Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon learns Kainat’s truth

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saltanat asking how can this happen. Zainab cries and tells her. FB shows Zainab telling Rubina that she will give one of her daughter to her as she has promised. She says I don’t know which one to give you. A girl cries for Zainab and gets calm in her arms. Zainab says Kainat will be with me. Rubina takes Saltanat. Zainab says Saltanat has no problem to be with you, this girl will fill happiness in your life. Rubina smiles and thanks her. FB ends. Zainab says everyone had kept this secret till now, I couldn’t be quiet today, Kainat is one min elder to you. Saltanat says but our birthdays are different. Zainab says that was Miyajaan’s decision. Saltanat says it means Rubina didn’t give me birth. Rubina asks Nadim to stop the car.

Nadim says Miyajaan is reaching with Jaan at the hospital. Rubina says I feel something wrong is going to happen with Saltanat, if Saltanat knows that she isn’t my child, will she hate me, will she understand that Zainab’s husband was a devil. Nadim says yes, she will understand that my brother wasn’t a good husband, he had an affair with some woman, Zainab couldn’t manage two children we didn’t had a child, and world would have taunted you a lot. Rubina says I don’t want Saltanat to know. Nadim asks who will tell her.

Saltanat says I don’t want my parents to know that I know this truth. Zainab says I knew this, Kainat is your own sister, that’s why I was restless, if the family knew she tried to kill you, then… They get shocked seeing Kainat fallen on the ground. They rush to Kainat and make her vomit out the poison. Zainab hugs Kainat and asks why did you drink that poison.

Saltanat asks Kainat is she fine. Kainat nods and cries. She says forgive me Saltanat. She says I threatened Saltanat that I will kill her, I didn’t know that we were born by the same mum, I m very ashamed, I promise I will never interfere in Zaroon and your life, you won’t trust me. Saltanat says yes I don’t trust you, I won’t tell this to the family, but I have not forgiven you. She goes. Kainat cries and hugs Zainab. Zainab says I hope you will keep this promise, else I will not spare you. She goes. Kainat recalls drinking the fake poison and acting.

Saltanat goes and sees the family pics. Zainab says you got calm in Rubina’s lap than mine, Rubina is your real mum, none can change this truth. Saltanat says you have given me birth, none can change this truth too. They cry and hug. Zainab asks her not to worry, she will be careful of Kainat. Saltanat says no, she needs a psychiatrist, she is obsessed with Zaroon. Zainab says she is raised without a dad, she always felt lack of love, she tried to get Zaroon’s love. Saltanat says I will go now, I don’t want Rubina to know this. Zainab asks her to take care. Rubina comes home. Zainab sees Saltanat gone. Rubina says its Zaroon and Saltanat’s court marriage, I wish to do a rasam, groom and bride’s mums cook food and dine together to get happiness. Zainab asks her to go to Saltanat. Rubina says I want you to come with me, you have given birth to Saltanat, we didn’t tell this to girls but, you have equal right on her. Zaroon waits for Saltanat. She comes home. He asks where were you, answer me. She says I lied to you, I didn’t went to cafe in the morning, I had no other work.

He asks where were you. She says I didn’t go to my friend’s place on your Nikaah day, I was there, I was locked inside a trunk. He gets shocked. She tells him everything. He asks what, Kainat tried to kill you. She stops him and says listen to me. He says how dare Kainat do this, I broke her heart but she has no right to kill you. She says I had hidden this, talk to me, its over now, I m fine and with you, you are with me, none can separate us. Zaroon says right, none can separate us, if Kainat dares this again, I will kill her.

Kainat comes and says sure Zaroon. He gets angry and says how dare you come here, I never loved you, I respected you thinking we can be friends, I didn’t dream you can do such a cheap thing. Kainat cries and says I don’t know how could I do such a big sin, maybe my love…. He says don’t insult love by calling this love, people die in love, they don’t kill others. Saltanat says come in and sit. Kainat says no, I won’t let my inauspicious shadow fall on you, I really realized my mistake Zaroon, forgive me if possible, you both are going to marry in court tomorrow, I will pray you both stay together and happy. He asks her not to do this apology drama and get lost. He says don’t take our names from now on, go from here. Kainat sees a stove there. She leaves.

Kainat keeps a faulty stove and thinks I like to do blasts in your life. Saltanat goes to light the stove.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So twist was revealed

    Good thing Saltanat reveled everything to Zaroon
    I know this kainat has not changed………….
    Waiting for next episode

    Please Zaroon and Saltanat get maeey in coming episodes
    Anyway Helly you were doing superb acting…………….

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