Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Yuvraaj playing kabaddi. She falls on him. Saawre………..plays………….. She stares at him, while he asks her to move as she is very heavy. He shouts move off me, and wakes her up as she is really over him, and making him burdened by her weight. He asks is she mad. She says she was dreaming that she won in kabaddi. He says he will not let her win today, she will lose. She says lets see and smiles. Krishna talks to his dad and works. His mum’s friend Kalavati brings a good proposal. Krishna gets angry. Kalavati says the girl is very good, but she is deaf. His mum laughs and taunts on Soumya. He asks her to focus on Rakhi and spare him. Yuvraaj gets ready for the kabaddi match and Soumya and his team gets dressed in red. Suhani comes with Srivastav’s team. Dadi sots with Pratima.

Sharad is the referee and Ramesh writes Refire and laughs. Soumya gets jealous seeing Yuvraaj and Suhani. Suhani says she will win today. She says I did not believe I will get married to you, but I got married, it means Lord takes my dreams seriously. He smiles and says nothing will happen of you. Soumya asks Suhani what happened. Suhani laughs and Soumya gets angry. Suhani tells that she got over Yuvraaj in sleep. Soumya gets Krishna’s call and he asks her to meet him once, and he says he wants just one chance. Soumya scolds him and says she deserves better than him. She sees Yuvraaj, and says you got many chances but you just hurt me, you made me realized that it was my mistake to love and marry you. She says it was her life’s big mistake which she does not want to repeat.

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Yuvraaj sees her talking and asks her to come. Krishna hears his voice and says I think you got what you were finding. He says since you went in Birla family, you have changed, other’s money changed your mentality. She says they are not others, don’t forget you are earning because of them. He gets angry and ends the call. Soumya smiles seeing Yuvraaj. Krishna says I will not let Soumya leave me and why did she mean by saying I get food by Birla house money. Sharad announces the teams and starts the match. Saurabh goes from Birla’s team. Suhani catches them. Soumya holds Yuvraaj’s hand. Yuvraaj angrily frees his hand. Saurabh says she us not ordinary, she is Suhani Birla, your wife. Suhani smiles. Yuvraaj signs she will lose and feels proud of Suhani.

Suhani goes in opposite team. Dadi records. Soumya thinks about Krishna and Yuvraaj. She thinks she should get Yuvraaj and brings her anger out on Suhani. She thinks Yuvraaj and Suhani’s close moments and holds Suhani’s hand to out her. Suhani touches the white line, and Soumya pulls her back by her leg, and even Yuvraaj pulls her back. Sharad says Suhani is caught, but she has touched the line, so Yuvraaj and Soumya are out. Dadi says Sharad did not do justice. Pankaj says we did not see, and can make Suhani out. Pratima asks Dadi to say as she was recording it.

Sharad asks Soumya to say. Suhani says yes, Soumya never lies. Soumya recalls and says Suhani did not touch line, and lies to them. Sharad says Soumya is lying, Suhani has touched the line. Dadi sees the recorrding and Suhani touching the line. Soumya sees Suhani hurt. Sharad says he can’t bear this and takes Suhani. He says Suhani was not out, she has touched he line, see the chalk power on her hand, if I m made referee, then you have to agree. Suhani says yes, he is right. Yuvraaj says Soumya said Suhani did not touch. Sharad says I m referee. Yuvraaj says you mean Soumya is lying. Soumya says she did not lie. Suhani holds Yuvraaj’s hand and Soumya holds his hand to give illustration. Soumya says you are out Suhani, don’t cheat.

Sharad moves the tennis ball towards Soumya. She steps on it and falls. Dadi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. soumya,dnt wory in a short while u gona get traped…n dn u will only b a puppet in hands of daadi’s stupid team………….
    u dnt deserve frndshp….pity on u like people who r out in d world that they only c d money n nthng else..

  2. wats dis sowmya doing, how dare she had hold yuvraj’s hand. Why yuvraj and suhani couldn’t understanding about this dirty foolish girl… How dare she hurt suhani… Sownya get lost… Irritating idiot

  3. Sanjeet Bublaka Modi

    why dont suhani and yuvraaj break up already theres no sensual heat between them not even fun, soumya will do better, in other shows like iss pyaar. seasin two astha and shlok have wonderfull scenes. I think yuvraajs brother is cheating on ragni

  4. Such friendship. I heard a friend in need is a friend in deed.but soumya is totally wrong and bad

  5. soumya is’nt only wrng,mad bt she now completly lost her senses n is totaly insane n running aftr some1’s husband n 4 his mny

    1. i agree : she doesnt love yuvraaj she just wants that luxurious life as she is always talking about money and clothes. I never knew one could be that greedy

  6. soumya, i hate u.stupid.

  7. Soumya you are a ugly b*t*h go and get your own men. But maybe no men wants to be with you becausr you are a ugly and stupid. I hate you get lost stupid cow

  8. soumya doesnt deserve friendship

  9. Bad influence so called on scared marriage

  10. I wish Krishna slaps so hard to Sowmya that she just goes to coma. I hate this girl so matlabi and so is yuvraj. I used to like the serial and yuvraj so much for respecting suhani, but now hate watching this…
    serial shows a rich can never marry a poor and be happy.. Idiot sowmya

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