Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon doubts on Saltanat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kainat crying and hugging Saltanat. She asks why is Lord doing this with me when I respected everyone. She acts. Zainab cries. Zaroon and Saltanat feel bad. Sabina says I will stay with Kainat tonight. Rubina looks on. Nilam asks Saltanat why is she worried, since she wanted this. Saltanat says no, I didn’t wish to hurt Kainat, she is heartbroken, Hamza loves her, maybe he is also heartbroken. Nilam asks her to have sweets. Zaroon comes and says you look happy. Nilam asks them to talk and goes. Zaroon sees laddoo in Saltanat’s hand and says so you did this drama to break the marriage.

Saltanat says you think I did this. He says if you didn’t do this, swear on me and tell me you didn’t do this. She says I didn’t do this. She cries. He says I m sorry. She

asks how can you think of this, you think I will call outsiders to insult Miyajaan. He says sorry. She says stay away, don’t touch me, I would have ignored if anyone else told this, I didn’t expect this from you. He says I got confused seeing sweets. She gives him the laddoo and says this is this friendship and love, thanks, you showed my value, you think such, just leave please. He says I don’t like your crying, don’t cry. She says then don’t gift tears to me.

He says fine, end this incompleteness, become mine, then these eyes will just have happiness. She says love is beautiful if it stays incomplete, just death is complete, our relation was incomplete but had faith, today you have ended that faith, please leave. She shuts the door and cries. Kainat laughs and says it will be fun, Hamza and my relation isn’t of siblings, this was my plan to break the marriage, you helped me. FB shows Kainat meeting Sabina and showing the fake letter she has written. Sabina says now you see how I create a drama at the right time. FB ends. Kainat dances happily. Sabina says I wanted to see Miyajaan crying, I got peace today.

Zainab says Sabina is taking care of Kainat. Miyajaan says anyone else in her place would have got fed up of life, I couldn’t give Kainat any happiness. Hamza sits angry recalling Sabina’s words. Nilam gets juice for him. He throws the glass and says I don’t want any sympathy and advice. He sits crying. She pacifies him. He says I never felt of anything, I feel like someone snatched my life from me. He says I just loved Kainat, now I feel life has become aimless. She says whatever happened is for own good, its Lord wish and it can’t be wrong, you are very handsome, you will get better girl than Kainat.

Zaroon comes there and says so sorry, are you fine. Hamza says if anyone’s alliance breaks like this, will will happen Zaroon. Zaroon says I don’t understand, why poets praise love so much, it always breaks hearts. Hamza says if you get the answer, tell me, I have loved Kainat a lot. Zaroon says maybe this is made to test courage, heart can break, but courage shouldn’t break. He hugs Hamza. Nilam asks him to make his mood better now. Nilam feels Saltanat should get some sense and not lose Zaroon.

Dadi says your wife has done wrong, why did she feed milk to Kainat, she just fed Kainat once, what would have happened if marriage happened, we would have got the heirship. Jaan says my wife didn’t tell this to me before, is this someone’s conspiracy. Nilam hears this. Kainat says its a plan, its time for second step, you know what to do. Sabina says I can’t do this. Kainat slaps herself. Kainat says beat me so that tears show real pain. Saltanat asks how can Kainat plan such a thing. Nilam says she just looks innocent. Saltanat says Kainat believes in Islam and ethics. Nilam says she knows Shariah. Saltanat asks what will she get, another broken alliance. Nilam says you can give your happiness to Kainat, what about Zaroon.

Zaroon comes to talk to Saltanat. Saltanat refuses. He says I have to talk. Nilam pushes him. Zaroon and Saltanat fall down. Nilam asks them to sort the issues and have fun. She goes. Zaroon says I really have to talk, I wasn’t more comfortable in life. Saltanat says please get up. He says no. She says please…. He gets up and gives his hand to her. She doesn’t hold his hand. She says I don’t want to swear again, and clarify.

Zaroon says I love you, you said you will answer me after Hamza and Kainat’s marriage, just answer me./strong>

Update Credit to: Amena

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