Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon befriends Saltanat

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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zaroon colliding with Kainat. He sees her and recalls her pic. A guy looks on and asks her to go to Dargah. He says he is my uncle’s daughter, why are you waiting here, come for Namaaz. Zaroon thinks what’s happening. Kainat thinks why is he staring at me. Everyone prays. Kainat prays that his life partner loves her. The guy prays for his love Kainat. Dada ji wishes to find a nice guy for Saltanat. Zaroon greets Dada ji and goes.

Zaroon goes to look for Kainat. He sees Saltanat and thinks why did she start this game again, did she identify me. Dada ji stumbles. Zaroon helps him and hears Dada ji telling Saltanat that she is his grand daughter, and she should keep a dupata over head, she carries his pride. Zaroon smiles and goes after her. She asks him to take her number from Neelam. She says she is interesting. Saltanat greets Dada ji. Everyone dines. Dada ji says if Mamoon’s son came in Uras, it would have been good, anyways, he is coming tomorrow. Kainat smiles.

Dada ji talks to his son. He says spending without need is bad, you all stay happy. He goes. Neelam show Saltanat about Zaroon’s message. They think to go and meet him. Saltanat meets Zaroon and shows him the city. Lag ja gale….plays…. He smiles seeing her. They go for boat riding. Neelam doesn’t accompany them. Saltanat asks how did you like our Ajmer, no guide would have taken you. He asks the reason for becoming his guide. He offers his friendship. She refuses. He holds her hand and smiles. Kuch keh sake….plays…. He asks her to take him to Delhi, along with her. She smiles. He jumps back in the waters. His dream breaks. She asks him not to dare hold her hand, he may get any mode of transport. They come back to the shore. Neelam asks Zaroon to be there and catch the train. Zaroon smiles and says this game will end in one day, you will fall in love with me, I came to refuse, but I chose my bride, that’s you Saltanat.

Zaroon is at Dargah. He prays to get his love. A man stops someone from praying at Dargah and says you aren’t a Muslim, I will offer flowers on your behalf. Zaroon stops him and says beliefs are valued here, not religion, everyone knows that there is no biasing in this Dargah. He asks the Hindu man to go in and pray as he wishes, Khaja Sahib is of everyone. Saltanat looks on and smiles. Zaroon runs to catch the train. Saltanat sees him coming to catch the train and running. She gives her hand to him. She gets him on board. Mere haath me…plays.. Zaroon asks her to accept friendship now. Saltanat smiles and accepts his friendship. Kainat comes there in burqa, and sees them together. She thinks Saltanat is getting friendly with strangers.

Mamoon comes and hugs Dada ji. H calls Zaroon inside. Everyone meets Zaroon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Thanks Amena mam 🙂

  2. Mica

    TY.. will comment tomorrow, inshaallah..

  3. Pretty boring so far…very slow!


    After Zaroon/Saltanat first meet and a real crush from Zaroon saab on this modern bubbly girl he’s thinking being his chosen one, he finally meets the real would be wife Kainat… and it’s as cute and lovely as has been the first one…
    It looks like she’s THE CHOSEN ONE.. by destiny too… they met in mazar and the dupatta kept for the sacred mulla is wrapping them all of sudden in that moment of eye lock… surprisingly, Kainaat isn’t that much uncomfortable in his arms… hmmm…
    Then SURPRISE! Kainat has a secret admirer… a guy lamda, her cousin who is totally transparent for her… he’s already feeling jealous… ok he’s not hero material but surely he’ll has his own salt in the sauce… By this time.. Kainat has somehow fell for that stranger who made her lost herself looking to him, for her that small moment is so forbidden …
    Hamara head in clouds Zaroon is completely fooled by the resemblance, he thinks it’s a game… yes Zaroon baby, it’s a game… destiny’s game…
    PS: Zaroon has BEAUTIFUL EYES! Like seriously… BEAUTIFUL
    So they both pray… wishing somehow the same at the opposite of each other… but fate’s way… who knows? A third person is also praying… that cousin who is wishing Kainat for himself … wondering if it’s love or for the power of the one who’ll take her as spouse and her dada ji’s place!
    Dada ji isn’t that rude.. he’s praying for Saltanat… he’s not even wanting to change her… he just prays that he’ll find the one who will suit her
    How madly Zaroon was searching for his Saltanat … crush is turning madly to love, like a teenager… he came to refuse her and fell head over heels for her… and bang here she is… just when he’s giving a helpful hand to dada ji (loved that small moment)
    Saltanat is obedient in her way too… she didn’t make face at her dada ji’s order about her dupatta, she understands his believes and respects him… falling for her more and more ^^
    Then we have that lovely unplanned date… it was a date for zaroon not for her… the way she threw his hand away shows her own values too … but he won her when he made the hindu prayer enter mazar…
    How cute was the DDLJ/Chennai Express moment when she caught him up to get in train and Kainat is there… she saw it all… NOW… GIVE THE EPISODE RIGHT NOW…

    1. wah!!!! i feel like THE WRITER Mahira is back……
      your comments are so beautiful to read and one more thing.. i know not the right time to ask but will you continue your stories?

      1. MAHIRA

        oh thank you chote :*:*
        I’ll try but my work keeps me a bit too busy ;(

  5. Nice pace, seems like zaroon is eventually going to marry Kainat he will be bowled over when he knows the reality

  6. Kainat seems really weird…Like she is not innocent as her looks…I thought that I might like Kainat more than Saltanat…But after watching the 2nd episode I felt the same reverse….Kainat is not like what I expected her to be..But I can’t tell more about her by only 3 episodes…But I feel strange about her…To me Saltanat surpassed Kainat…not by looks…by her behavior,character…
    Anyways,I’m looking forward to today’s episode….

  7. Loved the episode… Next episode is also superb… I think it should be either in star plus Or colors. But it’s ok..
    Helly is working really hard…

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