive. Please keep the negativity to a minimum. Other characters can also be built like the brothers, bhabis Sharad as side tracks so that it is not monotonous and gives some comic relief.

    1. hey, Rajshri (suhani) is married. is it so?

      1. yes to vineet pandey…since 2008

      2. there is a news that rajshri(SUHANI) left her Hubbard for the sake of this serial.

      3. there is a news that rajshri(SUHANI) left her Husband for the sake of this serial.

    2. yeah cant wait fr monday episode n as soumya said she may leave frm birla house

      1. will soumya leave birla house? She is devil ,witch!

  8. finally suhani confronted yuvraj hope the precap isnt any imagination

  9. Precap : Yuvraaj said to Suhani that he “DID NOT LOVE HER” and he “WAS NOT HAPPY” to marry her… He never said if he is happy and love her “RIGHT NOW” ….. can’t wait till Monday

  10. Yuvraj you are dumb seriously you don’t deserve suhani anymore

  11. plz post the spoiler for suhani si ek ladki plz

  12. guys, Yuvraag did not love Suhani in the beginning but he does now. Just wait and watch. Cant wait till monday.

  13. Wow so suhani thinks soumya doesnt know right from wrong
    She is not a five year old child and besides they were childhood friends
    No matter what soumya should have known better

  14. at first yuvraj loves soumya. but now he is in love with suhani

  15. at the beginning of his marriage ,he hates suhani. NOT NOW

  16. he had planned a lot before marriage-to marry a beautiful girl! But he married dark skinned suhani becoz of fate.Slowly he learned-‘ BEAUTY LIES IN HEART ‘

  17. It’s good to reveal full truth.not the way,why SNS wri update nt available.

  18. is there any necessary to celebrate dadi’s birthday?avlo periya ‘APPATAKARA’antha old lady.when this dumb yuvi accept his love to suhani.if u didn’t love suhani means u tell to her and throw her out, and u select ur perfect better half.either accept or reject one thing. really dumb dumb.

    1. ya i to agree with u tht old shamless creature oda birthday avlo grand a kondadanuma……. ena koduma da idhu

  19. This comment has been deleted.

    Reason: Inappropriate language.

  20. anyone know trp of suhanisi ek ladki in this week?

    1. Yes.its no. 20 with 4.6 TVTs.

  21. yuvraj should open his mouth.Or else he is simply spoiling suhani’s life.Yuvani,start a ‘REAL’ happy married life

  22. oh! tomorrow is Sunday! 🙁 .i can’t wait for Monday 🙁

  23. why does this website look so weird
    it was better before

  24. Why are Ragini and Menka so much in favor of the rude and impolite Soumya in Suhani’s place? If really soumya becomes the bahu, these two ladies will be treated like servants and soumya will gang up with the most cruel dadi. If it is suhani they Will retain their position and self respect. Have they not understood soumya’s bossy and lazy attitude? Suhani was always sweet to her co sisters.

  25. Suhani is not so ugly and dark. She is plain and without makeup. But her inner beauty and her pure, clean thoughts, her always genuine concern and love for everyone make her so attractive and more beautiful than all the female characters of this serial. Her father is a horrible culprit who blackmailed yuvraj into marrying her. She should know this and really confront the man. He is a shameless banker who made his daughter suffer so much at her in law’s place. Her father, her best friend and her in laws all back stabbed her.

  26. Yuvraaj will have s*x with somya

  27. Wait till monday.

  28. OHey guys..don’t worry..
    Jaise ki sabko pata yuvraj ne kaha hai ki “woh suhani se shadi nhi karna chahta “thaa. ” aur woh suhani se pyar nhi karta “thaa..” which woh ab suhani se pyar karta hai.. 🙂
    Aur inteviews me bhi yuvraj[sahil] ne yeh bola hai ki ab yuvraj suhani ka aur suhani yuvraj ka role play karenge. .yani..ab yuvraj,suhani k pichhe pichhe rahega..aur suhani ussignore karengi..totally opposite & interesting scenes hone wale hai…:) 🙂 🙂
    <3 u yuvani…

  29. Oh god I feel so bad for suhani

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