Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 25th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon wants Saltanat’s love confession

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 25th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zainab scolding the maid for not keeping the fast. Saltanat thanks the maid and apologizes. She says I will just rush now. She takes the noodles for Nadim. He eats it and says its yummy. He blesses Saltanat. He says Lord should give a daughter to every man. She smiles. He says you are fasting, and still you are cooking for me. She says I can always make food for you. She feeds him. He asks are you upset with Kainat’s behavior. She says no, Miyajaan said if I make Kainat refuse, he won’t let this marriage happen. Dada ji sees Nadim eating food and scolds him for not keeping the fast. He says you are my heir, you know about the Dargah. He scolds them a lot. Nadim cries. Kainat smiles seeing this. Saltanat cheers up Nadim. She asks Nadim to have food, Dada ji will forget

this. Nadim says I have hurt his heart, I m not capable to manage the heirship.

Kainat smiles and says I have stopped Nadim from becoming the heir, now Zaroon and my distance got less, none can stop us from uniting. Dadi comes to her. Kainat greets her. Dadi says I m sure that you will make Hamza’s life better. Kainat asks what do you mean. Dadi says you have won and acting innocent now, you got Nadim caught. Kainat says this happened because of you. Dadi smiles. Kainat says you have given me this idea. Dadi says our jodi can do anything, we have to do another thing, we have to make Dada ji consider Hamza for the heirship, think for some way, we will rule this house. She goes.

Kainat says I will use this plan against you, ownership won’t go to Hamza, just Zaroon will get it, Zaroon is mine. Zaroon thinks of Saltanat and hits punching bag. He says if Saltanat succeeds in making Kainat refuse, it means Saltanat will go away from me, my love story will end, this shouldn’t happen. He thinks of some ideas. He says what if Saltanat gives her consent for me in front of Miyajaan, she has to say that she loves me.

Saltanat comes to Dada ji and apologizes. Its Zaroon in Dada ji’s place. He says I didn’t expect this from you. Saltanat asks what happened to your voice, are you fine. He says I got a sore throat. She sees him and asks shall I get salt water for gargles. He says yes and smiles seeing her. He says you identified me. She thinks I can identify you in thousands. He says Miyajaan went out. She says you are so nice, be more good and marry Kainat. He says I m saying this to you, marry me, trust me, I will fight everyone for you. He holds her close. He asks her to just confess love to him once. Sufiyana….plays…. He asks her to tell the world that she loves Zaroon as much Zaroon loves her. She gets away and goes. He says I will make everything impossible turn possible tonight.

Ghazala comes to Mamoon and says you know… He says Miyajaan caught Nadim eating food, its old news, you don’t know anything well. She asks how did you know. He says we have come here for a purpose, its imp to keep eyes and ears open, so that we can know the news first. She asks what will happen now. He says a change will occur. She asks change? He says there will be a big change in relations and ownership, we have to be alert, keep an eye on Zaroon and Saltanat, we have to change our path, this change will change many relations, make your behavior better towards Kainat and Zainab.

Zaroon stops Nilam and asks her to help him as a friend. She agrees. He says just you can help me. She asks what’s the matter. He says I love Saltanat, everyone knows it, just you know Saltanat loves me, why is she refusing, tell me. She says I don’t know anything. He says I just want Saltanat to confess love to me. She says she won’t confess love ever. He asks can’t you record her love confession and give it to me. She says you are asking me to cheat Saltanat. He says no, I m just asking your help, please. She says fine, I will do this for your love, I will cheat Saltanat, you have to promise me, Saltanat can go against you, you will support her and make her yours at any cost. He promises her. She says I will do your work today itself. He says sorry, its for Saltanat’s betterment.

Saltanat tells Nilam about Zaroon’s love. She says I love Zaroon a lot. Zaroon gets Nilam’s message. Kainat calls someone and asks for help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kainat needs a break now better make saltanat fight for her love # dikha do saltanat kainat ko that he and his belongs to u only kainat better leave zaroon dreams

  2. I hate kainat’s smile

  3. Before i thought that kainat will be very inocent but she is so evil

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