Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Miyajaan accepts Zaroon and Saltanat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 20th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zaroon and Saltanat coming. Miyajaan and everyone get happy and hug them. Kainat gets shocked. She hugs Saltanat and says thank God you both got saved. Zainab hugs Saltanat and cries. Kainat says we thought we have lost both of you. Zaroon looks at Kainat. Saltanat says I was going to light the gas stove, Zaroon called me. FB shows…. Saltanat goes to Preeti and asks what happened. The stove blasts. Saltanat asks Preeti to cover up her mouth. She says you are pregnant, there is much smoke here, go out first. FB ends. Preeti says Saltanat saved us first, you are lucky to get such children. Sabina thinks Kainat’s plans aren’t working. Zaroon asks how did the stove blast. Akshay says its an old stove, forget it, we are going to Preeti’s house, you both come along, its your marriage today, we will forget this soon. Miyajaan shouts no, this marriage won’t happen.

Zaroon says we already spoke about this. Miyajaan says you both will come home with me right away. Everyone smiles. Miyajaan hugs Zaroon and Saltanat. He takes them home. Rubina hugs Saltanat and says now everything will get fine. Zaroon comes and says Zainab has sent haldi milk for Saltanat. Rubina says I know its all your excuses. She asks them to talk. Zaroon shuts the door and says Saltanat, I m sure that Kainat did this blast. She asks what, Kainat can’t do this, she loves you a lot. He says its all a lie, she made that fake call, so I went out for interview, she has gone mad, if Preeti didn’t fall, if I didn’t call you, I would have lost you, I can’t tolerate this, you are ignoring me, I was losing you twice, I will talk to Kainat.

She says no, I m with you, I m fine. She hugs him. He says I will talk to her. She says look at me, I also wish to fulfill your dreams, we have returned to our house, don’t think anything. He asks how, I got you by fighting with fate and world, if I get away… She says I m not away, I m fine. She says I love you too. He hugs her. She makes him drink the haldi milk. He says you drink it now. She says if your anger has calmed down… your doubt on Kainat isn’t wrong, we will keep an eye on you. He asks does Miyajaan accept our Nikaah. Rubina comes and says Miyajaan is calling you, come fast.

Miyajaan makes Kainat sit in his place. He says I called you for two imp decisions, Zaroon and Saltanat’s marriage will happen here with all the rituals. Everyone smiles. Miyajaan says Zaroon won’t be the rightful heir, just Kainat’s husband will get the rights, since Kainat is the elder one. Zaroon says as you wish. Kainat signs Mamoon.

Everyone hugs and blesses Zaroon and Saltanat. Kainat hugs Saltanat and says I m very happy for you. Zaroon looks at her. Kainat applies black dot to Saltanat. Mamoon asks how did you go to their side so easily, you promised that you will get me the heirship. Kainat says I will fulfill my promise, listen to me once. Miyajaan says every rasam should happen in good way, whatever children want. Ghazala says but Mamoon didn’t agree, I don’t think he will agree. Mamoon comes and says I have no objection, I m a father, not a ruthless man, I want my son’s happiness, Kainat has explained this to me, I m sure that Zaroon and Saltanat can’t stay happy without each other. Miyajaan says this is Kainat’s maturity, I m proud of her. Zaroon congratulates Saltanat. She also congratulates him. They smile. Kainat stares at them.

Kainat says you are my twin sister, I won’t let anything happen to you. Saltanat asks her to talk in low tone. Rubina comes.

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  1. nice to see rigid miyajaan finally valuing pure love

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