Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj telling Soumya that he is not Krishna. Suhani asks Yuvraaj what did Soumya say and why did she say like this. Yuvraaj says she is drunk, before anyone sees her, I will take her to her room. Sharad comes to Suhani and asks what happened. Suhani is worried. She says Soumya said something strange to Yuvraaj, and Yuvraaj says she is drunk. Sharad says Anuj and Saurabh have made her drink. Dadi and Rags see this and smile. Rags says Suhani has left Soumya and went with Soumya, if beginning is so good, end will be very entertaining.

Dadi says just wait and watch. Soumya walks to Yuvraaj’s room. He says wait, this is my room, your room is there. She walks inside and he says what Soumya said, was it for Krishna or me? She falls and he holds her hand. She smiles. He asks her to rest and he will call Suhani. She stops him holding his hand. Sharad comes and Soumya leaves Yuvraaj’s hand. Yuvraaj turns and sees Sharad. Soumya makes a swollen face.

Suhani stays worried. A red heart balloon flies and she tries to catch it. It flies. She recalls Soumya’s words and says why did she tell this to Yuvrraaj. Yuvraaj tells Menka and Rags that Soumya is here as she is drunk. Menka asks Soumya to come. Rags says leave her, if she want to be here, let her. Menka says then will Yuvraaj sleep by her side and Suhani in hall. Yuvraaj asks her to take her and leave. Menka and Rags take Soumya. Yuvraaj asks Rags did she see Suhani. Rags says no. Menka says she is in garden. Yuvraaj comes to Suhani, and says its late, come.

She asks about Soumya. He says she is in her room, she is fine. She says I have to talk to her. He says talk tomorrow, she is sleeping now and not in a state to talk. She asks why did Soumya say that she loves you. She gets upset. He says not me, Krishna, she was missing Krishna and got mistaken. He holds her face and says she told it for Krishna, trust me. Suhani gets teary eyed and asks sure. He says yes and leaves. Suhani is unable to sleep, and even Yuvraaj recalls Soumya’s weird love confession. He turns to other side. Suhani turns to him and holds his hand tightly. He sees her sleeping, and tries to remove her hand. She says please Yuvraaj, don’t leave me. Saawre……………..plays………………..

Soumya wakes up in morning and recalls her words for Yuvraaj. She smiles and says finally, I have confessed my feelings to Yuvraaj. She says happy new year Soumya. Suhani comes to her with juice and Soumya greets her happy new year. She says I m getting late for jogging. Suhani confronts her about saying I love you to Soumya. Soumya denies it getting tensed and sweating. Suhani says I have heard it myself. Soumya says I have told it to Krishna, not Yuvraaj. Suhani says it was Yuvraja infront of you. Soumya says Anuj and Saurabh made me drink. Suhani says it means you lied to us when you said you do not love Krishna, it means you still love him. Soumya says I m also confused, I will leave and talk later.

Suhani says if Soumya was saying it to Krishna, what does this mean. Yuvraaj is jogging and Soumya greets him. She thinks I told him, he should tell me now. He does not reply. She asks about Sharad. He says he would be sleeping now. She says the sweets were good yesterday and I m sure it was your idea. He says no, it was Suhani’s, its late, I will go. She acts like getting hurt and screams. He asks what happened, are you fine. She says I got sprain, please give me hand. Sharad comes and hand, leg, I will give whatever you say. He smiles. Soumya is shocked seeing him. He gives his hand. Soumya says I m fine and stands up. He says I came on right time.

He says lets go for one round. Yuvraaj says no, its over. Sharad asks Soumya to rest as she is hurt, and they will go for a round. Soumya leaves and comes home. Ramesh says Dadi is calling you in her room. Soumya says fine, tell her I will change and come. Suhani comes to Lalita and says I want to talk to Krishna about Soumya. She says I don’t know where he went. Dadi asks Soumya did she tell Yuvraaj about her feelings. Soumya says finally, I have told him, but he did not reply. Dadi says I will give you shagun, and gives her the ancestral bangles to start the new year.

She makes Soumya wear it. Soumya recalls Suhani’s words. Dadi says its sign of your love. Lalita says there is no love in this marriage now. Suhani says Soumya still loves Krishna and even Krishna loves her. Lalita says then why did she send divorce papers. Suhani asks divorce? Soumya says I don’t have anything related to my past, I want to start fresh and give a chance to myself, am I doing right. Suhani says Soumya can’t do this. Lalita shows the divorce papers and says they are taking divorce, and Soumya has sent it with her sign. Suhani says Soumya told me she loves Krishna. Lalita says see this sign, its Soumya’s sign. Suhani thinks whats Soumya doing, why is she taking divorce if she loves Krishna, whats happening.

Suhani asks Soumya where did she get these bangles. Soumya says Dadi gave me. Suhani asks why did Dadi give you these ancestral bangles. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. u both cary on yaar…………………….i luv this luv triangle…………soumiya and yuvraj…………i lik ur jodi d best

  2. yuvaraaj pl say dat u luv suhani not soumya…

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