Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kainat assumes Saltanat dead

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saltanat lighting the stove. She gets Zaroon’s call. He says there is no vacancy here. She says maybe someone joked, its okay, relax. He says who does this, what are you doing, cooking food. She says yes, I was going to cook now. He says I m missing you. She laughs. He says really. She says just four hours and then we will be living forever together. He says I will thank Lord. She says come home and help me in cooking, don’t know where are Rubina and Zainab. He says yes, I m reaching in 10mins. Miyajaan scolds Rubina. Sabina says there is a rasam of mother and daughter cooking sweets.

Mamoon says don’t drag my wife into this matter. Miyajaan asks him not to shout on his family women. Mamoon goes. Miyajaan gets kerosene. Sabina thinks is he committing suicide.

Miyajaan pours kerosene on the clothes and burns it. Rubina and Zainab cry. Sabina smiles. Rubina asks what did you do. Miyajaan says she is dead for me, I burnt her dress. Saltanat says I have to get ready now. Zaroon says at least say I love you. She says I love you. He says good. She says you also say. He says I don’t want to say this before marriage. She says now you see, I won’t give you a chance to say I love you, hug my pic and cry. He says I m joking. She says bye bye forever.

Rubina says don’t curse my daughter. Zainab cries and says we know your anger. Rubina asks how shall we forget her. Zainab says we will go and meet her. Rubina says let us go once, please. Miyajaan nods and says fine go now, you can do your mother’s duty. He goes. Sabina hopes Kainat’s work is one. Rubina says its bad omen that Nikaah’s attire got burnt. Zainab says no, everything will be fine, come. Kainat says Saltanat you will die tonight, Zaroon will share his pain with me and fall in love with me. Kainat smiles and lights a matchstick. Saltanat lights the matchstick to ignite the stove. The house blasts. Rubina and Zainab reach there and get shocked. People scream and look on. Zainab says its our children’s house, Saltanat and Zaroon. Rubina shouts Saltanat and cries. Zainab stops Rubina from going on. Maid comes to Miyajaan and tells everyone. He gets shocked. Fire brigade men and police reach. Kainat calls Zainab and says I heard that sound, is everything fine.

Zainab says fire caught up Saltanat and Zaroon’s house. Kainat asks what, are they fine, keep me informed. She smiles and asks did you get Saltanat, tell me, I will pray. Zainab says pray for her. Kainat laughs and says I will pray that Saltanat doesn’t get saved. She sees the video and gets happy. Rubina says my children are inside. Miyajaan, Nadim, Mamoon and Ghazala come. The man says a stove blasted inside. Sabina says none can get saved in such a blast. Kainat comes and asks Sabina not to say this. She cries. She says I will pray for them. Rubina says Miyajaan’s curse has done this, you said Saltanat is dead for you.

Kainat asks what was their mistake, they heard their heart, if you accepted their love, they would have not left the house. Miyajaan cries recalling Saltanat and Zaroon. He gets dizzy. Mamoon and Nadim hold him. Rubina asks where are our children. Preeti and Akshay come out coughing. Preeti says yes, they both were at home. He says yes, Saltanat ignited the stove and then… Everyone cries. Zaroon and Saltanat come there. Everyone looks on shocked.

Everyone sees Zaroon and Saltanat. Miyajaan hugs him. Ghazala hugs Zaroon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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