Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon plans a romantic date

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kainat saying that doctor was fake, Zainab and I knew about the skeleton, she can’t tell anyone, I didn’t tell anyone, that doctor took the skeleton with him intentionally, he knew about it, it means…. he had come for me, what am I thinking, no, Saltanat and skeleton are gone, Kainat is dead for the world, everything is over. Nadim says that policemen were fake, we should go and talk to ACP. Rubina says someone had tried to kill Zainab, Kainat committed suicide and Miyajaan died, what will we do. Mamoon says we don’t want to know anything. Jaan comes to Nadim. He tells about some property issues.

Jaan tells him about Miyajaan accepting Saltanat and Zaroon after blast incident, Miyajaan explained the people that truth should be imp for person, if its for people and ethics, its not bad to leave the matter when it hurts the people, there is no harm in hiding such things. Zaroon thinks of burying Kainat and cries. Kainat comes and says you were worried for me. He makes her away and says I felt you weren’t in my dream. She gets angry and goes out. She cries. Rubina comes and asks why are you crying. Kainat hugs her and says I feel I m losing everything from hands, I don’t have anything, Zaroon and I are together and yet we aren’t together. Rubina says calm down, everything will be fine. Rubina hugs her. Nilam argues with the shopkeeper. He shows her Sabina. Sabina gets the items to buy. Sabina sees Nilam and acts good. Sabina collides with Jaan and gets flirting with him. Nilam gets shocked. She gets angry and argues with Sabina. Sabina asks Nilam to ask her dad about it. She goes.

Nadim and Rubina come to Zaroon’s room. Zaroon greets them. Rubina says you didn’t take food. Zaroon says I m not hungry, I was worried. Nadim says its tough for us to bear this pain, so many lies and secrets. Zaroon says I asked everyone for Dr. Sharma, I don’t know his real name, Kainat would have been alive today. Rubina says we spoke about this yesterday. Zaroon says I know you want to move on by hiding everything. Nadim says its not easy to forget this. Rubina says you are getting away from Saltanat because of this incident. Zaroon says no, don’t think so. Nadim says you have to try to keep your responsibility, Saltanat has a right on you. Jaan asks Nilam to listen, Sabina isn’t bad. Nilam says I hate her, she is very bad, Zainab is ill, Rubina and Ghazala are working hard, Sabina isn’t caring for her. She says you look good, she is after you, promise me, you will be away from her. He says fine, come.

Kainat is in kitchen. Zaroon comes and hugs her. He says I will not ignore you now, I want to spend all my time with you, will you fulfill my wish, be ready today. She smiles. He runs to her room. She checks some dress. Dr. Sharma gets Saltanat to some dark room. He says this will wake you from sleep, Kainat your life’s new phase will begin now, the last phase of your life. Kainat gets ready.

Ghazala and Rubina talk. Rubina tells about her first date. Ghazala tells about Mamoon and her date. Kainat comes. Rubina asks where are you going. Kainat says we will go where Zaroon likes. Zaroon smiles and gets gift for her. Kainat sees Zainab and smiles.

Kainat gets shocked seeing Saltanat’s grave empty. She thinks no, this can’t happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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