Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani talking to Soumya and being annoyed. She leaves from there crying seeing Soumya married and not telling her. Soumya goes to stop her. Yuvraaj is on the way and practices to tell her that he did not love her and he loved Soumya. He says why am I thinking so much, I can go and tell her. He says Suhani is a nice girl, but I did not love her, this marriage is a big misunderstanding. He gets stuck in the traffic jam. Soumya talks to Suhani. Suhani says you did not tell me that you got married, you lied to me, this does not happen in friendship, you forgot me. Soumya says she married Krishna. Suhani is shocked.

Soumya says we love each other. Suhani cries and sees Yuvraaj there. She runs and hugs him crying. Yuvraaj is shocked seeing Soumya with sindoor. He looks at her angrily. He holds Suhani to protect her and shows his love for her. Soumya cries and turns. Suhani says please take me home. Soumya gets tensed. Yuvraaj and Suhani leave. Suhani comes home crying and Sharad thinks Yuvraaj told her everything. Yuvraaj beats the punching bag thinking about Soumya’s words. Sharad comes to console Suhani and says he does not know what to tell in such time. Suhani says no, I m fine.

Sharad says I know you are not fine. I know whats in your heart, for you this relation was close to your heart, I know everything. He says I felt after so many days, Yuvraaj will…………… Yuvraaj comes and stops him. He says I told him on phone that you met Soumya today. Sharad is shocked. Yuvraaj signs no to Sharad. Sharad says yes. Suhani says yes, its good you both are with me. He says talk to Yuvraaj and leaves. Suhani cries. Soumya comes home and cries. Rakhi sees her and stands far. Krishna comes and asks what happened.

He says he has to tell something. She says I met Suhani today. Suhani says sorry to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks why sorry. She says I should have not cried like this infront of everyone. He says its fine, anyone would have done this. She says she is feeling bad. She says she regarded Soumya as very close person and one day I felt she went very far from me, and she was just pretending, how will it feel. He gets tensed and says this did not happen with me, but I understand this pain. She says Soumya loved someone. Krishna asks what happened, are you mad to cry like this for Suhani. She says you did not go in her marriage as you know Yuvraaj does not love her. Rakhi thinks what is the matter.

Soumya argues with him. Krishna gets angry. He says Suhani is right to be angry, everything will be fine, give her time. Suhani says nothing can be fine, Soumya did wrong with me. Yuvraaj gives her hanky. She says I can’t take other’s hanky. He says then why are you punishing yourself for other’s mistakes. I know it hurts by someone you love the most, but it’s the fact that if that person does not understand you, you should move on, don’t worry, time will heal your pain. She says it looks like someone did this to you too. He says no, I heard this. He says I know saying is easy, but you are very strong, I m sure you will be fine in two three days. She nods yes and smiles. He gets upset. She asks him why is he upset.

He says he is upset as she is upset. She says I will be fine. He smiles. She asks what did he has to tell her. Soumya tells Krishna its not easy. Krishna says stop it now, you are the bahu of my house, focus here. He says his parents are coming and asks did she keep money in bank. She says no, I met Suhani and…. He scolds her. Yuvraaj says lets go out somewhere Suhani. She says fine, He says get ready at 5pm today. He signs her not to cry and they laugh. He thinks this is be very tough, how to tell the truth to Suhani, her heart will break. Suhani says Soumya forgot me so easily, but I won’t be quiet, I will call her. Her phone is off.

Suhani gets more annoyed. Dadi asks Suhani which necklace she bought. Dadi says you bought the necklace and did not show me. Suhani says you said to buy by my choice. Dadi says but decision will be mine. Rags and Menka come there. They ask what happened, and fills her ears against her. Pratima says but you went with her. Dadi says I went for satsang. Dadi taunts her. Suhani brings the necklace and shows Dadi. Dadi does not like it, as its very thin. Dadi says I wanted a diamond necklace, you bought this gold one. Suhani says she knows them. She says she bought this after she liked it, but next time she will ask him. Dadi says yes, and asks Suhani to clean all silver utensils. Rags and Menka smile.

Soumya waits for Suhani. Yuvraaj comes to meet her and says I was waiting for this day, whats his name, the servant guy Krishna. He gets angry on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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