Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad confronting Yuvraaj why is he being sweet to Suhani, to show off to Soumya and make her feel what she lost. Yuvraaj says no, Suhani is a nice girl and I m doing this for her. Lata sees Bhavna crying and asks what happened. Bhavna says Amit called. Lata laughs and asks her to take care of Rishi. She leaves. Bhavna cries and says how to tell them that Rishi is doing drama, no one will believe me if I say them. Suhani cleans the silver utensils. Ramesh comes to her and says he is feeling bad, can he help her. She says if Dadi sees him, she will cut his hands. He says he will tell her how to clean it and asks her to use lemon. She smiles.

Rags calls Ramesh for work. Menka comes to Suhani and says she will help her. Suhani says no need, I will use lemons to clean it. Menka says wait here, I will get the lemon for you. Menka cuts the lemons and thinks to throw all the lemons by taking its juice out. Suhani comes there and asks what is she doing. Menka says the lemons got over and says she will ask Ramesh to buy some, she wanted to help her, but now its very late, all the best. She leaves. Suhani says what to do now. Pratima comes and says she will help Suhani, as Dadi is sleeping now.

Dadi asks Pratima to get her medicines and come to her. Pratima says I have to go and asks Suhai to do it alone. She leaves. Suhani comes in her room and thinks. She thanks him for today and she felt glad knowing he cares for her. She says she forgot to clean the utensils and have to think. Yuvraaj hears her. Suhani says I did not like Krishna, don’t know what Soumya saw in him. He asks her to finish her work first. Her saree ends stucks in the bed side and she smiles thinking its him. She says leave it and turns to see he is gone. He goes to brush his teeth. He comes back and she asks him to help her in freeing the saree.

His brush falls in the silver utensil. Yuvraaj helps her in freeing the saree. They have an eyelock. Music plays……………… She says thanks and sees the brush ad toothpaste fallen in the utensil. She says its cleaning the utensils, very good, thanks. She goes and uses toothpaste in washing the utensils. She says great, it became like new, thanks Yuvraaj, you are like magic genie for me, who helps me always. The toothpaste ends. Suhani goes to get another one and gets many. Suhani gets Bhavna’s call and asks what happened, and is worried. Bhavna wants to tell her about Rishi, but Suhani says she will talk later, as she is doing Dadi’s work.

Bhavna is upset. Suhani says she will call her. Bhavna says no need, no one has time for me. Suhani gets worried and says I will call her tomorrow and now I will finish this work. Rags says great Menka, you had the jug of lemon water to stop Suhani, and its good. Menka says you made me have it, I have having ache. Rags says who told you to have the juice, you could have hidden the lemons. They have an argument. They come out and see Suhani smiling. Rags thinks why is Suhani so happy. Rags and Menka see all the utensils cleaned and are shocked.

Rags says how did she clean in so less time. Menka says am I dreaming. Rags pinches her and she shouts. Rags shuts her mouth and says this is not a dream. Menka says she can shine anything except her face. Rags says do as I say. Menka says fine. Rags asks Menka to hide this silver bowls. She says Dadill be not have breakfast without this and she will get angry on Suhani. Menka laughs and praises Rags. Sharad walks in sleepy state and bumps into Menka. Rags asks Menka to leave. Rags says open your eyes, its me. She lies and says she came to have water. Sharad asks where is the glass. Rags says Menka took it, fine I m going to sleep, good night. She leaves. Rags tells Menka that we are saved. Rags says I will see what will Suhanu answer Dadi tomorrow. They smile.

Suhani tells Ramesh how can this happen. Menka says we got the bowls, it was near Snoopy. Dadi gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. menka and rags should do the role of snoopy….dirty b*t*h….(if snoopy is female??!!)….

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