Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Miyajaan confronts Zaroon

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Miyajaan to send Hamza and Kainat to Ajmer Dargah for seeking blessing. Miyajaan says yes, I did this mistake. He asks Zainab to take Kainat and Hamza to Ajmer and apologize on his behalf. Mamoon asks where is Kainat. Zainab says she is sleeping. Nadim says doctor said Saltanat will be fine once she gets out of trauma. Ghazala says Saltanat showed much courage. Nadim says Zaroon was with her and gave her courage. Miyajaan thanks Zaroon for his help. Zaroon says its fine. Dadi says Zaroon did a lot for this house and Saltanat. She says if Zaroon didn’t go to Saltanat at this time, we would have not know that she is so ill.

She says you did good to Saltanat once again, but at this hour of night. Everyone looks on. Rubina asks what do you mean to say. Dadi says I want to remind you that a girl went to meet a guy at this time before as well. She reminds Kainat and Hamza’s meet at night in the lawn. She says today no one has asked Zaroon, why Miyajaan, won’t you ask for any clarification, because Zaroon is your brother’s grandson. She asks Hamza to take her, she can’t see this injustice. Miyajaan stops her. He asks Zaroon to clarify himself.

Zaroon asks what shall I say, Saltanat went through the trauma, how shall I clarify, one feel tensed when death is in front, when the one you love a lot is in danger, you all would have seen on tv, some of you would have cried, I have lived that moment with Saltanat, that was an incident, what about me, I have taken the death in my hands for her sake, would it not affect me, this tension took me to Saltanat to ask her welfare, Dadi is right, Lord made me save Saltanat’s life, you should be thanking me, you are pointing at my character, one whose character is bad, they don’t wait for night’s fall, I agree that its wrong for a guy to go to girl’s room, but customs are made for humans, humans aren’t made for customs, if my restlessness didn’t take me to Saltanat’s room, what would have happened with ill Saltanat, I m ashamed to belong to this family, truth and love are tagged with lie and fraud here. He angrily goes. Miyajaan looks on. Zaroon breaks the glass in anger by his hand and hits the water jug. Mamoon and Ghazala come to him. She asks Zaroon what’s this madness, he shouldn’t hurt himself. She cares for Zaroon and does the aid.

His hand bleeds. Zaroon says its not a small thing, Dadi tried to defame me. Dadi asks Hamza why is he upset. Hamza says you didn’t do right. She says I have made arrangements for Kainat and your trip to Ajmer. He says you insulted Zaroon, he is my friend, Miyajaan agreed for Kainat and my marriage, Zaroon is trying to bring us together. Ghazala says Hamza’s Dadi is such, she always speaks bad things.

Dadi says you are also like your dad, not me, everything is fair in love and war, Kainat and your love has to succeed, you have to fight the war for heirship. Zaroon says I m angry on Miyajaan, he has questioned me, I will go back to Canada, else we will stay anywhere on rent. Dadi says if Zaroon gets away, then there won’t be any competitor for the heirship. Hamza asks how will this happen. Dadi says if Saltanat and Zaroon’s relation gets defamed, then this will happen on its own. Nilam hears them. Its morning, Miyajaan thinks of Dadi’s words. Moin comes to meet him. Miyajaan welcomes him. Moin says sorry, my family doesn’t want Saltanat and Zaheer to marry. Miyajaan gets shocked and asks what are you saying. Moin says I m refusing for this alliance, it has a reason, Zaroon Shah. Zaroon comes there and stops on hearing his name. Miyajaan asks how do you know Zaroon. Moin says the world has seen Saltanat in Zaroon’s arms in the news. Miyajaan says it was an accident, Zaroon is Saltanat’s cousin. Moin says her engagement broke with Zaroon, this relation is over from my side. He goes and sees Zaroon. Miyajaan turns to Zaroon.

He asks Zaroon what did you say that you are ashamed on this family, did you see how I had to hear bad things, you are the reason for this. He goes. Zaroon says they keep love as hatred, they are strange people, I came here to learn values from them, they have nothing, I will go back to Canada. Nilam comes and says you are saying the same which Dadi wants, Dadi aims to send you back to Canada after humiliation, so that you don’t marry Saltanat, she wants this property. Zaroon says I don’t want this property, what will I do of this money, I want to marry Saltanat, I will marry her and settle with her, I will work hard to earn our living. She says you have to stay here for Saltanat. He says Zaheer’s dad came here to defame Saltanat. She says he is our relative, I m sure Dadi instigated him. Zaroon says come with me, I got an answer for Miyajaan.

Miyajaan asks how is Saltanat. Ghazala says she still has fever. Zaroon and Nilam come. Zaroon says I need to talk to Miyajaan. Mamoon worries. Rubina comes crying and says Saltanat fainted again, call an ambulance. Everyone runs to Saltanat. Zaroon lifts Saltanat in arms and thinks I won’t let anything happen to Saltanat.

Doctor says Saltanat is critical, she has to get conscious within 24 hours, else it will be hard for her to survive.

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