Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon likes Saltanat

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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zaroon says so someone is playing with me, nice. Saltanat looks for him. Jaise tu….plays…. Saltanat and her sister look for Zaroon and don’t recognize him. Her sister stops Zaroon and asks him about Canada flight. Zaroon says yes, it landed, everyone has left. Saltanat scolds Zaroon and goes. Zaroon asks her to listen. He says I m new here, tell me from where to get taxi. Her sister says we will take him, he is so cute. Zaroon smiles and asks are you going to Ajmer. Saltanat says yes, we can give you lift, I have a condition, someone spoiled my mood, be quiet all the way. He agrees.

Zaroon and Saltanat argue. He smiles seeing her attitude. He keeps his bags. They leave. He messages his mom. Saltanat scolds Zaroon Shah again. He says excuse me…. Neelam says its fine that he didn’t come. Saltanat says he would have informed us. He says Zaroon is my friend, he isn’t so cheap. She asks him not to tell anything to her guest. Neelam says sorry. Aye nazneen suno na…..plays…. He enjoys the ride with Saltanat. Rubina and Zainab are on the way. Zainab says my daughter’s alliance is fixed, I wish your daughter’s alliance also gets fixed, don’t feel bad, we will reach the Dargah and pray. Rubina agrees. Dada ji and his entire family pray. Dada ji prays that his country is always prospering. Zaroon comes there. He follows Saltanat. Ishq sufiyana….plays…. They have an eyelock. He prays at the Dargah and sees Saltanat in front. He wishes that he marries the girl standing in front of him.

Kainat stands beside Saltanat. Kainat prays that she marries the one whom her family has chosen for her. He misses to see them. Kainat greets Dada ji and says you have offered prayers in the hotel now. Dada ji says no, I have offered Sunnat prayer, not Farz. She asks the difference. He says Lord has ordered us to pray Farz Namaaz, while his Prophet has ordered us to pray Sunnat Namaaz. She asks shall I come with you to the Dargah. Zaroon imagines Saltanat waking him up. Zainab asks Kainat to remember that she doesn’t have a father now. Saltanat says such children should take every step carefully. She laughs and hugs Zainab. Saltanat says let Kainat breathe free. Kainat says I know it, you think about yourself, the children who don’t accept advices, aren’t accepted by anyone. She goes. Saltanat looks on and goes. Zaroon meets Kainat and gets mistaken.

Saltanat shows the city of Ajmet to Zaroon. They become friends. Kainat sees them together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ???? ty Amena mam… for update.

  2. Nice start, both the leads are too good but I get a kind of negative vibe from Kainat, Saltanat was so sweet to her and she behaved so rudely ,I mean ok your thinking don’t match but you can at least be polite,she’s ur sister at the end
    Yesterday also her conversation with her grandfather seemed a little buttering one, don’t know why I found her a bit self centered.
    The chemistry between the leads was too good, the best thing about the show is here all the characters are grey and right at their own place,like the two mothers ,gf, zaroon’s parents not the typical devi devil one as shown in Indian daily soaps

  3. Mars

    Saltanat is sooo cute? and zaroon is coolll??…..kainat is confusing…though she looks innocent but i have a gut feeling she is not ?…..welll I’m excited to see further???

  4. Amazing I can’t myself to watch it again and again

  5. Wow awesome love u Helly keep rocking

  6. Mica

    my Opinion…
    1. Being cousin they both love and care mutually yet can’t stop themselves to be judgmental for each other.
    2. Saltanat thought Kainaat is unhappy person being a silence introvert girl, breath and live under her parent’s wishes, can’t express her own wish, she forgot to see that Kainaat loves to obey elders, this is her identity. Btw, Saltanat gave her POV in her own style, LOVE It.
    3. Kainaat thought Saltanat is not good girl being carefree person, rebel and disobey elders if it comes bout her wishes. She forgot that disobey elders or expressing ourselves is not wrong thing to do as long as morals and values are there. Kainaat is SAVAGE while giving POV ?
    3. Zaroon Shah , a man with his dreams about life partner, he hold the term “Men have right to choose”, this quality should there for men, however, his pray , wishes, and his fate is mystery , Qadha and Qadhar is there, waiting for him, Allah respects efforts, all the best !! ?

    Ameena mam.. ty once more, btw, i share this link on my group, ty

    1. Kakali

      It feels home, Mica. ?
      I miss this so much!!!!

      1. hey kakali!

      2. Mica

        can’t stop my tears….. finally i’am back.. we are back… omg.. Telly Update.. u are my first home..

    2. hey micu!!
      how are you??
      hope you remember me..

