Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 5th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Saltanat agrees to meet Kainat

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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 5th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav and Saltanat going inside the door. She sees the broken box and window open. Kainat smiles and switches on the lights. Madhav sees Zaroon. Zaroon sees Saltanat. Sufiyana….plays…. They walk towards each other and hug. Zaroon imagines this. She thinks of Zaroon stabbing her. She gets scared and holds Madhav. Zaroon gets angry. He thinks of Sneha’s words.

Kainat sees Krish. He asks are you new teacher. She says yes, I want to teach something imp to your loved ones via you. He asks what. She says I have to teach them a chapter, that they shouldn’t fight Kainat. She gets angry. Zaroon asks Saltanat to come. Zaroon says Madhav you knew the truth, why didn’t you tell her. Madhav says she has gone through a lot, her memory didn’t come back, I

thought I could tell her but she won’t believe me, so I got her to you. Zaroon asks will you make me meet my wife, really. Indu packs Sneha’s bags and asks her to leave. Sneha stops her. Jugal locks them and asks them to sort their differences. They ask him to open the door.

Zaroon says Saltanat don’t stay away, trust me, I got to know the truth and I went to Madhav’s house to get you, Sneha had called police there, I have caged Kainat, now she can’t do anything, I m your Zaroon, come. Madhav says relax, she is scared, you caged Kainat, where is she. Zaroon sees Kainat gone. Zaroon kicks the box and looks around. He says I swear, I had locked her up. Madhav says why, you should have killed her. Zaroon says her punishment can’t be so easy. Madhav says you have to think of needs than desires, you risked many lives, listen to me carefully, if anything happens because of Kainat, you will be responsible.

He gets Kainat’s call and outs on speaker. Kainat laughs and says I have what I want, you have to give a sacrifice for what you want. Zaroon asks what do you want to say. Kainat flirts with him. Krish asks Madhav to save him, Kainat is bad. They get shocked. Kainat says don’t cry, Krish is with me, just send Saltanat to me, when she comes here, Krish will come to you, its my promise, if Zaroon isn’t mine, I won’t let him become of Saltanat, our story started together and will end together. Madhav says this happened because of you, tell me how to save you. Zaroon says we can’t send Saltanat. Madhav says Krish is imp for me, we will take risk of sending Saltanat, we will also go there. Zaroon says she won’t go there, I will get Krish. Madhav asks what if anything happens to Krish, will you take the responsibility. They fight. Zaroon says you will be responsible if anything happens to Saltanat.

Madhav asks why didn’t you kill her. Zaroon says I had to take revenge of my mom’s murder. They see Saltanat gone. Zaroon says Saltanat…. Madhav says she has my phone, it means… Zaroon says she went to Kainat. Saltanat says Kainat I m coming, nothing should happen to Krish, you want to kill me, right. Kainat says come, I will welcome you. Indu and Sneha ask Jugal to open the door. Indu coughs. Sneha gives her water. Sneha cries and says you didn’t care for me ever, we are not able to live because of Madhav, don’t I have my own life, why so much partiality with me. Indu consoles her and hugs. Indu says I m with you. Madhav calls her and says Kainat kidnapped Krish, go to police station and file complaint. She gets shocked. Madhav says I can’t tolerate Krish hurt. Zaroon says I can’t tolerate Saltanat hurt. Madhav says our destination is same. Zaroon says Kainat. They join hands. Madhav says I know where she is, she is near some railway track. They rush. They reach the place and check. They shout Krish and Saltanat.

Zaroon and Madhav get shocked seeing blood and fire.

Update Credit to: Amena

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