Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon refuses to marry Kainat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zaroon hearing his parents discussing about his alliance. Zaroon asks Mamoon does he want to sacrifice his happiness for his dreams, I can’t stay happy with a stranger, and even you won’t be happy. Mamoon asks him to see Ghazala, they are so different, even then they have lived a successful life, because there is power in the marriage, even you will live a good life with that girl, there is no way to refuse, that girl and this marriage have become your fate, and fate doesn’t change. Zaroon says fate has to change, because its my decision. Saltanat does rope skipping. Zaroon comes to meet her. He says sorry to come this way, I have imp work, you called me friend, will you help me, I want to help Kainat.

She says its wrong in our family, but I want to meet

her, so that you fall in love with her. He thanks her and goes. Hamza hears them. Saltanat gets Kainat to meet Zaroon. She says you always have a complain that its always my choice first. She shows Zaroon to her and goes away. Kainat gets shy. Hamza looks on. Zaroon says my parents want me to marry you, but I don’t want this, I love someone else. He sees Saltanat. Hamza smiles. Kainat cries. He says this problem can get solved, you are Miajaan’s fav, if you refuse for this marriage, it will be good. He holds her. She looks at him. She goes and cries. Saltanat comes to her and asks what did Zaroon did, did he fix honeymoon date.

She teases Kainat. They come home. Saltanat says Zaroon and Kainat came closer. Her alter ego questions her feelings for Zaroon. She gets shouting that she loves Zaroon. She gets angry and breaks mirror. She says Zaroon has come for Kainat and will be just of her. Kainat comes to her room and cries. Zainab asks the matter. Hamza comes there and says Zaroon doesn’t want to marry her. Zainab gets shocked.

Hamza says Zaroon wants her to refuse for marriage. Zainab asks him not to joke. He says its not a joke, I have heard this myself. Zainab asks Kainat where did you meet Zaroon when she went for shopping with Saltanat. Kainat says sorry, I didn’t know about it. Neelam comes to call them. Zainab goes. Hamza says you shouldn’t marry whom you love but one who loves you, so that he keeps you happy all life. Kainat sees him.

The family shops for gold. Zainab sees Zaroon and Saltanat sharing a stare. Mamoon asks Zaroon to choose a ring. Zaroon says I think Kainat should select it first. Dada ji asks Saltanat to go and get Kainat. Zaroon waits for Kainat.

Zaroon asks do I have a right to choose the bride of my choice or not. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thanks for the update…
    felt really bad for kaynat.. if zaroon could notice that kaynat is miajaan’s laadli then why couldn’t he notice that she doesn’t voice out her opinions to others? she wouldn’t have the courage to do this..
    saltanat is confused about her feelings..
    well a doubt arises whether all the youngsters of miajaan’s house (saltanat, kaynat, hamsa etc) have finished their colleges?
    i want to see saltanat as a working woman… don’t know that would happen or not..

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