      1. Mica

        Rainaaaa….. ya Allah.. how are youuuuuu… miss yyyyouuuu..
        let’s Spam TU

  7. END-Etherious Natsu Dragneel

    I feel that Kainat ke maasoom chehre ke peeche kuch toh raaz chupa hai…I mean she looks so innocent but she isn’t??…….Well…… Now we can’t just judge any character by only 2 episodes….Still I feel that she is in -ve role…..
    Waiting for upcoming episodes??…

  8. Kakali

    Hasn’t been a long time? Ameen, ma’am, long time no see. Since Swaragini ended, it’s first time reading your written update.
    Thanks so much.

  9. nice episode..
    in love with the title track!!
    curious to know how grandpa behaves with saltanat.. though he told in the previous episode that he dislikes her way of living but still i want to know how do they behave with each other..
    zaroon rejected kaynay just by seeing her photo but smiled as soon as he saw saltanat in airport? i feel like only looks matter to him..

    1. Mica

      naa… i don’t think so, coz he knew that she is same girl, mean same face… many ppl fall in love to twin, but they know which one can made their heart beat faster.

  10. MAHIRA

    Hi lovely people…
    So taking the train a bit later, wasn’t so well but of course just on point with the new love of my life, Sufyana love ^^
    It’s classy, fresh and very well paced… lot of characters and locations, impossible to get bored watching the half a hour of it… you just want to get more at the end of episode!
    Zaroon… so there is our diaspora hero, the guy any girl would dream of… handsome, educated, witty and modern still very respectful towards his father (sorry zaroon baba, your father is more handsome than you, he’s my actual crush :p )
    I totally understand his reaction about the planned marriage, I mean his father could have informed him about a fixed relationship way before, about his real intentions, about his “duty”… but no! one fine day he simply announced to him, you’ll get married to miss traditions, you’ll have to restitute the powerful place back in the homeland he apparently never saw before!
    Beyond unexpected, it’s simply not “him”… he didn’t grow up to become a religious ruler… I wonder what’s his real job by the way?
    Kaynaat… She’s absolute love, the girl lamda who will cross your way unnoticed… she’s her grandfather’s heart, her father’s death gave her this special place so close to him and her mother’s education made her perfect for him… she’s obedient and traditional… she looks so vulnerable! Barely raising her eyes, her shy smile and innocent eyes making her beauty… she shocked me being startled that her mother touched her hair to fix it… is she beaten up? Who gets scared by a mother’s touch?
    But hold on… there is something else in this fragile creature… there is a fire in her eyes which appeared suddenly when her ways are questioned! She’s not forced to do what she does, she’s not faking it to look perfect too… she deeply believes in the way she is and she doesn’t bow down face to something irritating her… her reply and defying look face to Saltanat shows that she’ll not capitulate face to adversity and she doesn’t fear expressing herself… it shows too that there isn’t that much affinity with the girl looks her twin and acts her opposite!
    Kaynaat walked also all alone to the mazar in the very early morning between men, something not really appreciated by her mother but as long as it’s not “bad”, she didn’t listen to her… so this girl is mystery… big mystery…
    Saltanat… how shocked I was that they turned to be cousins not twin sisters (ok… I secretly think that they’re actually twins and Saltanat was given to her uncle because he can’t have children? Zainab has that love gaze on her saying she doesn’t make difference between them…)
    So Saltanat is girl lamda but in non-lamda family… she’s bubbly, open minded, modern, talkative and not appreciated by her grandfather for her way of life! But behind her carefree look, she has values… the way she stopped Zaroon from talking about the mehman shows that she’s not so distant from the traditions…
    The TRIO Zaroon/Saltanat/Kaynaat…
    At the point of the story nothing is sure… I feel like the one who refused Zaroon on marriage day was Kaynaat even if Saltanat was her name… maybe they made her take her cousin place forcefully, maybe she knew his love for her, maybe Saltanat run away knowing he’s getting married just because of his father’s plan and Kaynat was forced to take her place to avoid scandal… many options are equally possible… especially that Saltanat hair is shorter than the dulhan one!
    I loved both girls and I don’t think that one should finish heartbroken… and after all Zaroon should have a good lesson about judging on appearances… one thing is sure, the resemblance between girls will create the main twist…

    1. Mica

      inta LOOOOOOOONG but i loooveee it..
      Seemed Kainaat so afraid to be or to do wrong thing in front of her elders, that’s why her mother touch only to correct her hair startled her already. And by that kind of thought she felt somehow superior than Saltanat, that she is better than her coz she is obedient girl.

      1. MAHIRA

        sorry like always i’m sooo talkative :p
        yes, she feels better than Saltanat because for her she’s wrong… that gives her that pinch of arrogance in a good way … let’s wait and see ^^

    2. hi didi..
      it feels so happy to see known people in comment section..
      do you remember me..
      well i can’t blame you if you don’t remember also, i wasn’t available online for few days..
      but i love your observation on the show…

      1. MAHIRA

        feeling at home… Raina, my chote… how can I forget you :*

  11. Awesome episode…

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