Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kainat attacks Saltanat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kainat hearing Rubina. She goes to the door and does meow…. Rubina gets scared and says its a cat, I hate cats. Rubina and Ghazala go. Zaroon asks Kainat to get up, she can’t leave him. Kainat builds the wall. Zainab struggles. Zaroon goes out and cries. Mamoon says sorry, I feel bad for my decision, I forced you to come here. Zaroon says no, I m thankful that I came here and met Saltanat. Mamoon says I knew you are upset, will you listen to me, we shall go home, Canada, I don’t want anything, no throne, nothing, I m saying the truth, we had come here, I feel scared that I will lose my precious thing if I stay with these people.

Zaroon says this is our family. Mamoon says saying big things is easy, such greatness harms us, I don’t want my son to get more hurt, that’s why. Zaroon says that’s why you want to make me away from my love. Mamoon says we will take Saltanat with us. Zaroon says she won’t leave her family in this situation, Saltanat won’t agree. Mamoon says you didn’t wish to come and now you don’t want to go. Zaroon says because I got my destination and you are still wandering. He goes. Zainab cries. Kainat places the last brick. She calls the asylum and says don’t send anyone here, I have made arrangements for the patient. Zainab prays for Saltanat. Kainat places the painting. She laughs.

Kainat comes to Zaroon. He says Kainat went in coma again. She asks is she fine, what’s happening, everything should get fine. He asks her to come along. Doctor says I feel her recovery is impossible, I will call a specialist if you say, keep the temperature higher than room temperature. Zaroon thanks him. Kainat thinks I wish the new doctor also gives good news like you. Zaroon says nothing will happen to you, you will live for 100 years. He says I will go hospital and come. He leaves. Kainat asks why are you going, please take rest, Kainat will get fine, if anything happens to you then…. you know I love you a lot. He says I…..sorry I m not able to concentrate because of my guilt, sorry. He goes. She thinks this will go on until she is alive. Rubina asks why are you worried. Kainat says I m fine.

Ghazala says Saltanat, I know you are worried for Kainat, we will do our best. Rubina says we are going to increase the temperature in her room. Kainat says don’t worry, I will do it. Mamoon gets Sabina’s call. He goes away from Ghazala to talk. He asks what do you want now. She says money. He says listen to me. She says if I don’t get money, I will come home and tell everyone that we did our best to separate Zaroon and Saltanat, Kainat is in coma, I won’t face any loss, you will lose all relations. He says okay fine, meet me behind the Dargah area. She agrees. Ghazala looks on and says whom was he talking to, whom is he going to meet. Kainat sends the maid.

Kainat sees Rubina and Nilam. She goes back and enters the room from window. Kainat locks the door and wears her specs. She says Saltanat… its your last moments, breath well, you won’t be alive now, I have killed Miyajaan and Zainab, I will tell now, this mole always saves me. She makes fake mole on Saltanat’s face. She says you are making me do this, I thought if I kill you, the story will end. She makes the curtains catch fire. She pours some oil everywhere in the room. She says good bye, I didn’t feel good spending life with you. She goes from the window. A car reaches Shah manzil. Someone gets down the car and looks at the house. Nadim and Rubina see him. He asks is this Shah manzil. Nadim says yes. The guy says you are Mr. Shah, right, I m Dr. Sharma from neurology dept, I m here to do Kainat’s check up. Nadim says no one told us you are coming, Zaroon is talking to doctors. Dr. Sharma says you can call the hospital and ask if there is any doubt. They see shocked seeing the fire.

Dr. Sharma goes inside the room and saves Saltanat. Zaroon looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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