Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 28th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Zainab saves Saltanat

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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 28th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zaroon asking the Dargah people to come, the old traditions followed by Miyajaan won’t break. Saltanat also gets int he with people. Zaroon turns to see. She sees the house and recalls her past. Madhav’s car breaks down. He says petrol got over, who took the car, how irresponsible, I have to reach Kashish, I m sure she went to Shah Manzil. Kainat asks what’s the problem Sneha. Sneha says just come, I will give you all details. Kainat says Saltanat would have done a new drama, Zaroon should kill her soon, I have to go there again. Saltanat comes there. Kainat stops and turns to see. She sees Zaroon. She thinks what to tell him now, how shall I go.

He asks where are you going. She says I m going to Dargah to pray, relax, there is no danger there, I will

come, don’t worry. He thinks if I see Kainat once, I will kill you, then I can live in peace. Saltanat comes to Zainab’s room. She greets her. Zainab opens her eyes. Saltanat thinks I have come to bear for my crimes, I won’t be scared to accept it, I m ready to get punished. Zainab cries seeing her. Saltanat says I don’t know our relation, but seeing you, I m getting peace, as if I can hug you and share my sorrow, its been long that I met someone and felt such relation, I met with an accident, I was in coma, I lost my memories, I was living as Kashish, I got to know I m Kainat, I m a bad person, I don’t know what I have done. Zainab tries to move her hands. Indu and Sneha are happy. Sneha says finally, we got rid of Kashish. Kainat comes. Sneha says find a girl for Madhav, Kashish is gone. Kainat asks where did she go. Jugal says Shah manzil. Kainat thinks Zaroon will kill her. She says I have an imp work, I will go and meet you all later. She goes. Indu asks what happened to her. Zainab holds Saltanat’s hand.

Saltanat gets away and looks at her. Kainat comes home. She sees Zaroon and shouts. He asks what happened. She says I just saw Kainat. She runs. He asks where are you going. She gets a knife and says if she is Kainat, before she attacks. He takes the knife and says I will kill her, she has to die. He calls the guards and scolds them. He asks them to go and check. Guard says so sorry. Kainat smiles. Saltanat says I did wrong with you also. Madhav hears the guards talking. He thinks how to get Kainat from here. Saltanat says I will know my crimes, even if someone kills me. She goes out of the room. Zainab worries. Zaroon passes by. Kainat gets shocked seeing Saltanat. She says Kainat…. Zaroon stops. He turns and gets shocked seeing Saltanat. He gets angry thinking she is Kainat. Saltanat looks at him and Kainat.

Kainat thinks Zaroon just kill her. Krish says don’t know where is Saltanat. He cries. He goes to pray. He prays for her. Someone pulls Saltanat inside the door and shuts the door. Kainat sees Zainab and thinks how did she wake up, if she tells truth to Saltanat or Zaroon, my truth will come out. Saltanat looks on. Zaroon knocks and asks who is inside, open the door. Zainab faints. Nadim and Rubina come. Nadim asks what happened. Zaroon says Kainat is inside. Madhav talks to guards about Sneha. Saltanat asks are you fine, please respond. She takes Zainab to the bed. Madhav shows Sneha’s pic. Saltanat asks what’s our relation, who are you, why did you save my life, why, who am I, please tell me what have I done, did I do those murders, I want to know the truth. Zaroon shouts open the door. Kainat says no use, she would have run away.

Madhav says I will go and find her. Guard says you can’t get in. Kainat says we should go out and check, I will check here, if she gets saved this time, her fears will end, she can do anything. Zaroon, Nadim and Rubina go out. Kainat thinks I can’t let Saltanat win.

Saltanat comes to Zaroon. Tere bina….plays…. He stabs her. She gets shocked and falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why same precap? Does anyone have an idea of what will happen?

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