Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon accepts Kainat’s proposal

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zainab asking Saltanat to fulfill Kainat’s wish. Saltanat says I remember my promise, I m in dilemma, my heart is not agreeing, I love Zaroon a lot. Zainab says I know you love him but not more than Kainat, her love has crossed limits, if I can’t fulfill her wish then its useless for me to be her mum, you have to do this, else Kainat will die, you promised me. Saltanat says don’t worry, I don’t break my promise. Zainab hugs her and cries. Saltanat gets shocked seeing Zaroon. Zainab goes. Zaroon comes to Saltanat and says you have sworn on our holy book because of Zainab. She refuses to talk. She goes to tie the threat and pray.

Zaroon says you are praying to get courage to refuse to his love, I will pray to get your love. He holds her hand and asks why Saltanat, how can I let you play with three lives. Aaya tere dar par….plays… He says just think why we met here, Lord made us meet, you know why, we are our own answers, our fate is connected. Her mannat thread falls down. She goes back. He says Lord has given his decision, your mannat won’t get fulfilled. She says my decision won’t change. He pulls her close and says you are going to do a sin. She says its a sin to break a promise.

He asks how can you give your love to someone else, just tell me, you don’t love me, I swear I won’t come after you. She says I don’t love you. He gets shocked and says it will happen as you want, you aren’t the girl whom I loved, she fought for her rights and dreams, you can’t be that girl, you think you are going to make a good sacrifice, no, you are hiding your weakness, you will regret for this, I m sure that Kainat loved me more than you, you didn’t love me, so Kainat’s love got fulfilled, I will sacrifice my love and fulfill your mannat. Her hand gets hurt. She asks him to leave her hand. He leaves her hand. He says not just you are hurt. He goes. She cries. Miyajaan says we can’t keep this marriage on your saying, Zaroon should say yes for the marriage. Zaroon comes there. Saltanat walks on the road and cries. Sufiyana….plays…..

Zaroon comes to Miyajaan and says I will do this marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Zaroon says I m ready to marry Kainat. Mamoon smiles. Miyajaan hugs Zaroon. Zaroon is also hurt. Someone kidnaps Saltanat. She screams. Saltanat comes to Rubina and Nadim. She says I have to tell something, Kainat…. Rubina asks what. Saltanat cries and says I can’t see Kainat and Zaroon’s marriage. Nadim says come, we will talk to Miyajaan. Saltanat says no, I don’t want to come between Kainat’s happiness. Nadim blesses her. Rubina argues with him. Saltanat says I m going to my friend’s house, don’t call me, when my mood gets better, I will come back. She leaves with her bag and comes to some dark place. She wears her specs and changes her clothes. She is Kainat. She smiles seeing Saltanat. Saltanat is locked inside a chest. Kainat says I will get married and Saltanat will die. She smiles. Saltanat shouts. She faints.

Kainat says Saltanat, Zaroon won’t come to you. Sabina praises Kainat. Zainab comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Superb acting both Rajveer & Helly………..
    Now what will happen ……..I think finally Saltanat will accept Zaroon’s love
    BUt she get kidnapped………….What will happen next….
    Waiting for next episode

  2. Nina

    Yes, the lead actors are showing professional acting. I am delighted two characters Helly is making in an absolutely suitable manner for them.

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